A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

I have begun to investigate slow cooking. With the arrival of Daisy’s calf fast approaching, and Sheila the Babe (hopefully this week), then the  milking and the cheese making, I will have at least another two hours work a day and that does not include the clean up. The barn I can clean with a hose. Don’t you wish you could do the same with the kitchen! So I need to find ways to save time. The crock pot has never appealed to me. I honestly prefer my food freshly picked and prepared. But until I get my head around this new regime I am going to have to resort to making dinner in the early afternoon then leaving it to cook alone. My other problem is my old rickety gas stove that has not quite worn itself out yet,  needs supervision. It cannot be left on in the house when I am out of the house. So I am reconsidering the less than sexy crock pot.

Yesterday was a case in point, we were racing to get the fencing finished and Daisy’s milking parlour ready.  There was no time to muck about in the kitchen.  The Kitchens Garden had garlic  almost ready to harvest and the broccoli was going to shoot in the terribly hot winds we had yesterday.  The lettuce has gone past it. So no quick salad. 

So the dinner ingredients were already decided. That is the best garlic we have grown.  

The challenge: what can you make in a crockpot with these ingredients and leave to cook inside while you are outside for hours. Broccoli and Garlic Soup. Adapted from Not Your Mothers Slow Cooker Cookbook. 

Chop up  the peeled broccoli stalks as well as the florets.  In the slow cooker add oil, thyme, lemon juice, chicken stock and salt and pepper. Muddle in a whole bulb of chopped and crushed garlic.  I cooked it on low for about three hours, then pureed most of it.

It is not a pretty soup but it was good. And fast to serve with minimal clean up.

And now a wee surprise. Daisy and I.   Daisy is walking like a cowboy now and not going very far, and so when we were not fencing  (again the heat was in the high nineties but this time with gale force winds) I was hanging out with her under the trees. John took the camera from its fencepost and managed to nick an unflattering shot of me in his nieces T-shirt, which I redesigned with a pair of kitchen scissors, and my work skirt,  my hair blown straight up, looking like I have been dragged through a bush backwards.

This is probably the first time I have included a full picture of me in the blog. But I have been thinking of perspective lately.  How to show size in the shots. A box of matches and Daisy would be silly. And this image does give you an idea of how large Daisy really is.  I am 5’7″. Now look at the size of her head again. She just needs to swing that head to dislodge a fly and she has inadvertantly knocked me for a six.   She is a gentle giant lately though. Such a big animal to have in my care. Stepping so carefully, poor fat cow in the heat.

Good morning.  Queenie Wineti, The Bobby (this years steer) and  Hairy MacLairy are all out in the newly fenced Dairy Mistress paddock.  They are more than happy with their new field.  I can check them from my kitchen window which makes life very easy. And gives me something to look at when I do the dishes.  (Where is that hose!)

I think we have an ordinary day ahead of us. The usual chores and rounds. So it will be a good solid and peaceful day. There are no surprises in the plan.  Touch wood.  You have a lovely day too.


100 Comments on “A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

    • well done greg, so to fix the problem you UNSubscribed the re-subscribed.. unfollow/ follow.. it seems there are others with this problem too. I also have people i am following who are not appearing in my lists .. I must do the same.. have an excellent day!

  1. You are right- a box of matches would have been silly (although the thought gave me a good laugh). I have to say, that photo of you two really does help me see how big Daisy is. And how nice to see you in front of the camera!

    • It will be a rare appearance, I feel most uncomfortable up there, as you can see I was walking OUT of the shot at speed! c

  2. You look lovely! And next to Daisy too, what a treat. The soup sounds fantastic too, love the addition of the toppings on the side.

    • I am having a toasted sunflower and pumpkin seed revival at the moment and eat them with everything! c

  3. I’m happy that you included the photo of you and Daisy…it really does give us an idea of how big she is and how lovely you are.

  4. Daisy is beautiful, but you win the contest! It’s wonderful to see you with your animals once in a while – maybe soon with a “newborn.” The soup looked good; broccoli soup is one of my favorites.
    Pulled pork is another thing that my daughter cooks all day in the slo-cooker. It’s yummy.

    • yes, i would like to do pulled pork too, though this is not a dish i am familiar with, I would need to do some research.. Morning Lois! c

  5. Add some potatoes and mushrooms and you have a hearty winter soup, winter is here, brrrr. Another good reaon to work on the farmy I could be a lot trimmer 🙂 Looks like Daisy’s calf is going to be a big one too. Enjoy your day. Laura

  6. How nice of you to make a special guest appearance on your blog. 🙂 If that’s how you look after being dragged through bushes, you must be stunning on your good days.

