BUT FIRST – Who is that in my garden? Gobbling up the eggplant.calves-025calves-027

Naughty pig. Tane went from the garden to the walnut tree (which is looking a little worse for wear but is still alive and dropping nuts). Tane was so excited about the walnut tree that he and Tima decided to sleep under it last night. But they are supposed to be making friends with Wai so that they can keep each other warm over the winter so I moved them back into the barn field.  Wai sees Tima and runs for his life.  Poor wee fella I would too. So I am not sure of this plan so far.


And now to Alex’s baby.


The night before last I heard coyotes and taking the dogs and the torch went out to check Alex but she was standing calmly chewing her cud. All in one piece. Then in the morning yesterday there she was with this tiny baby – half way down Pat’s Paddock but along the inside fence-line which was sensible.  The sun was just coming up and it was going to be a nice day so I left them down there.  Newborns are happier left at the birth site for a few hours while they get their bearings. Baby was already drinking and drying off in the warm morning.

Baby is small and stocky, strong looking and once she dried off it looks like she will be the same colour as her mother.  Alex is a full Dexter and so is Carlos the bull, who has been sold on,  so this baby is a full Dexter as well.


A strong baby. I think she has her mothers eyes.


Look at her – standing in tripod formation to get her balance on new legs. I am fairly sure this is a little heifer. Alex needs time to settle down before I investigate. She stands in front of her baby then backs up if I approach.  But there is no hurry I tell her.

The other two calves settled down close to Alex and her baby and they all spent the day sleeping in the sun.  So she will be part of the herd in no time.

Anyway – I got Molly’s  (the sow’s) farrowing house all ready for her. She even has her lights on now, though I think she has a few days to go yet but she surprised me last time – which is fine, she knows what she is doing.  Tomorrow night and the next night are in the 40’s so let’s hope she does wait a few days.  That is getting a bit chilly.  And for the first few days the little piglets tend to hang close to Mum – hard to get under the warm light for very long.  I set up her Pig TV (baby monitor) which went really well for a while then stopped – I will work on it today.

Alex the cow, will not sleep in the barn, she gets too anxious so last night I settled them both in a small enclosed area against the barn wall and closed the gate  My pack of coyotes have not given me any trouble but I am very careful not to put small animals in harms way. It is best baby and Mama are close to the house until baby is really mobile.  Alex is a fighter but baby would get caught in the crossfire.


Baby was deep in the straw last night,  with her mother laid in front of her on an angle – cows do this often with their newborns, effectively blocking their babies in. Often the calf is tucked into the lee of the mother keeping the breeze off baby and keeping her safe from danger.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Another good day for farmers.

Friday 09/29 0% / 0 in
Mainly sunny. High 74F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Friday Night 09/29 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.

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33 Comments on “ALEX’S BABY

  1. What wonderful photos of a beautiful baby. There’s no better way to start the morning than with a smile at something like this.

  2. Awwwwwww I love to see baby calves….and I never knew pigs could be so much fun and mischievous. 🙂 Their daily adventures sound like a children’s book in the making. lol

  3. Beautiful baby! So exciting! Thinking positive thoughts for Molly and her piglets.

  4. A lovely baby with her Mum’s topaz eyes, she’s beautiful and sturdy. It looks as if Alex is a good mama, too, with all the right instincts.

  5. Indeed the baby is adorable, and the Momma wonderfully protective. I had to laugh about Wai running for his life from Tima! No doubt she is a force to be dealt with! And I’m thinking could be quite bossy with poor wee Wai! Can’t wait to see what plan B will be, as the poor little fellow will need warmth during the winter. Maybe a very warm creep like the piglets get???

  6. Another beautiful baby!
    That full on face picture of Tima had me in stitiches this morning. I imagine him saying, “Why hello Miss C, are you out and about already. Just taking a little rest here in all this lovely green plant life… oh, excuse me, I hear some delicious purple eggplant calling my name.”

  7. I’ll bet Tima told him about the delicious tomatoes she helped herself to so many times. “Just go on! Miss C won’t see you.” Beautiful little calf. Good for Mama Alex, to do it all by herself without any trouble.

  8. Beautiful calf, and Tima and Tane look like a comedy duo! Have a fab day! 😊

  9. Alex’s eyes are so beautiful! I have never seen a cow without the deep chocolate brown eyes! I have ‘cow’ eyes – deep dark brown…. I never minded anyone saying that to me either – I love eyes…. except on spiders or flies…. ick!

    So I was wondering if Wai, Tima and Tane could be a small herd….. Is Tima a bossy girl? How about Tane and Wai? Do they get along? And TANE in the EGGPLANT! Mr Mischievous!

  10. Oh the highs and lows of farm life! Nothing’s lovelier than a beautiful baby and mother. The photos of mom and baby — so heart-rending. So many “Creatures Great and Small”.
    And then there’s WaiWai running for his life! I guess there’s no doubt he sees plenty good. And knows trouble with a capital T!

  11. Seems to me that Tane can’t avoid looking like he’s smirking with impish delight, given those tusks of his…um, *and* his impish delight. So glad he’s feeling so much better these days, even if it means being a bit of a rascal in the garden.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Tima and Tane decided wee Wai was their adopted child and he’d settle in to being protected and fussed over by them. If only. Well, as all the others do, he’ll find his way, our Wai.

    Sounds like Molly’s well set up for her own brood. Hope all goes smoothly as can be and the piglets arrive healthy and sprightly and Mama Molly takes to them like the good mother she is.

    And most important news of the day: a gorgeous new calf! Well done, Alex! Such beauties, the Dexters. Your lady-animals have been quite the sly ones this year with their pregnancies, but since they’re seasoned veteran mothers and produce such fine babies, it’s all to the good. What a happy day.


  12. Alex’s sweet calf, Tane in the eggplants, quite a day on the farmy. Three handsome calves to watch grow up strong and healthy. Poor Wai, Tima should be nicer to him. Have a wonderful day.

  13. Tima and Tane – remind me of Abbot and Costello for SOME reason! Baby will grow up to be glorious, both in beauty and temperament! Thanks!

  14. What a sweet calf! And it looks as though Carlos got the job done after all, with two baby calves now! Would you have kept him if you had known?

  15. Babies of any variety are always so precious and adorable and Alex’s is no different; you just want to scoop him up and love him. Your ‘herd’ that was supposed to be dwindling seems to be expanding! Kind of sad that Wai isn’t so well accepted, he needs a friend.
    Was thinking all day, the other day, about the fog you find yourself in and it occurred to me that your job is one of a 24/7 variety and it’s likely time you gave yourself a break for a few days… like maybe a trip north to visit with your son for a weekend? Well, perhaps this change of weather has helped to blow some of that fog away. Hope you’re having a great day. ~ Mame 🙂

  16. You are developing quite a nursery in autumn! Hope the blasted weather behaves as well as the moms and babies!! And, oh dear, don’t they get born and start growing in a much less complicated way than the human of the species . . .

  17. I love how animals protect their young – keeping scent down and using what the landscape offers to make for a safe environment. This little beauty is sweet… but aren’t all baby animals?

  18. A lovely little calf. A miniature cow. Darling. I’m glad the mother is protective. I hope Wai learns to make friends. Scary first steps I’m sure. Thanks for the update.

  19. Great photographs! And some great comments too. (e.g., humorous Abbot/Costello reference and an informative discussion of cow eyes).

    I missed visiting. Alaska was like a dream, but the farmy is real. Full of life and simple beauty. Fun too.

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