Marmalade Chicken – Hands Up Who Saw THAT Coming!

Two recipes today! Often I use the Honey Lemon Marmalade I made yesterday, to baste a roasting chicken.  I could make this one for you but it is just as easy to describe. Simply stuff the bird with chunks of onion, lemon, apple and thyme.  You will not eat this stuffing so no need to peel or prep anything. Cut a lemon in half and a whole garlic in half to roast alongside the chicken. Then in the last 30 minutes of roasting, brush with the marmalade as often as you think about it.  Pop your potatoes around the roast for the last 40 minutes and you have Celi’s favourite chicken roast. It is the gravy that will make you sigh though. I love the gravy from this chicken!

Anyway yesterday I made some pastry and constructed the Marmalade Chicken pie! Oh you knew I was going to do that!  You know how I love to make hot pies. But it is SO GOOD! But  impossible to make the shot look as pretty as it tastes!  Plus as you can see my pastry was a disaster!! Then my big camera refused to shoot at all, so this was taken with my purse camera! 

Marmalade Chicken Pie is for special occasions. Though to my mind every day is special!

First gently cook  3 finely sliced onions,  when they are soft add a big slug of  balsamic vinegar and cook down until they are caramelised and  melty.  Then pick a peck of pickled peppers (1 teaspoon of pickled jalapeno – finely sliced – you knew that!).  Add to the onions.  The heat of the peppers lifts the sweet onions. Rest. Not you -the onions!!

Cook a pan full of  chicken  fillet, diced into cubes, salt and ground pepper, until golden. Add a scant 1/2 cup honey lemon marmalade.   Toss above the flame until hot and shiny.  Deglaze with a good glass of dry white wine.  (or whatever is in the open bottle!) Render down until saucy.

Make the pie. Line your pastry dish with half the pastry. (You can blind bake, though I did not this time as I was HUNGRY!) Dot the pastry with small cubes of feta cheese. (The salty cheese is perfect with the sweet chicken)  Add marmalade chicken then the onion  mixture. Then wilted spinach. Add your top layer of pastry. Sprinkle the top of the pastry with a little chunky sea salt.

Cook at 375 for about 30 – 40 minutes.

And now to the junkyard. I am so sorry.  By the time I got to the junk yard yesterday the fog had rolled in so thickly we could barely see what we were looking at.  All the sheds were dark. No light at all.  This is when my camera went on the blink and no amount of shaking  and growling would make the shutter release. I call this a ‘God said NO’ day!  Yes, I attended  a convent school!

So no images. But I found a wonky old work bench. An even wonkier but potentially stunning kitchen table that has a leg going the wrong way but fantastic peeling green paint and a good heavy top.  John found two old glass windows for the cold frame!  Actually John did a lot of slow head shaking, as the delightful elderly junk yard man and I zoomed from one end of the yard to the other, BOTH clad in tall green gumboots. Me exclaiming over wonky stuff. The old fella pointing out more wonky stuff.  I was in heaven.  This old codger has everything. TonTon is seriously in love with the man and we will return on a sunny day with the camera.  He collects cupolas from collapsed barns. Can you imagine!

Plus and here is the thing that raised Our John’s interest – the Junk Yard Man has a solar water heating panel still in it’s disintegrating wrapper, sat waiting just for us in one of his barns. Perfect for my solar heated outdoor bath and shower room (without walls). More on that another time.

This morning we have freezing fog. Plus it is Ground Hog Day, though John’s research has said that the ground hog is only right about thirty percent of the time. And Jean tells me that it is The Festival of First Light in our hemisphere so from now on it gets lighter and brighter! That deserves a dance! A nice convent girls dance, naturally!

We are surrounded in freezing fog. So I shall skate over to the barn and see what’s what!

Good morning!


PS A really easy way to wilt spinach: Spread a thin tea towel over your colander placed in the sink, load your washed spinach in. Pour a jug of boiling water slowly all over the spinach, gather the ends of the tea towel and squeeze the water out of it. Now it is wilted and drained and ready for a pie or quiche.

