Imperfect people

People, food, animals, laughter, and wine.

The roosters trying to out do each other.


The cough of big leggy grey herons trying to sleep  in the tree. (There are five roosting in there each night).


The rustle of the pea-chicks in the cloak room.


The gentle breathing of the dog beside the door waiting for me.


The crickets as they anticipate the dawn.


My yawn.


The day to come. As we watch yesterdays day recede forever.


Delightfully imperfect people with permission to lead imperfect lives.


The struggle to sustain life in all its tangled glory.

The farmy.  Being the person we would want to meet.

Good morning. I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your friend on the farm



33 Comments on “Imperfect people

  1. French dinner must have been tres bien 🙂 Do we know if those two cows are pregnant yet? What a goal to set ” being the person we would want to meet” Have a great day. Laura

    • The cows will have blood drawn this weekend however there was a lot of jumping on each other yesterday so i am thinking that maybe Aunty Del is not pregnant. but I am going to check first.. c

  2. Yes, we must rejoice in our imperfections because there is no such thing as perfect in this life. How’s Boo doing? and do tell about dinner?

  3. I’m so glad I have met all of you here. It is such a lovely and loving place to meet. The photos are exceptionally beautiful today, Celi. Happy day everyone.

  4. Dinner last night was a delight. Hugo did an amazing job, worked all afternoon dealing with translating, a new kitchen and more help than he needed. The whole thing ended up being a party, with neighbors dropping by and staying for dinner. Loved it! I cook tomorrow!

    • It sounds absolutely fabulous Pat! No doubt a wonderful time was had by all!!! Here’s to another super day!!! And the best of luck as the Kitchen Mama! Can’t wait to hear what you create! 🙂

    • Neighbors dropping by and staying for dinner–they must read the blog. 🙂

  5. “Being the person we would want to meet”. That just about says it all, doesn’t it? Good morning… it’s going to be a lovely “Indian summer” day here in the south!

  6. Your sentences are very short and precise today. You picture the atmosphere of the Farmy, the sounds of life, snippets of already gone occourrences and memories – all that what reaches and touches you in the very moment of your writing. And you combine this with your photographs and with just as short reflections and thoughts of the human being and what existence here on earth is meant for…
    In my sight it’s cristal clear and pure philosophy. It’s another kind of post today, a different one.
    A day to come…. Enjoy and have a nice day, Celi.

  7. Thank goodness Boo is better. And in time to play with Hugo. Be the person you’d like to meet!! Wow. Now that is a major challenge. Don’t know I could possibly be that.

  8. I am working my way through your posts since day one and enjoying it thoroughly. After all, how can I be expected to follow along now if I have no history? Much love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

  9. I come from two perfectionist parents and am so grateful to an older cousin who took me to task way back when saying: ‘Eha, why do you always have to do, why can’t you sometimes just be’ . . . . imperfections and all . . . . methinks my relaxed and happy days began then . . . . Great to read Hugo’s dinner became somewhat of a ‘block party’ 🙂 !

  10. Thank you for your beautiful words today. I have Asperger’s syndrome and have had to learn to embrace my imperfections. It’s not always easy living in a world which I don’t always understand and which doesn’t always understand me. But I try to be the best person I can be, and to realise that no one is perfect, and it would be a very boring world if we all were the same! I wish I lived closer to the Farmy, I think just sitting with your animals would be good therapy. Animals don’t need words to have a conversation. Wonderful 🙂

    • I wish you were closer too! And thank you for telling us what you are dealing with. The animals are wonderful therapy and my favourite therapy animal today is Tane – he is being such a star lately. And yes – no words! wonderful.. love love.. c

  11. You guys have it all wrong. There are perfects among us. Perfect idiot, perfect stranger, perfect fool. She bows low. Love, Gayle, imperfect as they come.

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