The vet comes today to perform two procedures on two calves. Firstly Aunty Del’s Bobette needs her horns removed and another calf needs to be castrated (this was the calf who only had one testicle dropped last time we tried so we had to wait). I have been putting both these procedures off until it was a little warmer. So we will use local anaesthetics.

We have begun to prepare each of the little pig fields for seeding. This one is very stony so each year I try something new as I recover soil in there. I am considering just sowing oats in here this year – oats do not mind growing in shallow soil. They grow fast. And I am sure the pigs will like them.
It really is time to wean these two calves now the worst of the winter is over. Aunty is so sweet with them and her udder still looks good. But very soon she will go to the other side.
For some obscure reason Tane is racing about with only a little limp these last few days. He is very fast when he gets going.

No sun yesterday. Maybe a little today though.

I hope you have a lovely day. The vet visit is the worst of today then we are back to clearing the manure out of the West Barn.  I have two more big pens to do in the Home Barn but they are all done by hand so that is my job. John will do the cow side of the West barn with the tractor. I will do the pig side over there. I wish I was better at scooping using the tractor. But it ends up with me doing all the hand work with the fork and John on the tractor.  Actually, I long for one of those little skid steer loaders. They are small and can fit into these little spaces – that would be a helpful machine!  Some women long for new shoes and hand bags – I long for a skid steer. Maybe one will turn up one day.  It is certainly not in my budget at this point.

In the meantime I am kept fit!

So that is me sorted for a few days yet.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

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A mix of clouds and sun. High around 35F. Winds WNW at 15 to 25 mph.

Thursday Night 03/08 0% / 0 in
Mostly clear. Low 21F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

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27 Comments on “VET DAY

  1. what fun that little machine would be 🙂 Love that picture of Aunty Del patiently standing for those two calves, calendar worthy. enjoy your day. Laura

  2. Ah, I know what you mean about machinery. I have been longing for a skid steer or something similar for many years. My husband and just bought a very small excavator with a friend and they need to repair it, of course, but I see that coming in handy around here! Good luck with the dehorning and neutering today. We just got 18” of heavy snow overnight. Hope the sun comes out quickly with warmer temps!

    • There are evidently mower size machines that have scoops on the front – some people use them for snow – this might be a less expensive (and smaller) option. Plus we need a new mower soon – mine never recovered from Hugo. c

      • Perhaps a garden tractor with a bucket would be the perfect solution then? If you got a snowblower for it, you could clear your paths as well: ). They’re a great investment – ours has done yeoman’s service for over twenty years: )

  3. That skid steer does seem like it would make life a bit easier in many ways. I hope one shows up locally at a time when you are feeling a flush in the pocket.

    • These things do have a way of turning up – anything is better than forking every single spoonful out into the tractor scoop. It is those places that the tractor cannot get into that are the biggest jobs.

  4. A snow blower for a poop scoop? Wouldn’t that kind of fling the ‘pies’ hither and yon? Good luck with the ‘alterations’ today! Hugs, Sunny

  5. Tis very true about you keeping fit…l try ..really l do but there is too much around the middle. Maybe when l can go for longer walks( once the soil has dried a bit) then maybe some of it will go …but whilst you kerp on shoveling poo you will be fit and strong. Vet day…all will be better tomorrow..having horns cut l dont think is painful. But being castrated….thats a big no no. Have a lovely day miss C…

  6. Oh we call them bob cats and there are mini bob cats too……they’re so good, I had a lovely man come after the flood and he scooped all the mud out from under the house, got in all the corners so easily and quickly. Yes, you must have one of them, so much fun to drive!

    • Kind of like calling all tissues “Kleenex” – there are loads of skid steer brands (other than Bobcat) like Case/ Caterpillar/ John Deere/ Gehl/ Kubota…

  7. How true, it was always me on the ground with the shovel and John in the skid steer or excavator or on the tractor – he was a Operating Engineer so he had to have those toys in his retirement. I will need to practice with the skid steer now with John gone though even with the few times I’ve used it it is quite easy to operate albeit a bit tippy. They surely do make life easier even if ours doesn’t fit in our horses’ shelter.

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