Stalled Clatter Box

Egoli my old moggy always walks up the hay escalator   (I call it the Clatter Box),  when he wants to get from the bottom of the barn up to the loft in the top.  He is an old cat. He prefers to walk rather than jump- if there is an option. The Clatter box is a highway of sorts, all the cats and many of the birds walk up it.


Yesterday the sun was so fine that the peahens took over the clatter box  and SAT on it, lit by the warm sun, and they were not budging.  This is not in the rules.  But poor Egoli was stalled at the bottom of the Clatter Box. Peafowl have very sharp beaks.


There is a pecking order in the barn and apparently Egoli is not at the top of it!


While Tane roamed the fields Tima helped me clean out the Stock Trailer.


She takes her work very seriously.

Poppy is on lock down again. She is coming into heat and we do not want her hightailing it across the fields to find Manu while I am away. (I leave for Canada for a long weekend tomorrow). There will be pictures. You are coming with me!poppy hereford pig

Anyway in three weeks Poppy  will be riding in the stock trailer to the West Barn. Where her beau awaits. She will be travelling too!

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi



30 Comments on “Stalled Clatter Box

  1. that is no way to treat a Zulu chieftan, but that sure looks like he would have had to run the gauntlet 🙂 Get yourself packed and onto that plane and then order a large glass of bubbly and sing Happy Birthday (quietly, or not) to yourself. Wishing you many, many more happy, healthy returns. Love, love Laura

    • AH-HAH! Answer to a question I was just thinking of asking! Many happy returns, Celi. I’m so happy you were born. Lots and lots of love, Gayle

  2. Really looking forward to your photos of Canada. Everyone needs a change of scenery from time to time. 🙂 >

  3. Can’t wait to take a bit of a travel with you Celi!!! And to see the rescue dogs and beautiful Canada!!! Trips are always such fun!!! Kick up your heels and have a fabulous time!!! xo

  4. I love the expression ‘hightailing’! In this case, it conjures visions of Poppy galloping across the fields with her curly tail held suggestively aloft to give Manu ideas. Travel safely, arrive in good health, have wonderful experiences, and come home when it’s time… xxx

  5. Ohhh, someone suggested your birthday! Well, the very best of wishes to you! As someone who has come into my life through your blog and who I am so very grateful for ‘our’ daily chats, it seems unlikely but I feel we have become fast friends! Have a safe trip and thank you for taking us with you!

  6. Lovely photos, Egoli’s face and body language is so expressive. Happy travels and best wishes for the day 🙂

  7. My bag is packed ready to go along with you on your trip to Canada! Egoli does not look too happy with the new order of things in the barn. His expression seems to say: Miss Celi, can you not get them to move out of my way?

  8. Pauvre petit chat! He probably was more pushy when younger! Have a lovely time in Canada- I look forward to your city photos! Bon voyage!

  9. Bird walk, cat walk – stairways to heaven…. – Again you showed us special behavior at the Farmy. Interesting, very interesting. – Like the last Clatter Box shot very much. Nice pig shots, too.
    I’m happy to be taken along to your journey. Looking forward to it… – Happy packing, Celi!

    • Packing…take as little as possible and gobs of cash, instead. More besos, Gayle

  10. Read the heading and said ‘Oh oh! Another thing broken and at this bad time!!’ Altho’ all the hay should be loaded topside by now ? OK: I guess everywhere one goes there is a pecking order: Egoli looks resigned . . . A very satisfying trip to you – thought it was longer than just a long weekend . . . first time since the wedding methinks . . . happy landings! [WP has suddenly begun behaving with me on your site: have had to keyboard everything 2-3 times for weeks! Wonder what my sins were . . . 🙂 !]

  11. Dear Celi, I might not be able to comment when you get up or place your new post, so I want to send you my best wishes to your birthday today! Congratulations! May the upcoming new year laying ahead you will be a prosperous one, filled with joy and laughter and happy experiences! – Have a well and safe travel to Canada. I too was thinking you would stay more than just a long week end…. Nevertheless have a good time with your beloved ones.
    With love, Irmi

    • Packing…take as little as possible and gobs of cash, instead. More besos, Gayle

      • Just when is Miss C’s BD anyway?

        Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly,
        I’ve gotta know this date ‘for I did…

        Third helping of love for the day,

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