Well, a kidnapping of a calf actually.

I went out to milk yesterday morning – no sign of Daisy and no sign of Aunty Del and no sign of Marcel  (Aunty Del’s  ever present minder.)  Then I saw them all, way down the back of Daisy’s field.kidnapping-003

Daisy the latch picker had removed the nail that hooked into the chain and spirited Aunty Del way and right down to the back of the field. The whole latch arrangement had been dismantled. This is The Daisy that used to turn the barn light on and off ,and on and off ,and on and off – just for fun of it, if she was in the pen where she could reach the switch. Anyway I had to take a wee bucket of grain out to entice them back in.  Grain is a real treat for Daisy. They were both quite calm and happy. kidnapping-007

After the milking, I put Aunty back into her pen though, as it was pouring down rain all day yesterday and all last night and Daisy is a useless umbrella. I will let them back together today and we will see how they do.

While I have been writing and working on our anthology, the last few days, I forgot to search the barn for eggs and they kind of built up.


I was thinking about the work and not paying attention when I was shifting the flerd, and the barn chook with her wee chicken were momentarily separated ,  Boo swooped in grabbed the chick and ran off as fast as he could.  The chick in his mouth. I threw my shepherds crook at him, wacking him on the arse and yelled ‘Drop it’. Surprisingly – he did drop the chick, then took one look at me and headed off for the hills. Bad dog.

Ton helped me catch the injured chick. Ton is very gentle with birds. Boo as we know is not so good with birds. The chick had a crook wing and limped for a few days.  A recovering chick will never survive unguarded so I put him in the emergency pen and took the little black gift chicken out of the broiler brood to keep him company. They are both doing well and will join the Baby Layers flock soon.


With all the rain and low clouds there was very little light for photographs yesterday. And you cannot tell birds to Hold Still!kidnapping-018

Except Carlos Garcia who is a very nosy Peacock and like Kupa will sneak up behind you and suddenly appear right in the viewfinder.

I hated taking two days away from you all but I got the Letters to my Sister manuscript to the point where I could send it to Melissa to begin the final stages.  It is such a jigsaw putting something like this together. kidnapping-037

We have had  an inch of beautiful warm rain in the last few days and my basement is flooding again. Sigh.  But the next crop of hay is growing. The vegetable gardens are growing. I am growing.

Right, out to work for me. Soon it will be the longest day. Very soon. The dawn postings will come later – mornings will be shorter.

I hope you have the loveliest day.

Your friend on the farmy




37 Comments on “Kidnapping

  1. How funny, Daisy wandering off is almost like the beginning of a children’s story, where three friends go off on an adventure… 🙂

    • Celi, perhaps Mad’s idea can be developed into your next book! It would be great! And could be written with all the many animals adventures yours have already had! xo

  2. You are such a devoted writer and dear blog friend, Celi. How unusual to feel you have to explain taking two days off from blogging! What a commitment. I am happy to have you back again and am happy that nothing problematic caused your disappearance for two days!

  3. Hope the little chick survives! Daisy knows Aunty Del is her apprentice and has decided to teach her the ropes early 🙂
    Off Topic Alert: Do you need to send your passport to the UK before your trip to NZ this year? If so, better do it early, as we have been hearing on the news here that there is a 4-6 week backlog and people are being requested to pay up to 120 pounds extra to hurry the process along – just saying.
    Good to be back on the Farmy, enjoy the rain. Laura

    • No I am a good girl this time and my passport is all up to date! Thank goodness! Thanks for the reminder though.. c

  4. I have a naughty dog who is very bad with small birds and she’s not the first. Even though I’ve been told a real farmer would shoot her, I love my dogs and con live with being a “fake” farmer.

