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HOME again, home again. Jiggedy Jig.


gain By yesterday morning the sick pig was given an A- and by yesterday evening she was given an A+ and was back to shoving the others out of the way to get to her food. Her breathing is still a little laboured but… Continue Reading “PUSHY COW”


TonTon, bless him.


Before I even fed him yesterday Wai had decided he was moving house. For the last few days I had opened the gate between him and Tima and Tane the Kune Kune couple and the kune kune had come across chatting and complaining but Wai… Continue Reading “WAIWAI MOVES HOUSE”


Cows can Jump



I have been working on the creep for Molly’s babies. It is made with walls  of straw so is dismantled every winter then remade again in piglet season.  The creep is a warm area with deep straw and a heat lamp – this is… Continue Reading “”

Cows, cows, cows and a pig.

Poppy the pig, it was so cold yesterday Sheila took to her bed and Poppy spent the day gazing mournfully out the door. The brown cows are all together again. Finally, says Aunty Del. We have discovered that Lady Astor will stand completely still… Continue Reading “Cows, cows, cows and a pig.”

Waiting for the Milking

The afternoons are spent in a series of gentle moves that culminate in The Milking.  I put Naomi into the barn about 2pm.  She just runs straight in every time.  Her mother waits outside in the yards and we milk her about 5pm.  I usually… Continue Reading “Waiting for the Milking”

Are you up?

I am not. I mean I am up. But it feels like my head needs to catch up. I went to bed at 7pm last night. I tried to stay up until the 9.30 lambs feed but failed. So I went to bed and… Continue Reading “Are you up?”