The Little Stuff

How does one describe an ordinary day filled with the little stuff of life in a way that will both entertain and invigorate. As you know my promises are that every Kitchens Garden blog will be about Yesterday, it will be the unvarnished truth (no shining up) and it will be on my own little farm (unless we are travelling).peppers

These have been the Rules since I began this blog over four years ago.  These exact same rules. They are not negotiable.


And  often nothing much out of the ordinary happens  on a farm. Some animals get fatter. Some must stay slim. Some are gestating (hopefully) and some are just lying about thinking about nothing very much at all. These ordinary days are so filled with loveliness.


I was able to garden my way along the border of a flower garden today. This is bliss for me.  I love to grow beautiful deep beds of flowers and bushes and trees, moving back up the tiers, planting  and pruning for a summers worth of colour. I love the beauty of my flower beds as much as the practicality of the vegetable gardens.


So now that we are sliding into Autumn and Winter, the waiting seasons, you will experience with me the Waiting. The Quiet. The Sameness of every day life on a little  wanna-be Sustainable  and wanna-be Self Sufficient farm. The pure gentle day of taking dead wood out of trees and trimming back hydrangeas and staking out the spots for the new daffodils.  Feeding the pigs, collecting eggs and leading the cow in for milking. Nothing much but Everything.


The little stuff of life. It is the most important. I say:  have fun dealing with the little stuff.  Let the big stuff be for a while. “Look after the Pennies and the Pounds will look after you. ”  Told to me by an old man on Holloway Road in London – after I dropped my change on the floor and he helped me pick it up by pushing the pennies forward with his walking stick.  I think this saying works well with Life as well as Finances. (Of course this does not include the pounds I have put on eating Hugo’s crepes!)

I hope you have a lovely day,


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  1. ‘Morning Celi, this sunset picture is worth a million!! Deserves a calendar or book cover!! Or make some of your fabulous shots into prints and sell them and that will more than profit the farmy!!! Sad to to the last of the summer help to leave but they left us with some good memories! Glad Hugo is still your right hand man!!

  2. Naughty Hugo … he said his crepes aren’t fattening 🙂 Laura

  3. Like the animals you need the little extra filling to wear as a winter warmer! I was going to mention the ‘save the pennies’ quote, it can apply to all areas of our lives. I adore the sunset through the trees, though my body at times begins to shiver inwardly at the thought of the colourless short days ahead, at least this year my my eyes work well and needlework can fill the time.

  4. Beautiful peppers. A day without a pig in the kitchen is a good thing. Have another crepe and celebrate! Happy Friday.

    • I’m with you Kim! Kick up your heels Celi, have another crepe and continue to celebrate life!!! 🙂

  5. Life is full of lovely little things. That final picture is truly magical.

    Can you give me any hints about pruning hydrangeas? There is one outside my kitchen wndow and we soon won’t be able to see out for the overgrowth. Jock refuses to cut it back until the Spring, but it’s winter when you need every blink of light available. My ex once cut several hydrangea bushes to the ground, never to be seen again. So what is thehappy medium?

    • You can chop them back at any time of year, and they’ll come back. I’d recommend that you prune in the late autumn, and cut back to the first bud joint on each branch, they need that to sprout back from. It’s never failed to work for me when I lived in temperate zones. Can’t grow them well here, they like a bit of winter chill.

    • The happy medium is the one who seemingly has an 800 number to the next world. Love, Gayle in sunny Sacramento, California

  6. It isgood to know that you can still recall what you did yesterday..I have great difficulty and need to relate to a certain incident, otherwise all days are the same, one just follows the other. Yesterday wetook Charliedog to the vets and he had 4 teeth out, now he is gummy….. It is good that you have a slow time as you always seem to berushing hither and tither so having time to stop and fiddle in your garden is as it should be…love to all

  7. Oef! If you call that sunset one of “the little stuff of life”, then I would say you are sadly mistaken. That is a glorious view, shot, timing — whatever! Some days are more eventful than others, that’s true, but the reason you have such a loyal Fellowship is because you Do both entertain and invigorate us regardless of the happenings. And, for that, I am very grateful. Thank you! You, too, have a lovely day, quiet or otherwise. ~ Mame 🙂

  8. Thank you for the beauty of the Little Things: the gleam of those chillies and red peppers, the gloss on the turkey feathers, the marvellous texture of Poppy’s hairy coat, and finally, that outstanding sunset. As my mother used to say: “De lieve Heer is in het detail”…
    Who knew that Hugo Le Lecteur d’étiquettes would be the one to make Celi fat!

