Tane goes for a walk

A LONG walk.

kunekune in field

He is convinced, poor deluded fella, that there simply must be a few kernels of corn left for him way out there in the field. But alas the harvesters nowadays leave nothing at all behind.  And after the tiller has been through it is all mud in this wet misty weather.

kunekune in field

Tane (as usual) did not respond to my calls so the dogs and I slogged our way through the mud right out into the middle of the field to retrieve him. Finally he gave me that “Oh? Were you calling me? I wondered what all the noise was about.”  – look.  He turned like a little tug boat battling the tide and began to churn his way back with us,  the dogs and I turned as well and we proceeded, our feet turning from soup bowls to dinner plates of mud. And so we made our way back to the barn.


He always gets a bit puffed after these long hikes but is terribly pleased with himself none the less.

Tima never goes that far, preferring to graze the lawns.

big birds

Joey has come to visit. The big birds love Joey, the turkeys especially follow him around all day. He is long suffering as any small dog being shadowed by big turkeys would be.

peacocks and turkeys

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

62 Comments on “Tane goes for a walk

  1. I love that pig. I love all your animals and one day, Cecilia, one day I am going to pop in and meet them all in person!

  2. I’m sorry Tane could not find himself a little lagniappe in the field because the harvesters leave no kernels behind now. Think of the migrating birds & resident crows who cannot glean the fields either. Hard times.

  3. Well, there you go, my first laugh of the morning “He is long suffering as any small dog being shadowed by big turkeys would be.” Haha. Still laughing as I type that in. haha. thanks, Celi

  4. Hello Joey, cute as ever 🙂 Maybe Tane was looking for Hugo and the ride on mower? Laura

  5. Going walk-about, that Tane! 🙂 As it seems just about all the animals on the farmy do every now and then!!! 🙂

  6. Oh bless him! Reminds me of our dogs – when we are out in the woods or running along the beach they never seem to hear us calling them but at home, I only have to head to the kitchen, or get something from the fridge and they come running as fast as lightening. Selective hearing methinks!!

  7. My goodness but this struck me funny: ” long suffering as any small dog being shadowed by big turkeys would be”. Good morning, c.

  8. Joey! Such a sweetie. The matriarch must be on vacation, eh? Have a great day.

  9. On my farm in Germany the animals love going for walks. Would Tane return without any help or get lost?

    • He does return, but I was shutting the barn early so i could go in and make dinner, it got dark so early last night – so it was a bit early for him.

  10. I suspect he may go as much for a little P&Q as for any little bits of leftover corn…. Tima is surely a demanding wife!

  11. Oh, how cute is the picture of Joey with the birds! It needs a caption really!

    • Very pig headed – on sunday when i came out to call Tane in he refused to come home – just refused – he literally SAT his bottom on the ground and said ” NO I am still playing. ” Pug headed indeed! c

      • Looks innocently around. I would *never* do that. Nope. Not at all. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Those are great pictures of Tane in the field!! You have such great companions!!

  13. Ha ha Tane does look rather puffed on his way back. That looks like a fishing boat behind him in the mist, I know it’s not as that’s impossible !

  14. I can understand Tane : Doesn’t everyone need to go on excursion sometimes ?
    I love that first bird’s shot. A still life as “Birds with dog” – the centerpiece with both turkeys standing and looking straight to the camera is really great. Kind of giving a performance to you by showing how much they love you? And the others dancing around them like ballet dancers… The dog’s kind of a very important requisite at the side of the stage. – Interesting. And nice. – “Theater made by The Farmy”.
    Remember yesterday’s post title : Stage right – hm (maybe I misunderstood?)

  15. Wading through a field of mud…ugh! I have done so —I understand the HUGE shoes that grow onto your Real shoes…A big mess!


  16. Our plowed corn fields are visited by hundreds of optimistic Canadian geese every afternoon. No mud here, though, still in a drought.

  17. I know how Tane feels. Some days I long to walk to the river, hoping to find a “kernal” – some treasure along the way. Many times when I do set out, I get lost in the tranquility and it’s not until FD texts on my cell, hours later, that I realize the day just got away from me! I bet it feels good to Tane to have his family seek him out and lead him home. It’s a lovely thing to feel loved and wanted. 🙂

  18. Your flock of Big Birds is looking great. I love the tan and white. Add in the peacocks and how everyone has grown up, very impressive!

  19. Oh, Joey caught me by surprise. What a sweet looking little pup! At least he’s not chasing the turkeys around the farmyard!
    Now pigs… you said that Tane was ‘deeply filthy’, I think is how you put it, when he returned home. Do pigs mind being filthy? As in do they spend hours in an attempt to clean off the dirt as, say, cats or dogs would?
    Hope you have a lovely day too…. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Oh pigs love to be filthy. If they see mud they lie in it, they wade in dirty pools and love to roll in cow poo, and no they do not wash themselves at all. Pigs cannot groom themselves – the mud just wears off. I think in the summer it is a form of suntan lotion. c

  20. Our Tane piggy went for a wander,
    Our Tima piggy stayed at home,
    Our Tane piggy searched for corn kernels
    Our Tane piggy found none,
    Then our Tane piggy went wee wee wee all the way home.

  21. I’ve been so far behind on everyone’s blogs. But rarely am I behind on yours. Why?

    Yours is a story, never ending, ever changing. Always new members of the cast coming in, others leaving. Joy, sorrow, life, death. Death with no meaning, death that helps other lives to continue on. Joy that might become sorrow, or might become further joy. Life – always, always, you have life to share with us. A plant or a plonker, you care for every living thing and this – this! is a story I can never tire of reading. Thank you, Ms C.

  22. Very good for Tane’s health to off awanderin’ . . . got important future tasks to perform and the guy needs his strength and agility 🙂 ! Well, it’s the morning of the 9th here: am counting down the days you close your suitcase . . .

  23. Poor Tane! He has fond memories of corn. He knows it was right there before! He looks like such a sweetie.

  24. Crazy seeing the mixture of pigs, dogs, turkeys and peacocks! I remember staying in a very posh English house and seeing peacocks on the lawn at breakfast…dreadful noise, although I expect they felt that about us the night before:)

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