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Do you believe in miracles and magic and angels?

‘This is weird.’ John said, as he trudged back from the house to the hay field. He had checked the weather again when he went inside to take his cherry pie out of the oven (the cherries are ripe!) . “It looks like every… Continue Reading “Do you believe in miracles and magic and angels?”

“But, I’m a GIRL! Miss C”

All along this wee lamb has been So Noisy. Now I know why. I changed their coats yesterday, Mama hates when I do this, she will BAA straight into my face when I put smelly clean clothes on them but the hand fed ones had… Continue Reading ““But, I’m a GIRL! Miss C””

Shooting Wide – Uncut

In the film industry if you are working on a low budget film (which we often were) you would often shoot really tight.  Using only a small space.  Then you did not need to dress too big an area. Thereby cutting down on your expenses.… Continue Reading “Shooting Wide – Uncut”

Peach Ice Cream and Hot Black Tea

Taken together. One in a little blue hand thrown pottery bowl and one in an antique porcelain blush pink tea cup. Alternate swallows. The perfect complement.  I have this combination every night lately as I load our photographs. One must be very hot to… Continue Reading “Peach Ice Cream and Hot Black Tea”

Frozen Fog on the Farmy and a Giveaway Heads-Up!

Yesterday I gave my Old Camera a good talking to about sustainable farming and how every one must pull his weight  and be useful on the farmy.  How we are in a cycle of give and take and cameras have to give, give, give.… Continue Reading “Frozen Fog on the Farmy and a Giveaway Heads-Up!”