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Daisy begins her dry period

Today I will not be milking Daisy. The milking has finished. Oh, how I will miss the milk. And I will miss milking but after a while. It will be nice to have the time off.  It will be a shock to the system,… Continue Reading “Daisy begins her dry period”

Kupa shows his bad side.

All my city clothes were peeled off, stepped out of, abandoned and dropped in snail heaps on the bedroom floor as I morphed back into miss c. I will pick them all up later I promise but I was late for chores and everyone… Continue Reading “Kupa shows his bad side.”

Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?

This is what the very few people who drive down our country road are seeing. Daily changes. Not much changing with Daisy though. She stands exactly here for most of the day. Watching the kitchen door for movement.  Daisy is an Ayrshire. A very… Continue Reading “Part two of the farmy walkabout but have I missed somebody?”

Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.

And here we are back on the farmy. After an uneventful and long, long  couple of flights to Chicago from Auckland, I was whisked away from the madding crowds of  airport people, with all its suspicion and controlled chaos and driven back to the… Continue Reading “Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig.”

Oh dear

We had a good old fashioned farming day yesterday. Mama and Mia were shifted into the rat house paddock, separated from the lambs now for a good while. Mia has gone for company and Mama because that naughty Meadow is still stealing a drink… Continue Reading “Oh dear”

Being Water Boy with a Camera

You may have noticed that most of my images this week have been in the evening.  My main work is done in the morning and in the afternoon.  It is the evening shift that I do the waters.  And it is in the evening… Continue Reading “Being Water Boy with a Camera”

Kupa woos the ladies! A must see!

Yesterday I emptied and cleaned the pig’s paddling pool and gave their whole pen a hose out. They were very helpful the entire time in a pushy piggy kind of way.  It was such a lovely sunny day that I felt bad for the… Continue Reading “Kupa woos the ladies! A must see!”

Let’s Walkabout on the Farmy today!!

The water in the swimming pool is freezing.  I know this has nothing to do with anything but I like the image! Yesterday was a little warmer so it was a good day to  get back to basics, go on the walkabout and bring you… Continue Reading “Let’s Walkabout on the Farmy today!!”