A tiny bit of spring is not always pretty

You will remember that the day before yesterday we opened the Big Barn Doors so that our hawk could find his way out. Which he did.  I have left them open. Yesterday was fine and clear and gentle with just a touch of spring was in the air.   The sun streamed into the barn, drying out  the corners. We got up to 40F and that was fine with me. The early touches of spring are more promising than pretty. But they are there.

Well maybe cats in the sun are pretty.

TonTon trying to climb a vertical ladder to get into the loft is borderline  pretty but only from above.

Queenie loving her time in the sun with some grass but on a dog chain is not pretty but she is happy on the inside.  Daisy was mooing with disgust, watching little Queenie being led out to the grass in the orchard but Daisy is much too big now, and you will remember  her last day on the feed chain. 

Clothes on the line frozen solid because I forgot to bring them in last night was not pretty.  And those guineas are never going to win a beauty contest, but never mind. 

This Fat Mama sheep who insists on getting fatter with no signs of being anything other than a Fat Mama is quite pretty but lambs would be prettier.  She gave birth to her quads in April last year. I was hoping we could bring her confinement back to early March but maybe not. 

Garlic coming up is a bit pretty though.

Wild onions coming up, which means plant yours now Cecilia, but I forgot to sow them yet, is really not pretty.  But it is green in my sleeping garden.  I will sow the onions today!

This ugly little clump of chives battling up,  knowing that there must be at least one more bout of bad weather to get through, before the real spring, is pretty though.. trust me this is PRETTY.  The first thing I eat out of my garden is chives.

My trusty weather man tells me that we will be having a lovely day today too. And it is dawning a transparent navy outside my loft window. I really must bring the tripod up and take a shot of my loft window sunrise for you one day!   It is 19F (-7) out there at the moment though.   I wonder what today has in store for us!

Good Morning!


63 Comments on “A tiny bit of spring is not always pretty

    • I am with you on that one Ronnie, though it appears that the la nina weather influence (which trapped this warmer weather pattern down here) should taper off as the spring progresses. Bringing warmer weather to the Pacific, I am not sure what that means to us yet though.. a long hot summer? c

  1. Found a rabbit’s nest over the weekend…they don’t build until they’re ready to deliver their babies, and this is the earliest I’ve ever seen one.
    Perhaps it really *is* spring?
    Have a great day, C!

    • Hmm, i could do with an early spring, that would be a bonus! I hope you are having a great day too! should be a goodie! c

  2. Good morning Celi … and just the signs that spring is around the corner … well, with the occasional winter blast along the way.

  3. Saturday so felt like spring here in Minnesota, too, although today is supposed to bring a mixed bag of precipitation. Anyway, weather aside, the lighting in these images is lovely. And you know I appreciate the laundry hung on the clothesline. Sometimes the air temp is so cold when I hang clothes that they freeze nearly instantly on the line.

    • I know the freezing thing is so funny, I am tempted to stand the frozen trousers all over the lawn and take a shot of walking pants!! c

  4. I’m impatient for spring. The weather is certainly spring like at the moment, but I don’t trust it. The French have so many rather pessimistic sayings about planting before certain dates that I have been infected with a general mistrust of weather.

    • I love those old gardening wives tales, here they have some too -like, throwing your lettuce seed into the ground before the last snowfall but no-one knows when the last snow will be! morning roger.. c

  5. Lovely signs of Spring. My afternoon yesterday in Oxford was very cold, but beautifully lit and it certainly felt like Spring is on its way here. A white blanket of frost this morning though… glad I didn’t leave my washing out 🙂

    • I agree! I use onions in just about everything and garlic in just about everything else. And I use a lot of garlic in my animals feed so already i can see that i did not plant enough.. (sigh).. and I need 365 onions in the ground each year, then the spring onions that i can’t do without either! Such excitement! Morning Mad! c

  6. New shoots are always pretty and a sunrise shot from your loft would DEFINITELY be pretty!
    Our weather’s back to wind and rain today – soooo not pretty!