    The crockpot sounds like a good idea. I imagine it heats the house far less than the gas stove will. Hope the heat drops for you soon.

    • It is a strange feeling having my own picture up there, I have to say that i was in a quandary, it seems to take away some of the magic.. I think today will be cooler .. hope so..the heat is very hard on the sheep.. not to mention big fat cows!.. morning bill

  7. I think it’s a great photo. Good on John for taking it!
    Picked some radishes for our salad last night, only to discover that they were starting to bolt…major disappointment. Our dinner solution on too-busy days – and they ALL are, right now – is to season-up a steak or chop at lunchtime, then grill it at dinner. Then I roll some beans/peas/broccoli/whatever is left in the freezer in a pan with some hot butter and garlic.
    Not sure I could ‘sell’ soup in hot weather…but it would be a welcome change!
    Wishing you cooler temps today!

    • Yes, the steak is a very fast feed as long as i remember to get it out of the freezer!! How disappointing to find your radishes bolting, ours are all over too and the lettuce is almost ready for the chooks! so sad.. c

    • Poor Jim, I think i can remember him standing in the doorway of that mini village in Italy somewhere.. He is a good fella to oblige.. c

  8. Somehow I expected you to walking about in Wellies instead of sneaks 🙂 Glad John took the pic. So that’s what broccoli looks like in nature. Morning, Miss C. t

    • Gumboots when it is almost 100 degrees are was too hot, I wear them in the morning when i am mucking out! and especially when I am in with the pigs! c

  9. oh dear, my heart goes out to Daisy, I remember that stage of pregnancy where just walking is a major effort, and in the heat…ugh!

  10. Afternoon, is it me or does Daisy have one heck ofa suspicious look on her face, she looks like she’s saying (to John) ” what are you doing taking my photo, you know this isn’t my best side for portraiture”?
    Lovely to see you Celi!

    • She does have that look doesn’t she Claire, she and I are usually very careful about composure!! c

  11. Great to put another picture to the name – I have missed your blog and have so much catching up to do! Interesting that you slow cooked the broccoli – husband doesn’t like it overlooked as he says it tastes more cabbagynthe longer you cook it. I think you might have just proved him wrong. Hope all’s well with you and daisy is looking mighty fine!

    • Morning Noodle .. It went against the grain to slow cook it .. i think the garlic and lemon were pretty important ingredients!! and i did want to give that recipe a try! we have so much borccoli.. c

  12. Looks like you more than lost the excess weight you were trying to shed some time back. That’s good – more room for wine now. Daisy, on the other hand, is looking appropriately sturdy.
    I find a crock pot quite useful on days when I know I’ll be too strapped for time to do anything else. My stand-bys (bies?) are a bean concoction and chicken in cider.

  13. I think you are pretty! Daisy too, poor dear! Any minute now, looks like. Sending good thoughts for a smooth surprise-free delivery…

  14. daisy is a big girl! i can’t wait to see her calf. do you help her calf or does a vet come in? we are supposed to get rain today woohoo!!! i might go out and sit in it!

    • unlike my silly sheep who has too many lambs at once, Daisy should be able to manage it all herself, unless the calf gets stuck then I call Daisy’s
      breeder or the man down the road who is an old dairy farmer. It is next to impossible to get a vet to come when you need them. They are all too busy. She is a big healthy cow, fingers crossed.. c

  15. If that’s an unflattering photo then you’re very goodlooking! And 5’7 sounds so tall, Daisy is a giant amongst cows! No, it’s always easy to forget how big they actually are. Just see crockpots as the economical alternative to old fashioned leaving a pot on the stove all day. Healthy, nutritious and economic. And perfect for the heat actually even though they seemed to be viewed as a winter thing! 🙂

  16. You’re right, with you standing next to Daisy, we can really see how huge she is! Isn’t she the one that you said doesn’t meander about (normally) and usually gallops wherever she needs to go? Now that I’ve seen her true size…that would be a bit scary! I love that you do your farm chores in Converse and a mini-skirt! 😉

    Have a great day! ~ April

    • yes she is the fence jumper and the visitor scarer, galloping AT them across the fields.. not so much nowadays!! c

  17. I have to say that I’ve used a crockpot for 30 years, admittedly mainly in winter for casseroles, and I wouldn’t be without it, especially for those tougher cuts of meat or an old chicken. But soup can be made in it at any time of year – chilled down perhaps for your furness-like temperatures! And as for the ‘bush backwards’ look, if many more of us get into this self-sufficiency thing, it could make an appearance on the catwalk!!! Sort of Rural Grunge! I love it, although long trousers are essential here as there’s nothing worse than a cloud of midges up yer skirt!

