Pouring by Sound

Every morning and evening I make milk for the calves. It is powdered milk. So once it is mixed I pour an equal amount into the bottles then top it up with warm water.

I find myself pouring the mixture into the bottles by sound. Pouring by sound. You can tell when each bottle is half filled by the sound the milk makes.
working man

Hugo is working very hard cleaning up the grapevines, mowing, feeding and pulling the chicken and turkey tractors. Doing all the waters and in between playing with the dogs and the terrorist cats.  The dogs are sleeping particularly well at night  – quite worn out.
cat and man

Tonight Hugo is cooking. This is an exercise in translating his grocery list from French to English. Plus if we can find all the ingredients it will be an exciting delicious French  dinner.  So today we will be going to the supermarket.  He has already made his butter and gathered his eggs and is casting his eyes across the vegetables. Though just quietly I am not sure he is a vegetable kind of guy!woman in kitchen

Pat has been working in the garden and keeping the dehydrator hard at work.  We may have had a sad year in the garden but there is still lots of food out there.


Three of Pania’s four eggs hatched yesterday and these chicks look like they are going to be Blues like their mother. Not a piebald amongst them.  All healthy and fit. We got them out of the barn in the nick of time too as the bad barn chickens scattered Pania’s replacement  eggs when she was downstairs the other day. They are a bad lot those barn chickens.  And I was worried about the cats.

The farm animals have all settled down after Poppy’s rampage through so many of the fences. I filled the wallow in her pen and she lay there and huffed at me for the day.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love your friend on the farm



38 Comments on “Pouring by Sound

  1. You might have a good cook on your hands…interested to find out what he cooks. I noticed early on in our life in France that Frenchmen don’t say “what’s for dinner?”, they say “what meat’s for dinner?” ….

  2. Good Morning, Celi!
    Thank you for your detailed overview of Hugo’s introduction and integration to the Farmy life and to your’s and Pam’s activities. Your words moved me very much. I am proud to belong to the Community of the Farmy even if it’s virtually. It’s great.
    Oh, and I’m thrilled for the hatching! Have you all been able watching it? Or did it happen while you were sleeping? Poor Pania for losing her chicken eggs though.
    I hope dinner will be fine and I wish you all a productive, a satisfying and a happy day!

    • PS – I noticed that butter churner in your kitchen. Like it very much… 🙂

  3. You have such a vivid cast of characters. The Bad Barn Chickens conjures up images of piratical roosters with an evil gleam in their eyes and blowsy hens who are no better than they should be…

  4. Now there’s a surprise! I was expecting Hugo to be short and dark haired 🙂 Was Poppy trieing to get back to her babies or just out to visit everybody I wonder? I would be very tempted to keep the true blue chicks. Laura

  5. I wonder just how many times have filled the bottles over the years…..

  6. Oh I find the same thing with french helpers, when you talk about dinner it is always about the meat, but thats a blessing if you grow your own meat! My helpers seem to survive on my ham and bacon and eggs, I just buy copious amounts of bread, coffee, cheese and jam to go with the aforementioned meat. Now and again I get all motherish and try to get them to eat veggies but the conversation normally comes back around the the meat component of the dish and if it is really worth adding green veggies to a stew, after all it has potatoes already! That piglet in the undergrowth is too cute.

  7. Sounds like all is humming along beautiful on the farmy! So wonderful! 🙂

  8. After my first full day here I have a much better appreciation for all that is the farm. I’ve tried staying up with Celi but find I’m always a mile behind, so much energy this lady has! I’ve met just about all the animals, even watched the milking! John and Celi are such a team working with the Lady!

    • Love that you share your impressions with us, Pat! – Have a good time there!
      (Sorry for naming you Pam in my comment above)

    • Love these first hand impression from one of the community that you share with us Pat, thanks!

    • Pat, yes thank you for your comments. I imagine it’s a bit overwhelming seeing the real McCoy for the first time.

    • I imagine it is a challenge to keep up with Celi! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Today I popped into the farmy as I was getting ready to head to the courthouse, as I do most days. I am quite dreading today’s cases, as my clients are charged with the abuse of a child, but they are entitled to counsel, to an advocate, and so I will be. Thankfully, mercifully, your words transported me to the farmy. My mental oasis in the heart of Illinois farmland. The joy this morning ‘s visit brought me – – well, thank you.

    • I can imagine that many areas of your job must be wrenching. So hard. i am glad that the animals can supply you withe some innocent respite.. many thanks for your work though – I am sure you make a difference, even though sometimes you will never see what that difference is.. c

  10. I was surprised to see tall and blonde too. What an experience for all of you!

  11. Elly taught me ttha when she was in France and staying with her adoptive French family, potatoes were counted as a vegetable and you had either potatoes or vegetables with the ‘meat’ of the day. How I would love to spend a day in your kitchen and at your table to share good food, friendship and fun.

    • The other thing I had difficulty with was eating salad at the end of the meal with cheese and coffee, rather than as a starter before main meal 🙂 Ditto your other comments. Laura

      • Laura, I think it depends on the area of France your are in, Elly was in Troyes and we didn’t have salad with the cheese course… I never saw so many different cheeses in one place, but not being able to tolerate dairy produce, I sat well away from them. eating was such a social event and I loved the whole experience each time I visited.

        • Grannymar, the warm trousers have arrived!! And they are a great fit. And your card is hilarious _ I am very tempted to hang it in the chook house! Thank you so very much!. c

          • I thought you were about the same size as me. Glad they fit and hope it is many months before you need to wear them. The card seemed perfect for your chooks! Tonight I will close my laptop and Elly will do the reading and the odd comment from me until I am allowed to sit upright again… I am hoping it will not be too long.

  12. Hmmm . . . . I did not quite expect tall, blond eye-candy either! Hope you had a great dinner and you better not translate and embarrass the poor guy 🙂 !

  13. Goodness, if it’s not one critter causing trouble, it’s another! You need more eyes around there–or a camera set-up like security in a department store to keep an eye on everyone.

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