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Driving for Pizza

Yesterday evening after a somewhat muddly day I drove over to a small American midwest country town, that has a real live Italian chef, to buy some good pizza for this New Zealand farmer to take back home to my prairie kitchen for dinner.… Continue Reading “Driving for Pizza”

The Little Stuff

How does one describe an ordinary day filled with the little stuff of life in a way that will both entertain and invigorate. As you know my promises are that every Kitchens Garden blog will be about Yesterday, it will be the unvarnished truth (no… Continue Reading “The Little Stuff”


I will be back tomorrow. Yesterday was wild and crazy and we got through it all with bad Poppy breaking out of everything. Everyone having to be moved about so she could be relocated to a more secure space. She is deeply unimpressed. Pat is here.… Continue Reading “Tomorrow”

How a dog breaks the shell of an egg

Daisy is  a tall cow.  Every day Boo gets an egg straight from the chook house.  He will throw it up into the air so it will break when it falls and I tried to get this shot. Often it takes three or four… Continue Reading “How a dog breaks the shell of an egg”