  18. Soup sounds delicious! I also have started boiling up some pasta and eggs -for future meals – as it’s supposed to get up to 38 degrees celsius (100+F) today up here in Canada. Just when you think is going to be a quiet day, BAM!, you might have a new calf…..!!!!! Enjoy your day my friend.

  19. I’m back home and so glad I didn’t miss the baby calf’s arrival.. now not looking again:) I thought your soup was gorgeous, the spring green matched perfectly with that bowl. I have bowl envy now.. my favorite sort of dish, you know:) You are 5’7″ and willowy!!! Your talk of perspective had me laughing.. I’d likely come up to Daisy’s snout:) xoxo Smidge

  20. No surprises in your day? Moooo. And this from another Alice (Wonderland)
    Beautiful Soup, so rich and green,
    Waiting in a hot tureen!
    Who for such dainties would not stoop?
    Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
    Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!
    Beau – ootiful Soo – oop!
    Beau – ootiful Soo – oop!
    Soo – oop of the e – e – evening,
    Beautiful, beautiful Soup!

  21. Just love the picture of you and Daisy, Celi!!! It was a big surprise to see a picture of you! You look great! I’m guessing though, by your very cute farmer’s outfit, that you don’t have a big problem with ticks and chiggers on your place. Sadly, they are a bit of a nightmare here. Di

    • I guess we don’t have chiggers, no-one has even mentioned them, we do get ticks but not as badly as you guys.. we do have biting flies today which is supposed to mean rain but i don’t see any!! c

  22. Poor Daisy – I well remember the horror of a heatwave only half-way through pregnancy! Please can we have more photos of you: you looki like a super-model.

  23. What is with these husbands? Mine threatened last night to take a shot of me exercising, “for your blog.” Not a chance, buddy. I love being behind the camera, not in front of it. That said, I did enjoy the pic of you next to the mom-to-be. You both look absolutely lovely.

  24. I’m a crock pot convert, but in the summer we use a solar oven. Same principle — long, slow, moist heat, but you put it outdoors in the sun. Loads of DIY plans for handy folks. http://solarcooking.org/plans/

    Thanks for the photo of yourself — it is nice to see who we’re visiting with.

    • Thank you Susan, i just wandered off into a solar oven tangent with your link, i never knew there was such a thing.. but they look like something i would very much like to cook with! c

  25. Look at how lovely and sexy you look working in the barn! Cute shoes (I wear clunky boots), a cute shirt (I wear my husband’s tee shirts or old things) and a skirt (I’m forever in jeans). You are my new role model and inspiration. …and Daisy is HUGE!

    • believe me when i tell you that that shirt and skirt are old old, and I do wear gumboots when mucking out but most everyone is out on the grass now.. so I can wear something cooler.. thankfully.. c

  26. What a special photo of you and Daisy, Celi. It does lend perspective and it’s awesome to see her actual size. I always have a mental picture of you so “at one” and entirely in your element, and now I have an even better reference. This was a fun peek at life on the farmy with you included. I would definitely enjoy this soup, and once upon a time used a crock pot often. Time to dust it off…this would help on hot afternoons when I get home from work and could just move right to dinner! You’re creative, as always. Debra

    • I am certainly in my element, when I was teaching I used a crock pot often but for the life of me I cannot remember what I used to cook in it! I guess i was very busy in those days! c

    • The rest of my hair is jammed into a pony tail or I really would have looked windswept, it was blowing a gale! c

  27. Is it me or does Daisy have extraordinarily (not sure that’s a word !) long legs ?!
    Tell her I was only looking at her legs……although if I had xray vision I am pretty
    sure the wee one is running out of room in there !
    Cheers …

  28. I think you look just fine, Miss C (but then I destroy 99% of the photos of me I come across). Your broccoli soup sounds well-seasoned. I don’t own a crock pot, but if I were milking a cow and running a farm I might.

