Evening cows

My small home-field herd is doing very well. calf

Not-So-Difficult has begun to walk with her herd and she is eating well and though her lungs will never be 100 percent I think she is improving.  The whole group  are even sleeping outside at night now, no-one wants to go to the barn it is so warm. I am not complaining, the cold will come, every winter is different but not being below zero is a bonus. So I am happy for this warmth – it is good for my livestock.


Almost all the gates between fields are open now, there is not a lot of feed but with this extended fall there is a little growth in the fields so I am letting them roam almost all our small acreage.


They get hay once a day  and when I leave on Friday I will open the last two gates and they can have all four acres.


Both Alex and Lady Astor are pregnant so this roaming keeps them fit. Pregnant girls need exercise.

lady astor

Now that the Plonkers are gone Molly and Tahiti are now in a small field of their own. And they are thrilled to bits  to get outside because there is a lot of mud!


Tahiti is still climbing bless her. But safer in here.  She cannot climb this fence.



I don’t think!

Look at that pig belly. Don’t you just want to scratch it.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

30 Comments on “Evening cows

  1. All your lovely girls… I’d like to give them all a scratch and a carrot. Alex is very beautiful, with that surfer chick sun-bleached fringe of hers.

  2. Difficult : I like her forehead so much – just wishing to cuddle. Same as with Alex’ forehead. So fluffy.– Love that piggie shot: Molly & Tahiti great as always.
    Hope that “warmth” stays for a while (regarding to your stock). Is it really “warm” as you say “below zero”? Methinks that’s cold!
    Congrats to the pregnancy of both, Alex and Lady Astor. Just as planned… 🙂

  3. They are all beautiful, and they must be so happy to have the run of the place Jock has fiinished his peacock feathers embroidery and there’s a picture of it on my blog.
    It’s a beautiful day here, not cold, and I’ve had to put the blind halfway down because the sun is so bright it’s literally blinding.
    Enjoy your last day before you travel North, and then have a safe journey.
    ViV xox

  4. Those pigs absolutely crack me up. Such characters. And the cows are lovely. Ton Ton looks lively…his cow-herding career is reaching dizzying heights!

  5. Any day above freezing now plus not having to muck out stalls has to be a bonus 🙂 Tahiti might want to join a circus (shudder, horrible thought) when she grows up. Laura

  6. Ooooh, there’s nothing better than a good piggy-belly scratch – soothing for all concerned!

  7. Your right, this weather has been so warm! Being south of you, it’s been even warmer here, and is predicted to be 70 on Friday! I just can’t stay inside, even though much needs to be done in there! I’ve never seen climbing pigs before! Very naughty, escape artist pigs, yes, but climbing pigs, never! They are just too adorabe……until they scale the fence and the chase is on!!! 🙂

  8. Tahiti the vagabond. The is a calling in her soul. I can feel you trying to keep your excitement and trepidation in check. It’s like having a foot in two worlds. The cold WILL come later. We had 60 degrees last night. It’s December for goodness sake! The world is off kilter! Counting the days with you. Giant hugs.

    • I think the seasons are definitely off kilter – the weather boffins are predicting snow in the South Island of NZ for Christmas. That will be a first, a white Christmas in NZ!

      • Oh my goodness!!! You know the planet has wobbled and changed it’s slant from those huge earthquakes. I think it’s done it many times before so nothing is completely predictable anymore.

  9. It’s good to see them enjoying the outdoors. Molly and Tahiti are adorable – I hope they don’t learn to dig 😉

  10. I notice in your photos there seems to be fencing everywhere. I can barely keep up with repairs on perimeter fencing on this ten acres… I can’t imagine the mammoth project of keeping up fencing like yours!! Those chickens crack me up!! 😀 There’s one that seems to stick out in every photograph like a “where’s waldo?” Ha ha I think all animals love a scratch or scrub… I think it must feel really good with either hair or feathers! I raised an orphaned mourning dove that loved her belly stroked. It would put her to sleep every time!

  11. Tahiti is quite the climber! Pigs are smart too which means that drum barrel in the background could be used as a step! Oh my what a pair of pigs those two are.

  12. If Tahiti had access to a ladder, I bet she would climb up to the roof of the barn and sing with delight. I was singing with delight yesterday, I managed to buy fresh cranberries… well as fresh as they can be after swimming across the pond from Canada, Time to make Celi’s Cranberry Walnut Apple Cake. Nom nom!

  13. Celi, I so love your photography and the layout of your blog. When I open it up the large picture makes me feel like I’m looking in or out a window onto your farmie! Thank you for taking the time to share your days with those of us all spread around this globe. Grateful for my daily visit to the virtual farmie!

  14. awww such cuties- all of them! You have such a knack of capturing their individual personalities! Just got my calendar- bless you for creating it. It will amuse me all year! Cheers!

  15. Yes, this weather we are having here too is unbelievable! I was out earlier today in a dazzling and warm sunshine with just a sweater on! Your crew all looks so happy and contented in your fields. Here’s hoping these mild temps hang on longer and longer. Hope your day has been a good one — Mame 🙂

  16. Oh-oh! Methinks you better give special instructions to Big John and Jake whilst you are away: I would not trust Tahiti nor her seeming inabilities a’tall !!!! That gal has plans and where there is a will there may be a way 😉 !

  17. Not-so-Difficult has such a pretty face. What a lovely girl she is. Molly & Tahiti don’t seem to be interested in the mud, but posing for the camera–or watching chickens. Silly girls. I can almost hear them giggling.

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