  9. The jalapenos look so sweet! (and hot) I love the little things too!! Love the pictures!!

  10. Oh my friend. Your pictures and thoughts bring me so much happiness here at the Hotel Thompson. I live through you on your farm with your piggies and other anipals. Have a great day and weekend! XOXO – Bacon

  11. This is a lovely post… prose and photos both. I think my real appreciation of the little things started in my late 40’s. I believe it is that comparison to youth and the years of running a muck and wearing ourselves out on possibly what society thinks is so darned important to be a success in this world, that we realize true success is in the understanding of simplicity and discovering the little things are really the big things that bring us home to who we are. I love being where I am in life now. And who would think those little crepes could be such a BIG deal? Ha ha!!

  12. Those are my very favourite days too. A day that involves housework, donkey time, and meals … is a diamond day.

  13. I agree , it’s all about the little stuff, the smile , the moment, followed by the warm glow of satisfaction . When the big stuff happens, the good and the ugly, we have the little stuff to keep us going.

  14. I like your peppers – what’s the name of that kind? Are they hot peppers? The basket full of them in all its colourness symbolizes for me the abundance and richness of a natural life, what you call self sufficiency. It’s more than just “wanna-be” as a trendy life style – you live and are that life. And me just being a onlooker sitting on your fence or more (or better less) – just a virtual follower. But nevertheless glad about that participation.
    Have a nice and productive day, Celi!

  15. The sunset photo is stunning! You don’t have to be concerned with how to present your ordinary day to us. Your “ordinary” is not ordinary to us, certainly not me. I loved today’s post and that sunset made the day extraordinary.

  16. I’m sure I’ve said this before but just think, Cecilia, you can look back on your life and know you didn’t waste a single day, plus you touched and uplifted so many. Quite extraordinary!
    Stunning sunset photos! And colors of veggies and Poppy and the turkeys!

  17. We’ve all been through enough of those extraordinary and ‘interesting’ days to know that an ordinary day is gold. I love those days where simply being and doing reaches a sublime level. Your days, these ordinary ones especially are food for my soul, and I suspect many others… it’s a balm to feel, hear and see the loveliness. Thank you 🙂

  18. I love that last shot! I’m bringing my camera along to practise (I took a course recently) and Miss A is very much looking forward to a Hugo crepe! 🙂

  19. Celi dear girl – Your words of inspiration always come along at exactly the right time for me. It has been six months since mastectomy and sometimes I forget to embrace those ordinary things that really make the most of life. The little things that every day we must be so very very grateful for. Thank you for making me remember.

    • Three years on for me, and I’ve just had my last surgery to restore symmetry. The ordinary things will resume their rightful place in your life in time. Normality does return and a tidy scar grows over the sadness and pain, just as it does on your body. All the best, my dear.

      • Thank you for your encouraging words, dear friend. My battle started seven years ago. I thought I had beat it, but it was not to be. I do try to be as positive as possible.

        • You can do it. The women in my family have the black gene. It’s possible to come back from a second strike. Even if it’s gone beyond that there is still the potential for beauty and a modicum of peace in life. Know that you are not alone and that every woman is angry at the universe on your behalf. xxxx

        • Living with cancer is hard work. But good work. And both of you are very good at putting it in its place and getting one with the LIVING bit!! Life is a journey.. c

          • Life is a journey and we decided long ago with cancer devastated our family we would not let it rule our life. Consequently NOTHING negative in thought or deed is allowed past our door.. V

  20. Fabulous sunset picture, full of radiance, just like your words. An Indian woman wrote a beautiful book called ‘The God of Small Things’ (Anandata ? Ray). I feel the presence of the God of small things as I read this blog.

  21. I envy your basket of peppers. I planted a few this season hoping to be making chili sauce like my Zia in San Marino instructed. Well, that’s not going to happen this year but it will next year!!!!

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