  29. I knew we would all love a photo of you!! It’s so nice to actually see who we are talking to and telling us lovely stories of their life on the farmy! 🙂 Two hot mamas walking through the barnyard!! Like everyone else said…if you look this good dragged backwards through the bush…you must be a knockout all shined up!! 🙂 More photos of Miss C. please…oh and how about one or two of Miss C’s. hubby?? We want to see what a real, handsome, cowboy..I mean farmer…looks like!! 🙂
    PS. Oh, and that soup looks delicious and served so beautifully!!

  30. I don’t think it’s an unflattering shot at all. Most women look very good while standing next to a cow, and I think that your hubby knew just what he was doing. 🙂

  31. I still wouldn’t get the crockpot, but there we go. Actually, we have one, but we don’t really like it. It has never produced something as nice as one can make with a stove. Oh well, if it’s necessary I’m sure you’ll adapt Cecilia :D. You have gorgeous cattle and this soup sounds yummy.

  32. Daisy is beautiful! Thank you for your devotion to this blog. Very inspiring. I an very excited to tell you that on June 30th we are moving to a 30 acres (not worked for a long time) farm. You know that I have lots of work to get it all started but thanks to you I understand that it’s all doable.

  33. Ah, that was fun. Beautiful soup, bet it tasted amazing, Our garlic is just about ready too. And it was lovely to see you with Daisy – you have got to be the most glamorous farmer-ette in the world! Poor Daisy, bet she´ll be glad when it´s all over.

  34. Loving the delicious vegetables my friend – I can imagine how nice a slow cooker stew would taste 🙂
    And Daisy, not long now 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  35. A whole bulb of garlic! That a lot – does the slow cooking mellow it, or is the wet garlic still quite mild? Your garlic is looking magnificent, by the way, as is your broccoli! Lovely to see the photo of you! 🙂

  36. Great perspective, Celi 🙂 Your soup arrives at a perfect moment: Phil and I are on a soup-only drive! Shall be trying out this for sure!

  37. I was so glad to see in the first comment that I wasn’t the only one who isn’t getting your posts in my reader and what to do about it, that I forgot what I was going to comment on! Your soup sounds terrific and broccoli is my favorite veg, and I don’t know how your little self manages to wrangle these big animals, but clearly they have great love and respect for you, Miss C!

  38. You and Daisy both look great! Nice to see you in the photo and to get an idea of just how big she is. The slow-cooking sounds an excellent idea. During this busy season I’m sure your readers will excuse you if (and if this is too outrageous, please ignore) you take a day off the blog.

  39. You have no idea how much I wish I could use a hose to clean my kitchen (and bathrooms). I totally appreciate the shot of you, it really does put Daisy in perspective. Wow!

  40. That’s what you call an unflattering shot?! You look stunning. I am 5″2 so Daisy and I probably view the world from about the same height.

  41. Daisy is a big girl – you don’t look comfortable having the photo taken so it was extra nice of you to post it – thank you. I love my slow cooker, and vege soups of every kind. In summer it’s great to cook meat to later eat cold. One of our favourites which must be eaten cold or it tastes odd, is a large piece of corned beef slow cooked in 1 litre bottle of proper (not sugar free) ginger beer . Another is a chicken massaged with butter and placed on a bed of sliced potatoes with a splash of stock or water, and of course pulled pork, preferably with a fresh roll & coleslaw.

  42. Your veggies are lovely, and I’m sure they made a delightful soup. I’ve been considering the crockpot, too, but I can’t seem to get my head around the fact I need to turn it on early in the day. Just not my routine…Farm work is good for keeping you fit. 🙂 Daisy is a LOT of cow! A large drain in the floor and a kitchen that could be hosed down…wouldn’t that be nice!

  43. That looks like a really healthy soup, its also nice you can enjoy this things fresh from the garden unlike me I dont have a green finger

  44. Celi, I definately should have included you in my post today about fashion trend setting bloggers ;-). You look so cute and comfortable…especially in contrast to poor, hot, miserable Daisy cow. Hope you get some of the cool weather gracing Chicagoland and not the storms of Oklahoma.

  45. Beautiful veggies, Celi! You really have a talent for growing things. Vegetables, animals, the farmy, they all flourish under your care. BTW, I’m glad to know I am not the only one in our age group that wears a “farm skirt.” You just made my day! When the weather gets in the 80s to 90s and humid, there is nothing better. 😉
    ~ Lynda

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