– and a little bit of that.

The beach,  the city and then home to the farm. 

Galveston Island.


Pirates Beach.


Galveston, the city, from up high.


And down low.


Then back to the midwest,   Central Illinois and the farm.


We have freezing temperatures and a dusting of snow. It is cold here. As I write in the cold dawn it is 28F/-2C.  Back to winter.

I was going to move animals around today and bring Poppy home (and take Molly over to Manu) but yesterday  I noted symptoms of lice in the animals over on the West Side. This sometimes happens at this time of year due to lack of sunlight and greens:  the animals immune system drops. Parasites thrive when the animal is struggling. It is damp and cold, the winter has been long and dark. Poppy is losing hair and I have three patchy cows.

I have been away and missed the signs.

So today I will treat them all with ivermectrin and again in a few weeks.  And I hope they get more sun. The animals need sun as much as humans do. And lice actually hate bright sunny conditions. They are creatures of dark and damp.  I cannot bring Poppy back here until she is all clear.  Though pretty easy to treat I don’t want this to spread. She is showing no signs of advanced pregnancy so I think we will be OK.  In fact I think she is looking a bit scrawny. No pregnancy bulge.  Her drop in condition will not be helping.

Yesterday I spent the day shoveling manure, and getting things up and running again. Today we will clean out the Rat House and the next day we will clean out the West Barn. The compost piles are huge!

I am back in the saddle now,  no more travel for a while, so I will get his all sorted out.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER:  Cold. Maybe some sun.

Wednesday 03/07 10% / 0 in
Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 33F. Winds NW at 15 to 25 mph.

Wednesday Night 03/07 10% / 0 in
Some clouds. Low around 20F. Winds NW at 10 to 20 mph.

6:17 am 5:50 pm

Waning Gibbous, 69% visible  9:41 am

26 Comments on “A LITTLE BIT OF THIS

  1. Fun to see my world with your eyes. With perfect blue skies today, I’m tempted — but since I depend on good weather for work, too, my inner adult’s going to whip my inner child into shape. There will be more sunshine — I hope your cows get plenty!

  2. does Coke really only cost 5c there? I still think Lady A’s Bobby is gorgeous. Great to be back on the Farmy again, welcome home. laura

  3. That looks like a lovely beach – it probably seems like a dream now.
    Poor animals – I wonder if the cold and lack of daylight effects the libido?

  4. I guess I should have explained…just rub some diatomaceous earth onto the areas the lice like, such as by the tail head, shoulders and neck. Just be careful not to breathe it in.

    • I had a steer with horrible lice (got it from a visiting bull–that was the LAST time we borrowed from that neighbor!) who was missing big patches of hair. I used a cheap cooking oil along with the DE … makes it stick. Maybe you could make a pour on mix (like ivermectrin is) with the oil and DE although I think it did help to rub it in. It took a bit more effort and time but worked! I’ve luckily never had to use ivermectirn — don’t like that it has a withdrawal time for meat and/or milk.

  5. all those pictures of city , buildings, road, traffic dirt and grime…then suddenly a beautiful picture of a cow…oh how happy that made me feel…a beautiful smiling lovely cow…. I know that you need to go away sometimes but whenever you do chaos ensues…I know they do their best and that you appreciate what they do but its not the same as you being there. I do hope that the lice will soon scam-oosh somewhere else or better still be dead….all will be well, the sun will come…lots of love from Me in BG

  6. Have you ever told the story of how you and John met, and how you came to be in chilly Illinois? That must have been a hard decision, being so drawn to the sea. You and John must have quite a romance to be able to sustain the pull of the coasts. 🙂 Do the two of you ever talk about moving? Is it a question of family land?
    Personal questions, sorry. Just always interested in why people choose the places they do. I say this as someone who adores Northern California, but is seriously thinking of leaving for wetter climes. Gotta get the kids through college first.
    Cheers, Elizabeth

    • Living in the mythical state of Jefferson (Siskiyou County) we look at Walnut Creek as being Central California….certainly not Northern. It makes us folks who live here chuckle…..

      • Well, you’re right of course. But to folks who live out of the state, I usually say Northern CA, because otherwise, they automatically think Los Angeles.
        Honestly, I’d rather live in the real Northern CA. 🙂 Truly beautiful.

        • the Cascade mountains are wonderful here- especially Lassen and Mt Shasta! But then- the Trinity Alps are also so dramatic! We can see Mt Shasta and Mt Eddy from our 10acre hilltop! Cheers!

  7. Of course I have to ask if you saw any snakes. Phonic as I am.

  8. Back to reality! Always the way. 😳 Worth it though to see the sea. 😀

  9. My skin started itching at the mention of lice. So sorry for all the animals. Sun! We all need more sun….. and a little Vitamin SEA never hurts either. Good luck. (FYI: I hear orange oil and orange peel help with lice, fleas and ticks…..)

  10. Crossing my fingers for sunshine, for the animals and for you. Thank you for the lovely beach photos, I can almost hear the surf and smell the salt.

  11. We’re in whiplash season: sunny and mild and wonderful yesterday – overcast, windy and chilly this morning – but sun breaking through late…with rain this weekend. Keeps us guessing!

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