110 Comments on “Marmalade Chicken – Hands Up Who Saw THAT Coming!

  1. Convent girls dance? Slug of balsamic? Aren’t we eloquent today LOL But that chicken pie looks soooooooo good! And I have been noticing in the past week or so that when we did have sunlight, it was hanging about a bit longer. C’mon spring!!! t

  2. Ooh – so much going on here today. Roast chicken, yummy chicken pie (that sounds so exciting and I think your pastry looks lovely), junkyards, solar panels and a convent girl dance (I can join in on that one)! Hope today will be full of leftovers and sunshine with no fog 😉

  3. What a great way to start the day thinking of that chicken and pie!! I can hardly wait to see what treasures your junk man has..he and the place sound delightful!
    I am sorry to hear about your freezing fog..we have another springlike day here!

  4. Did you buy the wonky stuff? and the solar panel ? Sounds like you had a great day, despite the camera malfunction.

    • I bought the two wonky tables and now i shall save for the solar panel.. it is a pretty good price.. and i need it.. c

  5. The kitchen table with the peeling green paint would have made my day. Anything green catches my eye. Oh, how I would have loved that junkyard and the Junk Yard Man. Your descriptive words worked just fine in describing your afternoon there.

    I hope the camera problem is nothing major. I know how it feels to be without a working camera. Unsettling and uncomfortable.

  6. No, I didn’t see that one coming but sounds delicious. I think one of our muscovy ducks would benefit from the same treatment! And from one convent girl to another, outdoor baths and showwers with NO WALLS? Enough said I think!

  7. Oh I DIDN’T see it coming, but if I had, it might not have gotten past me. That sounds (and looks) out-of-this-world delicious, Cecilia! And oh! your junkyard experience! To have a place in the “neighborhood”, what a treasure!

  8. Yes, but, but, but, if you wilt (nearly 500g!) spinach like that your lovely tea towel is going to turn green when you squeeze it! And I don’t think I want to use bleach on my tea towels because half of them are antique from my Nan and the other half are souvenirs from holiday destinations. 🙂

  9. That pie sounds like a meal unto itself and I love the combo of the sweet citrus chicken, the spinach and the feta…a little Greek influence. I wish we had a junk yard like that close by…sounds like so much fun! Happy Groundhog’s Day!

  10. Good morning, Cecilia. That pie sounds delicious and I could make a painting of the junkyard from your description of it with two people in green gumboots and the things they look at.

    • You would have to paint us as a blur, the blonde and the old codger in our knee high green gummies, racing from one thing to the next exclaiming over this and that.. c

  11. Honestly I did not see that coming… What a wonderful chicken pie, lots of amazing flavors going on there. I love how you measure, slug of this and a dash of that. Me too. Take care, Bam

  12. Sounds and looks divine! I’ve got the honey lemon marmalade on my list of things to make this week. Now I can’t wait to make the chicken too!

  13. I’m with ya, Celi. I really do enjoy a lemony roasted chicken and chicken pot pies have always been a favorite. It seems like our sky is starting to clear. Maybe we’ll see the Sun before the morning ends. I hope your camera just doesn’t like fog and is back in good working order today.

    • Yup it behaved this morning, which was foggy again. who knows, I hope it not the beginning of the end, this camera is pretty old! c

  14. We just did some oven fried chicken and one of the sauces, yes we had more than one, was a spicy orange sauce. It had orange marmalade in it. Our first time trying it this way and we thought it turned out pretty good. Maybe a bit too sweet, but good.
    I already completed a plumbing job this morning. I work too quick! Then back home to the computer.

    • Excellent. You have some time to sow some cabbage seeds and start work on the chook house!!! i added the feta to the chicken pie to counteract the sweetness. Sounds like you had a feast! c

  15. Nice tip on the spinach!! I like to make pot pies too!! Mostly for my son as I’ll take leftovers and mix them up, throw in a pie crust and top with crust and he’s got a whole new different dinner!! Great use of your marmalade!!

  16. I HEART the tip on the spinach at the end of your post today – thanks for sharing! Okay and who does not love a good pie – fruit or meat – yummy:) Have a Great Day on the Farmy!

  17. a) I miss a good junkyard! and
    b) as I took chicken breast out to thaw, I’m going to adapt your pot pie for today – Chris will be eternally grateful to you! Hawaiian honey and Meyers lemon juice for the sweet; Sake for the wine; romano instead of the feta I don’t have; chard for the spinach and green chiles because jalapenos are too hot for us. I’m excited to see how it turns out! 😀

    • It will be great. i love adaptations. the sweet, the sour, hot, pungent and the bland all together – you can’t go wrong.. c

      • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. Bonus post all ’round, despite the irksome behavior of the camera. Because, after all, if the camera ruins a perfectly good shoot in a really superb place, why then one is *forced* to return to the really superb place, and sooner rather than later, no?