    • I often think that the responsibility does lie with the farmer to ensure it does not happen again. So I am now, especially after the ducklings who met their untimely demise at the feet of Boo who wanted to play, very careful to keep all small birds under lock and key and if I do not have Boo under my eye, he is on his chain in the barn. At the very least he Knows this is bad behaviour, and will stop when shrieked at, but (sigh) no more ducks for me and any peachicks etc (in the future) will have to be raised in pens. If that makes us fake farmers then so be it. I think you and i can make up the rules as we go along anyway. We just have to train these dogs more rigorously I suppose. But it is a very instinctive behaviour. c

  5. Just when I think, “(fill in the blank) baby animal is the absolute cutest baby on the planet” I find another one to that is cuter. Your calf just slays me! I’m glad you are getting the finishing touches done on your book. I look forward to it! My mom passed away before my perimenopause began. Don’t really know what to expect, but I guess none of us do.

    • At the very least now we all know that there are piles of us out there looking for answers. Stay in touch so i can make sure you get a copy. c

  6. Nearly the longest day…. It seems like only a few short weeks ago you were writing about snow, howling wind and deepest winter. Now the young creatures are growing up, and some of them are going on big adventures down the back with naughty Daisy. Welcome back from your writing break – it was a short one, but you were still missed.

  7. Now that is a cow with a fully developed sense of self! Just make sure the paper and writing utensils are far out of reach… she might just start leaving notes!

  8. Hi Celi great to have you back, naughty Daisy and naughty naughty Boo! Must be something in the air! Ha ha glad the chick is ok x

  9. Wonderful post full of lots of reasons to giggle while reading it. All the rain we have been having is a mixed blessing….but as long as the crops are happy, we can manage!

    • yes, the weeds are growing too and getting into the vege garden when it is this wet is not happening! But the crops and the hay and the fields are growing like mad! c

  10. Daisy is teaching the young ones a trick or two. There is never a dull moment in your life with all those animals .

  11. Is it just me, or is Marcel stuck in a sling needing rescuing? Crazy kid. Oh the fun you must have!

  12. Welcome back! I have a naughty cat who loves birds…found some short black feathers in the garage yesterday. Jethro is his name-o….it’s not as if we don’t feed him.

    Useless umbrella….that made me laugh…I’m sure the weeds will be growing as well. 🙂

    Have a happy farmy day!

  13. The little injured chick does need a friend. They won’t be killed will they?

  14. Please tell that naughty Boo that Aunty Viv doesn’t think he deserves his Nanny title any more. Nannies must look after ALL small creatures.

    How do I order the Letters to my sister book? There are several people I’d like to send it to. I will need to arrange a dollar transfer from our currency account, so I will need your account details (privately, of course: this sounds like a scam, but it isn’t)

    I arrived i UK safely yesterday after the smoothest journey yet, with lovely ladies pushing me about in wheelchairs and swooshing me through security. Now I am having a rest.

  15. Even in poor light your photos are gorgeous. Of course, the subjects are special, and always a delight. I hadn’t previously caught your mention of Carlos Garcia. I just love that name! Glad you’re doing so well. ox

  16. IF —- If I had a tree house I would go sit in it to ponder and think. I would take my book and read, letting the day, or evening, or early morning light flow over me. I would lay back in the chair I had hauled up there and close my eyes and rest. I would also fly…somewhere in the air…just like a blown bubble…until work called.

    Climbing down I would pat my wonderful tree, in which the tree house abides, saying Thank you! I can proceed now.

    If I had a tree house.


  17. Welcome back, I am happy you completed your task for the Sisters. I had a shock today: We had sunshine and 20°C. I would have liked to go wandering with Daisy & co, to the shade at the end of the field.

  18. The absence of your blog left a yawning hole in the day. Glad you’re back.

  19. Your house looks so beautiful, nestled in there amongst so much green foliage. I love the nest of eggs: a graphic symbol of what builds up when we are hatching other projects. Great effort on the writing, congratulations.

  20. Your longest day will be our shortest, of course! Since like a plant I do thrive in light, can’t wait!! Glad you are able to put a tick against the book – hope my signed letter did make it to Illinois 🙂 !

    • Yes, your signed letter is in the folder, your chapter is in the book and you are all tucked in. Isn’t it exciting!

  21. I guess Daisy wanted the young ones all to herself! I hope the little chick heals quickly.

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