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It rained almost all day yesterday. Lovely gentle warm rain. I came in from the evening chores soaked to the first layer and happy as a lark. The trees are blooming. Here are two of my favourites: Magnolia ‘Butterflies’  This is the most wonderful… Continue Reading “Rain”

From Gray to Kupa’s Way

The days work begins and ends in the pitch dark now, though yesterday was warm, the day was gray.  I know winter is coming, the light is dimming, but these last few warm days have been a delightful respite.   L’il Puss The Scrapper’s… Continue Reading “From Gray to Kupa’s Way”

How to make easy Vegan Sunflower Crackers with Garlic

This was our sunrise yesterday.  Though it turned out to be a calm gentle day full of gardens, food and family. The Vegan Sunflower  Crackers  is more of a method than a recipe.   Heat your oven to 300F. Take one cup of sunflower… Continue Reading “How to make easy Vegan Sunflower Crackers with Garlic”

How to make Fresh Homemade Yogurt and Farmers Cheese

Farmers Cheese or Country Cheese as we call it,  is a fresh cheese. It is fast to make for a cheese, and if you do not eat it all immediately it will sit in your fridge for about a week. I have used it… Continue Reading “How to make Fresh Homemade Yogurt and Farmers Cheese”

A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

I have begun to investigate slow cooking. With the arrival of Daisy’s calf fast approaching, and Sheila the Babe (hopefully this week), then the  milking and the cheese making, I will have at least another two hours work a day and that does not… Continue Reading “A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup”

Undressed Apple Crumble in a Jar

On Friday night there is to be a birthday dinner for the birthday siblings. In New Zealand.   In the summer. Too far for Mama to catch a cab from the U.S. prairies.  Sadly.  Senior Son has been working  on creating a Mama Meal… Continue Reading “Undressed Apple Crumble in a Jar”

Boxing Day Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes

And how did I make that fresh buttermilk? Oh, I was hoping that you would ask that question.  Because you see, The Matriarch gave me a Butter Churn for Christmas. She said it was from Santa!! Apparently Santa is a very clever old bugger.… Continue Reading “Boxing Day Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes”

Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies

You knew I was going to do this didn’t you. Because I am a pastry fiend. I love pies. Not so much the American sweet pie. Though some of those are nice in really tiny doses. Savoury pies.  Meat pies. Vege Pies. You will… Continue Reading “Little Party Nibbles:Teensy Weensy Savoury Pies”

Little Party Nibbles: Retro Cheese balls and Lights dancing in the Night.

Everyone has their own favourite cheese ball.  I am willing to bet that you all have a tried and true recipe. They do not need to be elaborate when you use good quality ingredients and  chill for at least a few hours for the… Continue Reading “Little Party Nibbles: Retro Cheese balls and Lights dancing in the Night.”

Little Party nibbles: Mama’s Russian Fudge

Every Christmas our mother would make three different kinds of fudges. We would carefully wrap a selection in crackly difficult, transparent cellophane, then we gathered the corners together,  with a red ribbon, tied  in a bow.  We made  a number of little packages. A… Continue Reading “Little Party nibbles: Mama’s Russian Fudge”