I will be back tomorrow.

Yesterday was wild and crazy and we got through it all with bad Poppy breaking out of everything. Everyone having to be moved about so she could be relocated to a more secure space. She is deeply unimpressed.

Pat is here. She is a delight and Hugo is being amazing and loves it out here – it is calm he says and (raising his arms to the sky) – Big!


I will be back tomorrow.

With pictures.

Love your friend on the farm



p.s. The hydrangeas are in focus!



21 Comments on “Tomorrow

  1. Poppy is clearly going for a new career in escapology: Madame Poppy Houdini, La Belle Escapologiste! How lovely that your new companions give you such enjoyment and help. I’m off on holiday for a week, but I shall be following the Farmy doings on my travels.

  2. would a strand or 2 of electric fence keep her in?
    that is what we used for escape artists

  3. Oh that Poppy – just now I do understand better your fears and sorrows you had concerning the birth of the piglets… Does she have to be locked in? An ever and ever escaping sow is a danger too, isn’t it? Crazy girl…
    May luck and happiness be your companions for today! Besides your nice fellows Pat & Hugo of course… 🙂

  4. Oops, never mention a ‘slow, quiet Sunday’ out loud again 🙂 Welcome Pat, so envious of you we are. Laura

    • I got in late yesterday so I haven’t seen much but I’m looking forward to all the excitement that is the Farmy!

  5. Poppy needs a bell round her neck or Boo’s chain for a week or three! Is she looking for her toddlers or just being frisky with the freedom? Take care and enjo the day.

  6. A glorious late night laugh reaching you from the Antipodes!! One Madam Poppy leading Celi and Pat and Hugo to a whole day working bee . . . . Queen Bee that she herself assumes to be 🙂 ! Have ‘fun’ you three!!!!

  7. Whoops! And just when we thought motherhood had changed Hop and Pop for the better she returns to her wild and crazy former self! 🙂

  8. Please give Hugo greetings from his home country. We just drove, yesterday from the Coast to Burgundy and the sky was HUGE. Texan, big.

  9. Oh that Poppy. I guess it’s not so hilarious after all! Can’t wait for more news tomorrow.

  10. I love Hugo’s comment about BIG. Pat, it sounds like you’re just in time for “Adventures with Poppy.” Thank you both for helping Miss C and all the Farmy inhabitants. Poppy, please behave!

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