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– and a little bit of that. The beach,  the city and then home to the farm. 


In a Fine Dawn





Hey Hay Day

Looks like we are baling today.  Fingers crossed as there is a shower imminent. There was a sprinkling of rain in the night too but not enough to stop us. So if the next storm goes round I will press PLAY.  The air is… Continue Reading “Hey Hay Day”

The new wild gardens

The new wild gardens down the back are about to burst out in full bloom The most dramatic being the sunflowers.  I have the list of seeds somewhere I must find it for you. I will leave it in the comments later this morning. … Continue Reading “The new wild gardens”

Down the road

and after work came a 25 foot oak tree. Trundling down the road laid out in the back of Our Johns truck.  An hours drive with a big beautiful tree trailing out behind him. It was in the way of the new pipes pathway… Continue Reading “Down the road”

The city and the girl

I grew up on a beach in New Zealand and I live on a farm in Illinois. But I love the city. I LOVED New York City even if I was only there for 24 hours.   Loved it. I hope you have a… Continue Reading “The city and the girl”

Last Light

Yesterday I was in a hurry so I shot all these images using my Iphone.   But my constant companion – Phone – hates my laptop. No reason. Just fact. And if I say it often then enough surely it will become a fact?… Continue Reading “Last Light”

in, out, off, on, gone

I reached California last night, safely encased in my travel bubble, booked into my cupboard sized relatively economically priced hotel room, pulled off all my winter gear, went back to the lobby and bought fruit, water and toothpaste, (always with the toothpaste) then lay… Continue Reading “in, out, off, on, gone”