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Tomato and Basil Tart Tatine

I had a little pastry left over from making a steak and onion pie. So I thought I would have a go at making a Tomato Tart Tatine.  I had seen one some where back in the winter but I can’t remember where. But… Continue Reading “Tomato and Basil Tart Tatine”

A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup

I have begun to investigate slow cooking. With the arrival of Daisy’s calf fast approaching, and Sheila the Babe (hopefully this week), then the  milking and the cheese making, I will have at least another two hours work a day and that does not… Continue Reading “A rare sighting of miss c and Broccoli with Garlic Soup”

Food I can eat with my eyes!

Do you guys deliver? It is Saturday, the day I usually share some new (to me) blogs with you all.  However this week I succumbed to PRETTY!  and pretty SIMPLE. So I am being naughty and I have swiped some food pictures to show… Continue Reading “Food I can eat with my eyes!”

Cows like to party too.

The visitors decided to hang out in the barn yard. Delighted by the nosy cows.  Queenie mooched about chatting with the girls. And the boys. It was a lovely laid back evening with a glass of wine in the newly cleaned yards.  Everyone could… Continue Reading “Cows like to party too.”

Marmalade Chicken – Hands Up Who Saw THAT Coming!

Two recipes today! Often I use the Honey Lemon Marmalade I made yesterday, to baste a roasting chicken.  I could make this one for you but it is just as easy to describe. Simply stuff the bird with chunks of onion, lemon, apple and thyme.… Continue Reading “Marmalade Chicken – Hands Up Who Saw THAT Coming!”

All friends bright and beautiful! Cuppa anyone?

One annoying thing about the winter is that my car, that runs on recycled cooking oil, has to switch to diesel. When it is really cold the oil solidifies and the car will not start… oh dear. A positive thing about this part of… Continue Reading “All friends bright and beautiful! Cuppa anyone?”

Roast: Slow Roasted Lavender Lamb with a side of Joy

YES! The big day has arrived! We are going to slow roast some lamb. This roast will have three layers of bright joyful lavender notes. Almost provencal actually as I shall also add a little rosemary and garlic. I want the scent of the… Continue Reading “Roast: Slow Roasted Lavender Lamb with a side of Joy”

What’s for dinner Mama? Fish?

Crostini, using home made rosemary bread, demanded something special,  so tonight we are starting with  ChgJohn’s  Baked Brie with Caramelised Onions. This was just divine. The guests just woofed this down. ChgJohn told me to make TWO! Third Son is grilling Prime Rib on… Continue Reading “What’s for dinner Mama? Fish?”

Celi Diet – Colourful food: Eat Pretty

I have wandered about some of the dieting sites a little more and oh dear some of them are grim. Dieters trying to yank and beat their bodies into weird shapes.  And getting angry and miserable about it.  All those beautiful bodies.  Remember there… Continue Reading “Celi Diet – Colourful food: Eat Pretty”

Salmon and Shrimp Chowder because I can’t go Fishing on the Prairie.

I have a friend, who lives by himself in a beach house on stilts, up the East Coast,  in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.  It is a beautiful bay, deserted for most of the year. He is on the beach every day . Surfing mostly.… Continue Reading “Salmon and Shrimp Chowder because I can’t go Fishing on the Prairie.”