Where has this week gone?


Look who was on my porch yesterday.


Actually this is what I saw through the glass of the doors.

But this angle is much prettier. She is so fat. She will thin down over the winter I hope. It is all the good alfalfa in the hay field.


Wai still circles Tima and Tane. He went into a fury when they came into his bedroom.  I am not sure my plan for them to become a team and keep each other warm in the winter is going to work.


Alex has quite a bit of milk this time. If she were a milking cow I think I would get more than a little milk from her but I am over milking.

A very special little girl in our family has named the calf Rainbow.  I think calf naming is totally out of my hands now. So sweet.


Lady Astor is much healthier living up by the barn on her dry diet. I have good hay so it is not too much of an hardship for either of us. Though I hate giving out hay, I am afraid to let her back out into the green fields while the legumes are still growing. That last battle with the bloat was  a rough one.  I don’t want to risk a repeat.  She is milking 35 pounds of milk (about 16 liters) once a day, in the morning. It is very creamy milk too. She still has lots of kale and eggplant and the last of the tomatoes from the garden at milking time. No grain at all.

I took down one of the little fences in the yards so Alex could take her baby into the barn through the side door – that pigs have been using – still separate from Lady but out of the Northerly night wind. Rainbow is a sturdy wee thing but her back legs are still straightening out – she has an unusual gait so I am watching her.  Though small she is a big calf for such a little mother.  They still chose to sleep outside the door last time I checked them.

Time for me to get moving.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


Saturday 09/30 10% / 0 in
A mainly sunny sky. High 71F/21C. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday Night 09/30 10% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. Low 44F/6C. Winds light and variable.

6:48 am 6:36 pm
Waxing Gibbous, 77% visible 3:57 pm 1:20 am

Newsletter. Newsletter Number Three will be coming out on the morning of the full moon (the 6th of Oct I think)  I am working in Zazzle today getting all the cards and postcards made from this months favourite images. Do YOU have any favs you would like to see on a card? I am creating a winter clothing line for myself to wear. Leggings, hoodie and long sleeved T’s, etc. (My winter clothes are so thin – it is time to think about farm clothes for this coming winter – I have worn all my hand-me-downs quite out).

October is the month to begin to compile the calendar in Zazzle.  It needs to be ready for Christmas presents!


26 Comments on “SATURDAY

  1. What a sweet little calf – I can see what you mean about being big, she’s stooping to drink milk from her mother.

  2. And that is truly an excellent question!
    And I am Officially whining now…
    It’s so flippin’ COLD outside! Glass fogged up on the back door when I let the dogs out @7.
    Weather app says its +6°C with a brisk Autumn breeze…
    From wearing tank tops and sandals – literally sweating our arses off – last weekend, then forced into full cover layering and SOCKS today?
    (I can’t handle this yo-yo weather ):):

  3. The pig on the porch…too funny and cute and such an adorable face…and the legs sticking straight out when she lays down. lol
    And Wai is looking great too! Hopefully in time they will be buddies.

  4. And you asked about creating for zazzle? Well, Tima in your “Porch Pig” photo series this morning is an absolute contender; )
    But poor WaiWai, he must’ve thought he was the Official Porch Pig. I’ll bet he’d love to be a House Pig (I know, I know; please don’t start throwing shoes at me; but the thought had occurred before… )
    Great to have the baby-naming handed off to another generation: )

  5. My babies have always stayed scrunched up for a time after being born. Both of them would put the soles of their feet together kind of like praying hands and then bring them up and lay them on their chests when they slept. I imagine having all that space after being scrunched inside mom was a bit odd for them. Maybe Rainbow is the same way.

  6. Rainbow is gorgeous and Tima is fat,.lol, look at her lieing full on her side 🙂 There wouldn’t be another surprise litter of babies hiding under there would there? 🙂 Laura

  7. Holy cow, 16 litres of milk every day from Lady Astor? That’s an amazing amount and I’m wondering what you do with it all. And poor Wai, I feel sorry for him without a special friend but it seems he isn’t too interested in having one. He appears to be thriving though… so hope that continues. And rainbow is so lovely. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  8. LOL at Wai in a fury. Hilarious! I can hear him grumbling “Some nerve! My bedroom is off limits!”
    And TonTon always at the ready to assist. He’s a regular EMT.
    I’m so happy Lady is feeling so much better. Anything to avoid suffering bloat is well worth it.

  9. Good choice of name 🙂 But I have to confess my favourite bit is Miss Timatanga Moana on her side with her little short legs sticking straight out and her waistcoat buttons on display. She is delightfully free of body-image awareness, that pig. A lesson to us all…

  10. Your little ones think of very appropriate names: love ‘Rainbow’. It’s Sunday morning here of course and we have just begun our Summer Daylight Time: absolutely love it but that first night somehow did lead to too little sleep . . . . ridiculous observation if one takes into account the time differences when one travels around the world and still functions . . . . our morning temps the same as yours, daytime some 5 degrees warmer . . . also beautifully sunny and fine for our football grand finals . . .

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