Walking on my Legs


After a full day of mowing and trimming and fencing – my legs took me up to the creek that is really a ditch to watch the sun go down. I call this walk checking the fences. Sometimes it is hard for me to just say I am walking because I love to walk in the light of the  sunset. I have to say Checking the Fences or Walking the Dogs or Watching the cows.   But my legs just love to walk. DSC_0782

And really, just walking out into the dusk should not have to have a reason or an excuse. Just the quiet walking with my young crew is enough. sunset

The hay got rained on again yesterday morning, just a shower really but enough for me to growl and turn my head to the barn door. Then by way of an apology the wind came up full and dry and set to work to get the hay ready for baling and dry a weekends worth of washing in an afternoon.

I planted the cucumbers yesterday evening and today I will cover them with a row cover to keep the bugs out. However by banning the beetles I will have banned the pollinators too so every now and then someone will cut a male flower and make like a bee.  Pollinating.   This is the best way to keep the beetles off my crop until the plants are big and strong. Plus protect them from the drying winds. Cucumbers like to stay well watered, they do not like to dry out.

The zucchinis also get covers this year.  For a while.  Until they all grow out of them.

I need lots of food for all my hungry hard working crew. DSC_0782

Aunty Del visited the milking shed today. She has decided it is time to begin getting used to the noises and business of the area. She stood the entire time that Lady was being milked and watched with her head over the half door, quite still and apparently deeply interested, at one point she even reached over and rang Daisy’s bell. Then once Lady had exited Stage Left, I opened the door and in came Aunty Del to see what was left in Lady’s bowl.  Her tallness was very evident standing in Lady Astor’s spot.  I brushed her and wiped her legs down with fly repellent and she stood perfectly still except for her tongue licking up the last of the molasses.  Then with a flick of her head she turned with uncanny grace for a cow with such long legs and exited stage left too, affecting  mild interest to see what was through Door Number Two.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


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  1. Once upon a time….long long ago… I used to walk too. It was no problem to walk up and down the shopping mall looking at all the beautiful articles temping me to go in and buy. Now i have difficulty in my hips and my back..l walk a few 100meters then have to rest as to carry on would be excruciating. Just a few minutes later l am up and off again. Make the most of your lovely walks for there may come a time when age takes its toll and you too would be resting every 5minutes. Lots of love from Dodgery old lady

    • I know the feeling. I am only 50 but started back and hip problems a couple of years ago and although clearly not as bad as you, I have had to change my habits. Not easy to get used to as I loved exercising and walking.

    • I’ve been having the same problem, which I thought was rude and unreasonable at 55. Now, after spinal surgery a few days ago, the problem is much worse, but is going to get much, much better soon. I miss taking a stroll, without purpose, just enjoying the light and the air and the sounds and smells. I’m grateful the chance will come back 🙂

    • Oh me! Oh my!! Well, I have to happen to be proudly turning 81 this Friday and hoping for at the very least least 20 more at full speed! My beloved MIL died 3 months short of a 100 last October going out to opera, symphony, plays etc at least three times a week and having far more than one gentleman caller for her nightttimes right to the end!! At the moment I have a chestful of broken ribs – that too will pass in about six weeks! Yes, I also have peripheral neuropathy, a totally degenerated spine since birth and atrial fibrillation etc et al . . . so does one let one bother the one: of course not!! Are you really going to have such an unfortunate ‘older’ age; periods if you at this stage say ‘I cannot’ – of course you can!! I do paidwork in spite of that all for about a 70-hour week, study at three universities and work at a large number of committees in spite of . . . . my personal life would be nought if I did not . . . I do wonder why some people give in . . . walk: I am practising and practising and more and hope to be going o’seas by next year . . . it is all a matter of making it happen!! It is your choice whether you give in or enter the ‘comfort zone’ and depart far too early saying ‘oh, I cannot’ . . . . . .

      • My mom always said ‘can’t means you don’t WANT to’ and my dad, with two hip replacements and major spinal arthritis always said ‘you don’t stop or it’ll get you’.

      • Absolutely beautiful! Yes, Doing Things is most of what keeps one able to Do Things. Attitude, fortitude, and joie de vivre. I love your approach to living a full and joyous life! I will continue to do my best to follow your example as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I would walk too if I had a sunset like that to walk under. Actually, I make it a practice to walk the meadow or fields every evening in Oxfordshire. Here int he city I get lazy and comfy and don;t walk in the evening…although I always walk in the day time. I think it’s the difference between the land. In OXON, where it’s flat, an evening walk is lovely. Here, where I live on a mountain slope…whoa Nellie. Sometimes just that evening walk around the neighbourhood is still so uphill and down that it’s too tiring.

  3. taking a walk in the gloaming is such a good way to end a busy and productive day. I love how your cows behave. Lovely. Now off to start my day!

  4. I’m just discovering zucchinis. They’re such a versatile vegetable – they seem to soak up the flavor of whatever spices you cook them in, but they’re so easy to overcook! I’d be interested in seeing one of your recipes for zucchini 🙂
    As I was typing that, I had an interesting thought – you’ve posted some wonderful recipes over the years, but they’re scattered hither and thither through the posts. Would there be room in your title bar for just one more category? Recipes. We members could maybe do the work/research for you, sending you the links to the recipes you’ve posted over the years so you could post them in that category.
    Maybe not now during your very busiest of seasons, but maybe for the future…

    • That’s a wonderful idea, Chris, as it was the recipes that first drew me to this blog many years ago. And with the addition of quite a few visitors who also cook, those recipes could be included in the international section!

  5. I used to craft reasons myself, now I simply day I’m “going to have some outside time.” It’s funny the things we feel need excuses to indulge in.

  6. Your sunset is lovely! We are always on the ditch bank in the gloaming…I love being there.


  7. I’m not surprised your legs love to walk, given what your eyes get to see.

    The farmer here turned his hay earlier, and then came back to row up. Just as he finished, a shower decided to fall on it. Grrr. But at least it’s warming up – lunch in the garden, thick sweater briefly taken off (and put back on now).

    Enjoy your happy farmy days,
    ViV xox

  8. I’ve been gone from here for so long. I truly missed your wonderful posts…and a good walk needs no reason.

  9. A sunset like that, or like any other, needs no excuse to walk and enjoy. It sounds to me as if Aunty Del has an instinct that her turn is coming. But maybe she’s just a clever and curious heifer!

  10. Good for Aunty Del to get a taste of the milking parlor. Walking is wonderful for the legs. And all the rest of the body. What a great experience for all those young people who come – memories and lessons for life.

  11. I am moved and, at long last, hooked up to the internet. I was quivering at the prospect because it costs a pretty penny, but my roomie got it and I chipped in half. It’s strange getting back on my laptop. I’ve been doing everything from my iPhone6 and have become addicted to the dictation option. Much love, Your Gayle

  12. Beautiful images in your photos and your words. I am lucky to be fit and able to enjoy beautiful walks by the beach or up our mountain paths….especially with the pups racing around as I walk!

  13. It does seem Aunty D might be Daisy’s true successor. Won’t that be a delight! Your ladies are all gorgeous, of course, but it’s fun to imagine that there could be a new queen of farmy hijinks afoot!

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