Calf Playtime!

Bobby T decided his mother was spending too much time with a coffee sack and went over to play too. Bobby T
Bobby T

Bobby T

Bobby T - Dutch Belted calf

Bobby T and Lady Astor

Like a kid when his Mum is trying to get ready to go out.

Here is a small selection of images from the gardens but really it is so hard to show them properly without getting a really big crane and hanging out up there with a camera.

There are four major gardens this year.  These pictures are from three of them. The new one by the field is sunflowers and sweetcorn but already the weeds are out of control so I am tilling in some of the crops and replanting in pumpkins, cucumbers, etc. Cows and pigs love pumpkins too.DSC_0697

And YES. Yesterday the hay got rained on. Sigh.  Actually it got rained on for almost the whole morning. It is very wet. But it will begin to dry tomorrow.  In fact the rain coming in at the end of the week, that forced my hand, has now been replaced in the forecast with sunny days so now we should have plenty of time for it to dry.   Though no counting the bales until they are hatched.  But I am over it. We will get it baled – one way or the other.

I hope you have a lovely day.






31 Comments on “Calf Playtime!

  1. Wonderful photos today… Bobby T is a clown, but so gorgeous with his big dark eyes and shiny damp nose. No mum could possibly be angry with that face… And your astonishing thunderhead photo, it’s just genius. You captured it at exactly the right moment, when the light and the sky were perfect.

  2. such lovely pictures of Bobby T and the gardens..all of it looks fabulous…and shows how much hard work has gone into the cultivation  

    Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2016 at 1:18 PM

  3. A display to be VERY proud of. Oh and that gorgeous Bobby T – he’s adorable. Sorry about the wet hay – I did my best with wishing and crossing everything. I’ll just keep it up a bit longer.
    ViV xox

  4. Exceptional photos today!! Just perfect for a good laugh… some of them!! Bobby T sure is hilarious. Why can’t we tap into some of that energy? 😀

  5. Your GARDEN IS GORGEOUS. It looks like huge work but well worth it. And I, at least, find something deeply enjoyable and satisfying in digging and working in a garden. Still with everything else you have going that garden… I’m glad you have guest workers or you would NEVER sleep. There would just be too many tasks.

    My grandmother grew up on a farm and she and grandpa had one for the first 10 years of their marriage. She used to say that people needed to have kids because they needed help around the farm. I was always so offended by such a callous thing. But I think I’m finally getting the sentiment behind that now.

    • Yes, it is great to have help -but with the help one needs to grow even more food – if it were just john and I we would not need quite such a big garden so it is a catch 22 really.. c

  6. These are great photos. Bobby is growing fast.
    And garden pics at last. Please send more of these as they truly do inspire. And they help us to get a bit of a grasp on what all of you are working on. Though it is a bit late in our season, you have given me an idea of planting some pumpkins and other large vines to fill in some areas. It would require less mowing in those spots and provide some nice pumpkin soup this autumn. However, how does one combat the squash beetles? They used to kill all my other vines.

    O, and the cloud photo is spectacular!!!

    • I have had luck with dusting the vines with diotomaceous (sp?) earth to thwart the beetles. I also let the chickens scratch around in the garden in the fall to eat bugs.

  7. What wonderful pictures – all of them! Bobby T is a darling – big eyes, big nose, shiny coat.

    I don’t know if anyone else sees it, but that cloud photo jumped at me. There is a shadowed face of an angel with wings spread, feathers fluffed up, holding a tiny child. Just me and my wild imagination??

    Chris S in Canada

  8. What a long view you have of approaching storms. Such a great photo.

  9. Glad you’ll be getting some good drying weather after the rain. It’s always tricky to make hay here in New England – I swear hay farmers are the most popular people I know! – but a few years ago we had such a relentlessly wet summer the farmers were struggling with every cut. That autumn It was impossible to buy hay and be sure it wasn’t going to have mold in it when you opened a bale in winter. What a winter. It was horrible.

  10. Forgot to say, the pictures of the calf are beautiful, as is he.
    (Got distracted by the thought of hay. Happens easily!)

  11. The Bobby T photos are Essence of Cuteness. So good to see the vege gardens… we are about to travel for several months but are looking forward afterwards to getting our vege garden in… a smaller scale being just the 2 of us… in the meantime we get inspiration from others ☺

  12. I want to take my laptop out and show MY garden YOUR garden pictures. Seems you are an entire month ahead of us. Up here on the Canadian Shield we often find that we have a tiny microclimate of our own. Our leaves have just popped … the garden is ‘thinking about it’. 😉 LOVED the eyes of your so beautiful cows today – mom and bobby. And that monster cloud … woah!!! Impressive photography today Celi. Loving it.

  13. Very impressed with your vegetable gardens . . . I guess the cow poo forms most of the manure. Glad you did not get our East Coast low rain over the weekend: up to 400mms + storm force winds is the worst ‘incident’ since 1974. Not much sleep since the phone and mobile kept of going half the night with continuous warnings of surrounding flooding and possible evacuations . . .

  14. Just looking at those gardens makes me hungry! Wonderful sky photos and Bobby T’s eyes have melted my heart strings.

  15. That’s a storm cloud! LOL I love how you can see so far, watch the weather come in or pass by. Handsome little Bobby “helping” Mama. The gardens look great. Pumpkins! There will be a lot of happiness on the farmy come fall!

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