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The relief of warm air is palpable. I can touch, maybe even palpate, this relief. This morning is 7f ( -13C) as I awake. Above Fahrenheit’s less that scientific Zero. But measurement is all an invention to some degree or other. After we run… Continue Reading “COMING UP FOR AIR”


I almost cried this morning when I woke – checked the temperature and found that it was only -17f ( -27c) – the forecast was calling for -26f and after struggling through yesterday I was in despair.





Feed for new chicks

My new chicks have arrived and instead of buying the commercial meat chicken feed these ones are going to be grown exclusively on my own feed. Usually we start on the commercial baby chick food then switch to mine about a month later. The… Continue Reading “Feed for new chicks”

Cow and Calf – Images

Lady Astor and her calf. Bobby Blue is sitting against his mother – out of the wind. It was cold again yesterday.  (And cold again last night just for the record. Overnight of 46F and almost June. Lady Astor does not care – she… Continue Reading “Cow and Calf – Images”


Yesterday – right out of nowhere – the day relaxed.  The air warmed up. The wind dropped. The grass seemed longer as the cows rested. The piglets dozed in their rubbish bin.  Lady Astor took her baby into the field, stowing him in a… Continue Reading “Diffusion”

So Tired Now

Every few hours for the last few nights I have been up to check Poppy’s Sty TV but nothing. She is way past her due date now and there is milk in that udder but still no babies.  Poppy does not have a perfect udder.… Continue Reading “So Tired Now”

Not Yet

I do have a second date for Molly and it looks to me like she will go all the way to that date. Her girth is widening as the piglets do their last burst of growing but her udder is still not filling up. So… Continue Reading “Not Yet”

How to tell your cow is pregnant

A pigs Spring at one barn  … Is a cat’s Winter at another. Cows are pregnant for nine months and one week. Though some breeds are a bit longer and we can go early and late. So the date is really only a suggestion.… Continue Reading “How to tell your cow is pregnant”