  7. I think it all looks beautiful and I love those first signs of spring. We´re a but further along than you, but then we just have a more temperate climate year round rather than the exciting extremes you have!

      • Yes, lettuce right now and the broad beans are almost, almost there. Our onions and garlic are about a month or so off being ready (like you, we use loads so we´ve put plenty in) and we have chard, celery and artichokes right now. We´ll be putting in some early tomatoes, peppers etc and keeping our fingers crossed that we don´t get a cold snap!

  8. We’ve had a few days now of tricksy spring, but the constant back and forth of warm and freezing is wreaking havoc with the bulbs and azaleas, which can’t decide what they are supposed to do. Some of it really is pretty, though. Love your sunning kitties and little shoots of green. Good morning!

    • I think we have a few of those ahead of us too, last i heard it said snow tomorrow, i have chosen to ignore the reports fo that!!

  9. Love today’s pics, especially TonTon trying to use the ladder. Yesterday I noticed a few buds on a rose bush and I’m a little nervous about it. This happened several years ago and was followed by a cold snap that persisted. I ended up losing several rose bushes that Spring. Let’s hope this year brings different results.

    Maybe you could install a lift for TonTon? 🙂

  10. The guineas are really too much! I never even knew what they were before last June! Now all my hopes of less ticks and chiggers on the farm rest with them! So I just love them!!! I’d love to know more about the garlic you include in the animals’ food. Like who gets it, how much, and how often!
    Thanks for your wonderful pics and delightful readings! di

  11. What a wonderful and yes, very pretty, morning walkabout on the farmy! I don’t trust even this mild TX weather a bit myself, so I think you’re wise to assume anything can still happen. Yet we must plow forward . . . !

  12. It’s been a crazy winter in SLC and we too have chives, etc sprouting out of the ground way too early for there own good.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  13. I love your pictures today 🙂 TonTon is gorgeous! The first signs of Spring are so different in the Northern Hemisphere, aren’t they? I remember being incredibly excited at the first signs of Spring last year in Edmonton, although this was in May, definitely not as early as February! I would be very excited for spring in February! Enjoy your day 🙂

  14. Love the chives photo. I’ve never seen them being grown before so I really enjoyed viewing that. And look at Queenie… she just looks magnificent and so cute. And just look at TonTon.. he is just a cutie I tell ya

  15. Your still a Kiwi leavin your washing out! I knew I had scone one when I no longer rushed out to bring the washing when a shower passed, the sun would shine again soon enought to dry the clothes off :0)

    • You made me laugh out loud, Allison. You really are a kiwi girl! I am so glad you found your home. I LOVE washing after the rain has given it the extra rinse.. esp sheets!! c

    • I sincerely hope not, though the herefords are the sausage dogs of cows, they get long but not terribly tall.. all beef!

  16. Could we start a special category for Guinea Hens in nature Beauty Contest? The reason they get hysterical about hawks??…no colour, no jiggly skin hanging about, beady eyes, predictable design on feathers…really. To the hens, that’s scary u-g-l-y!

  17. Brrrr! I’m shivering just thinking of the garden tasks in that chilly weather…but I think ALL your animals are very pretty. I really do–and I’m thinking you do, too! Queenie is my favorite! You love these guys, that’s for sure, and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder! Ha! I’m still hoping you get that early spring! Debra

    • I love getting the laundry out into the wind to dry! As well as saving about 70 cents every time, it is so much healthier.. c

      • We are forced to dry our our clothes out on the line as we have this silly washer/dryer combo that only holds about 2 kg of clothes. Get real! Maybe 3 pairs of underwear??? So needless to say we are always hanging clothes out to dry every day. But my pictures would have never turned out as beautiful as yours. BAM

  18. I love your observations. I had similar ones when back in Maine – hope mixed in with a dash of reality (grey skies, the onslaught of mud season). But always, and you are right – beauty.

  19. It is hard to believe that you have signs of spring so early…at least it would be considered early in our part of New England.

  20. My sister-in-law got some guineas last year. I just recently saw a picture of them, very unusual looking fowl. Enjoyed seeing your farmy residents. 🙂

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