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gain By yesterday morning the sick pig was given an A- and by yesterday evening she was given an A+ and was back to shoving the others out of the way to get to her food. Her breathing is still a little laboured but… Continue Reading “PUSHY COW”

Good morning Farmy

After being away from the farm for ten days I am pleased to report that all the animals are well and shiny and the ones who should be fat are fat and the ones who should be lean are still lean. Our John did… Continue Reading “Good morning Farmy”

Driving for Pizza

Yesterday evening after a somewhat muddly day I drove over to a small American midwest country town, that has a real live Italian chef, to buy some good pizza for this New Zealand farmer to take back home to my prairie kitchen for dinner.… Continue Reading “Driving for Pizza”

Wild Storm Photos.

I saw this storm coming yesterday afternoon and was casting about for something to stand on so Camera House and I could get a better view – then I saw the tractor. Aha, I thought. Forgetting that I had crostini in the oven and cheese… Continue Reading “Wild Storm Photos.”