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AUNTY’S BROWN RICE SALAD A great salad – the trick to this salad is adding the soy sauce and onions to the hot brown rice and letting them steam and soak and cool together. My sister first introduced this to me at New Years… Continue Reading “AUNTY’S RICE SALAD”


Well, a kidnapping of a calf actually. I went out to milk yesterday morning – no sign of Daisy and no sign of Aunty Del and no sign of Marcel  (Aunty Del’s  ever present minder.)  Then I saw them all, way down the back of… Continue Reading “Kidnapping”

A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

I have begun to investigate slow cooking. With the arrival of Daisy’s calf fast approaching, and Sheila the Babe (hopefully this week), then the  milking and the cheese making, I will have at least another two hours work a day and that does not… Continue Reading “A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup”

The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world

This is a Hollandaise sauce that is fast and easy.  Anyone with a blender can make this sauce! No-one can get this wrong.  I am sure the purists will swoon in horror. It is not a high brow sauce, but it is perfectly adequate for… Continue Reading “The easiest Hollandaise sauce in the world”

Celi Diet – Colourful food: Eat Pretty

I have wandered about some of the dieting sites a little more and oh dear some of them are grim. Dieters trying to yank and beat their bodies into weird shapes.  And getting angry and miserable about it.  All those beautiful bodies.  Remember there… Continue Reading “Celi Diet – Colourful food: Eat Pretty”

Monday Morning Farm

This is what I saw when I began the chores this morning. A cat sleeping in my shopping bags. You know the bags that you pause on the verandah. The plan being  to  stow them back in the car later. Then they never make… Continue Reading “Monday Morning Farm”

Celi Diet: growing good food in subzero temperatures

Yes, yes I know what you are about to say.  Just last week I would not even admit that autumn/fall was on its way, let alone begin to talk about winter.  Now I am heralding  the plummet, discussing sub zero temperatures, when only yesterday… Continue Reading “Celi Diet: growing good food in subzero temperatures”

Celi Diet: Meatballs on Silverbeet.

I am very lucky to have grass fed, grain free beef  from my own paddocks in my own freezer. Grass fed beef is naturally lower in fat. GE/GM free. Carries up to 400 times more Vitamin A and E. It has two to four… Continue Reading “Celi Diet: Meatballs on Silverbeet.”

Celi Diet: Mama’s Muesli

One of the most important ingredients of the Celi Diet are the healthy  nutrients. ‘Watching the Body’ food must be good  happy food.  A depressing food program will not help me fit my jeans. So firstly I take particular note of  Omega 3.  In… Continue Reading “Celi Diet: Mama’s Muesli”