I once nursed an old lady (stop me if I have told you this story already), she said to me as I came on duty that morning drenched from the rain. “What’s the weather like  out there. Miss Nurse?”

I said “Pouring down.”

She looked at me like I was an idiot and as she put her walker into a practiced stompy three-point-turn she muttered loudly “Well, it would look bloody stupid if the rain was pouring UP wouldn’t it.”


I am sure she would have something to say about me naming this post Skies Overhead. It would look bloody stupid if the skies were underfoot wouldn’t it, she would have said. But then just imagine that. If we routinely walked through the skies as though it were perfectly normal.  Maybe we would have special Sky Shoes and Puffy Jackets in seasonal colours.

Yes, I know I wrote skies OVERHEARD in the title  (how many of you read SKIES OVERHEAD anyway – how often do we see what we expect to see) it was not a typo – the skies just called to me all day and I did not realise how often the lens went to the heavens. It was not until I took the card out of Camera House late yesterday evening and slid it into the computer, calling up my day in pictures, that I realised how noisy the sky must have been because the clouds had drawn my attention again and again.


Poor Aunty looks like a child’s toy cow set upon a stick.


I stood on the green truck to take a few of these, so while we are up there we may as well look into Molly’s backyard.


Later these two were posing.


It was a perfect day for the farmer and her animals yesterday –  a perfect working temperature with a little breeze.


The corn is drying.


All the sky images were out to the East and the North.

It was quite cool in the night. All the pigs who had been sleeping out in their yards these past nights shuffled back into their houses.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Still perfect.

Thursday 09/28 10% / 0 in
Sunny. High 74F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

Thursday Night 09/28 0% / 0 in
Mostly clear. Low 51F. Winds light and variable.

6:46 am 6:39 pm
First Quarter, 59% visible 2:31 pm


44 Comments on “SKIES OVERHEARD

  1. How wonderful your greens are, so bright and lush, and how cool and damp your skies are, it’s almost as if you’ve put a filter on Camera House to saturate all the colours… We are in our fourth month with no rain, all our grass is brown and crispy, struggling out of the dust, and the skies are either hazy grey with smoke from the bushfires or a hot, harsh blue without a drop of moisture to be seen.

    • Of my gosh Kate, so very sorry to hear about your weather! Four months without rain is awful! We have had about a month with no rain, and that’s been bad. The earth, and all the grasses and trees, all plants are crying out for rain, and nothing is coming. I can just imagine how terrible it must be there!

  2. We also finally have some cool weather moving in today, high of 78 and low of 52. But what we desperately need right now is rain!!!

  3. Lovely skies yesterday! I just love looking into the skies no matter the weather. We have RAIN finally – 31 days without and then the bottom fell out and swoosh! flooding. (Swoosh – I just love that word…..) Anyway – just flash flooding and all was normal 10 minutes later. Light rain today – ahhhh. Lastly, love the CHICKENS photo….

  4. Marvelous post! I am reading Weahterland by Alexandra Harris. I think you might like it, was immense in the UK. I manage a few pages a day, which, given the topic is weather, seems about right.

    • That is great. I will find it. Do you want to pop into the Library page and leave your recommendation there too? This is where we all collect the books we really like! We like to keep up to date!

  5. Expressions are funny but I wondered what you heard from the skies when I read the title. I don’t think of you as making typo’s. 🙂 I hear them call me too on occasion. 2 mornings ago they called me in the dark of my bedroom to have a look at the sky and I saw the little dipper of the Milky Way. I haven’t seen stars in AGES! Today is summer, tomorrow autumn will be here permanently. Bringing rain. No more stars will be seen. If we were flying in a plane, where would we say the sky was? 🙂 Have a wonderfilled day again.

  6. Yes, I read Overheard as well, and the thought that went through my head before reading your post was that it was likely storming in your neck of the woods… so, glad to see your weather is still good. This weather has been funny stuff… severe mid-summer heat with heavy humidity until yesterday afternoon when the wind suddenly came up and blew that all away and last evening called for sweaters. Today with an expected high of just 18 c. is far more seasonal and pretty perfect in my view. Your skies were beautiful and I’m glad you heard them. ~ Mame 🙂

  7. Ahhh – finally a break from the heat! I know my animals are loving these cooler temperatures as well. Beautiful sky views you always have out there where you are!

  8. I love your sky photos, especially to the north. Here I have a patch of sky to the northwest that I find myself watching. The sky is endlessly fascinating no matter which way you look and what time of day. Did you get any rain out of those stormy looking clouds?

  9. Thank you for the prairie skies. It is lovely to have mountains and the ocean but there is nothing in the world as wonderful as open as endless as a prairie sky. Reaching for ever!!

  10. You are blessed to have two days in one, the second coming early the next morning as you compose from preserved images. And of course I am blessed to have two days also, mine and then yours. Wonderful world!

  11. Thanx for putting this citified gal a lot closer to a farm with your pictures than I’ve ever been. I heard the skies loud and clear. I’m new at this blog game. Please check me out and leave a reply. It’s day 5 for me. Thx

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