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I was taking photos of the Spanish Black turkeys yesterday,    .. when I put the camera down to check something and it was Hijacked by Hugo. So now you follow Hugo’s eyes. Sheila needs to go on a diet again.. she is not… Continue Reading “Hi-Jacked”

Above freezing!

ABOVE FREEZING! So I shoveled manure for a couple of hours,(still cleaning out the calving pen) then my neighbour and I worked on the goats pen. Goats jump so everything is heightened! They should be arriving in the next few weeks. Then she helped… Continue Reading “Above freezing!”

September in pictures

September heaved with tears.  And change. Good and dreadful. But it is an important month to commemorate.  A vale of tears  – a valley – a journey we took together. So, here are my favourite pictures from September. Somehow these got completely out of order,… Continue Reading “September in pictures”

All good

I took this photo of the fruit bowl last night and then the internet went down.  So I could not get ahead of myself. And I am late in from the chores this morning.  Grace, fom Korea, has come and is sleeping in this… Continue Reading “All good”


Yesterday, Mama our old sheep, stood three times,  for an hour each time, inside her sling. I am getting good at getting her in and up all by myself. She is standing bearing weight on her front legs now, and moves her back legs about.… Continue Reading “Yesterday”

Walkabout To Bed

Marmalade Cat spends all her time on the bed in The Coupe. In fact I think she thinks that The Coupe has been built just for her.  She is thinking of taking up a career in modeling. Marmalade is developing quite the mouth. I… Continue Reading “Walkabout To Bed”


Awake to Dawn Light. Awake. Really Awake. Barely Awake. Sometimes Awake. Oh, there you are. Awake. Yesterday we were simply awake. Drifting through our day and tired at the end of it. Daisy’s udder is showing considerable fullness. And she stood quietly for almost… Continue Reading “Awake”

Sticky Face.

I thought I would be clever and upended the somewhat empty frozen gallon flagon of molasses, jammed it into Daisy’s feeder so it dripped into her hay and let them fool around with it for the day. OOPS! Then leaving Queenie to clean up… Continue Reading “Sticky Face.”

The Duke of Kupa is fighting

The pneumonia is proving hard to break. He just stands in his new big cage and watches me, breathing and breathing out, hauling noisy air through his lungs. But as of yesterdays afternoon he was eating his seed mixed with yoghurt and drinking his… Continue Reading “The Duke of Kupa is fighting”

Long Shots, giggly piglets and bottles of beer.

This is the lane from the house to the gravel road. We are looking East. On the right which is the South side is the sweetcorn with the Maize up behind it. You can see how tall the maize (field corn) is when you… Continue Reading “Long Shots, giggly piglets and bottles of beer.”