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You sure?

BooBoo comes with me every evening to put the cows through to their evening field. We have to move Lady Astor far away from the barn where her big calf sleeps or she opens the door and lets him out.  He is stood here… Continue Reading “You sure?”

Put on your jacket, Mum is cold.

Do you remember that saying? Something like ‘jackets are things for kids to wear when their mothers are cold’. Well when The Matriarch came out to the farm yesterday (and it was awfully cold yesterday – snow flurries even), she saw that The Big… Continue Reading “Put on your jacket, Mum is cold.”

A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

I have begun to investigate slow cooking. With the arrival of Daisy’s calf fast approaching, and Sheila the Babe (hopefully this week), then the  milking and the cheese making, I will have at least another two hours work a day and that does not… Continue Reading “A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup”

A tiny bit of spring is not always pretty

You will remember that the day before yesterday we opened the Big Barn Doors so that our hawk could find his way out. Which he did.  I have left them open. Yesterday was fine and clear and gentle with just a touch of spring… Continue Reading “A tiny bit of spring is not always pretty”