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Pig Mama

Every two hours I make like a Pig Mama and wake up my charges (The rescue piglets) and escort them to the Darlek for a quick drink. They never drink for long. They are still very weak – too weak really – but we… Continue Reading “Pig Mama”

Walking on my Legs

  After a full day of mowing and trimming and fencing – my legs took me up to the creek that is really a ditch to watch the sun go down. I call this walk checking the fences. Sometimes it is hard for me… Continue Reading “Walking on my Legs”


And YES. The capitals DO mean I am shrieking!  I was outside yesterday in big jacket, wooly scarf big socks – the works. Can someone please tell the rain gods that it is May now and it is time to warm up so the… Continue Reading “WHY AM I COLD?”

Pigs like buses

I was sitting on the veranda steps in the afternoon, head down, tying up the laces of my work boots when a large slow moving shadow passed across blocking the sun. “Out Boo,” I said, “you are in my light.” “Grunt” said Sheila steaming past me… Continue Reading “Pigs like buses”

Tucking in the piggies

And so it got colder.  Cows always do the best in the cold. They carry a belly full of hay that behaves like a compost heap a hot compost heap. A healthy cow is warmed from the inside. Unlike my white truck that was encased in… Continue Reading “Tucking in the piggies”

Tane goes for a walk

A LONG walk. He is convinced, poor deluded fella, that there simply must be a few kernels of corn left for him way out there in the field. But alas the harvesters nowadays leave nothing at all behind.  And after the tiller has been… Continue Reading “Tane goes for a walk”

Bring out your pumpkins

In America, in the Fall, the people buy pumpkins and put them on their front door steps. Their stoops. An estimated THREE million pumpkins are purchased in the United States during the month leading up to Halloween.  Many people carve scary Halloween faces into their… Continue Reading “Bring out your pumpkins”

Two pairs of eyes

Through my eyes. And now through the eyes of Sonia, Hugo’s mother. French Mama as an American Girl.  Country Life! My visitors helped me build a fence to enable the two young gilts Molly and Tahiti to have their outside run.  The little pigs… Continue Reading “Two pairs of eyes”

The Little Stuff

How does one describe an ordinary day filled with the little stuff of life in a way that will both entertain and invigorate. As you know my promises are that every Kitchens Garden blog will be about Yesterday, it will be the unvarnished truth (no… Continue Reading “The Little Stuff”