    The recipes are simply divine in the usual Celi way. Chicken and lemon are such a match-made-in-heaven (though you remind me of the Chinese restaurant our friend stopped frequenting after he found out it was *not* a legend that their famed Lemon Chicken was made not of chook but cat). Felonious feline cookery aside, then, lemon and chicken are so succulent and delectable when married that it almost seems wrong to make chicken *without* some form of its citrus companion in the dish. So these are truly RIGHT dishes. Righteous, even! Amen.

    • Exactly and the wonderful thing about this pie is that it was even better the next day, stone cold! very tasty it is!! c

  19. I wasn’t able to put my hand up as I didn’t see marmalade chicken coming. What a fascinating trip to the junkyard – I look forward to hearing all about the outdoor wall -less bathroom!

    • The outdoor bathroom is a long project as first i have to grow the walls!! Piles of lilac and white hydrangeas. But it is coming along and as soon as i can kidnap and very brave plumber we should be able to begin! c

  20. Extra credit for multi-use of lemon marmalade! How wonderful. Making a mental note to use my marmalade for basting next time. And you know how I feel about pot pies. I indulged in a few in Australia as it seemed the thing to do :).

    • Well it sure is the thing to do, maybe you have some new ideas to share too, I must remember that they are called pot pies here in the US. Thank you Ksenia.. c

  21. I can just taste that chicken…yum. Does Daisy get the stuffing? Aren’t those perfect finds a thrill? Look forward to the time you can snap some photos.

  22. I can tell you I didn’t know this was coming at all lol. I was thinking about biscuits and you turned this marvelous marmalade into a savory and wonderful meal. To say I’m hungry after reading this is an understatement lol

  23. I LOVE a pie. I will go a long way for a good one,and I adore cooking them. My pastry always misbehaves: I call my monstrosities Frankenpie.

    These two recipes look adventurous: and as I am having folks on Saturday to lunch I am tempted to try it then! If only for the gravy….

  24. Interesting link to the pastry process. I have used my magi-mix for pastry for a while now, with good results.

  25. Did someone say pie? PIE? I love the sound of this one 🙂 Glorious flavours and full of light and warmth, just what we need here over the weekend… I have way too many lemons, maybe I’ll make the whole shebang xx

  26. I love chicken pie! Love, love, love it! And lemons…and YUM!!!

    My sister and brother-in-law on the island where I grew up in Washington have an outdoor shower that Charley uses every day, even in winter. He loves it!

    • hi gretchen, i think that the outside hot shower is even better in the winter, all the steam!! now I really want to get that project underway!! c

      • Hi Celi, a friend in NZ has installed an outdoor bath for two. It’s surrounded by a high bamboo fence on three sides and sits on a plateau looking over a terraced garden that runs down to a gorge 50ft below.

  27. I’m drooling! PS You’ve given me a new name! (twice) but alas, I am not that famous woman aviator and she is no relation (sigh).

  28. Love the sound of that outdoor bath ‘room’. Should be beautiful!

  29. This lemon marmalade chicken pie surely deserves several stars. Did you see many ground hogs ? Are the wild ones “friendly” or do they stay away from people ? They have some in pet shops in Osaka but I doubt animals like that can have a fun life in a city.

    • I have never seen a ground hog, I must ask the locals. We have chipmunks but i am sure they are not the same thing. They are definitely wild! and very cute.. c

  30. I love marmalade but never eat it on toast anymore so end up using it in baking, I love the idea of it on chicken and will definitely try this one.

    • Hmm, what else do you bake with it?. i am presently eating unsweetened yoghurt with a big spoon of marmalade in it as a snack! c

  31. Too funny, I love how you wrote the “recipe”, sounds like you were cozy with the wine 😛 I used some of my disasterous orange marmalade as a marinade for butterflied chicken breasts that we put on the BBQ (aka fire outside with a grill on stacked bricks). I still have to post that one… this pie sounds like a great way to use up the marmalade!

  32. The pie sounds delicious…but that is usual with everything you make. Frozen fog leaves the world feeling very eery but beautiful none the less.

  33. I never tried marmalade in basting a roasted chicken definitely I will give it a shot soon, I love the idea anyways cooking is about contrasts and texture. Definitely the contrasting sweetness to the savoury chicken would be a good combination

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