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My Little Sister

Yesterday  when we were out driving in the country I ate something that made me ill. Very ill actually.  By lunchtime I was heaving and by the end of it even a small sip of water came straight back up.  But it didn’t last… Continue Reading “My Little Sister”

Letters For My Baby Girl

The Second Fellowship Book. Letters for my Baby Girl. “Yes my darling girl. That is you.” Our last and first book Letters for my little Sister  was written by a  group of women from The Fellowship who created  an extraordinarily honest and powerful anthology of discussions… Continue Reading “Letters For My Baby Girl”


Yesterday Camera House sat on his Camera Table and sulked. He was not brought out to play at all. At 6am yesterday morning I was over at the big barn to the West and Marcel was on the wrong side of the fence.  It was… Continue Reading “Quarters”

Books and Chicks

The Books are Here! (Well, Half the books are here due to a wee mix up at the printers but I  am sure they will do their best to fix up this error today and hopefully send them asap.  Melissa my copilot is onto… Continue Reading “Books and Chicks”


My new helper has arrived.  She has quickly learnt how to drive the tractor and is helping clear out the dirty straw in the barn.  She has been working on farms all summer and is very adept at picking up new skills. Plus she… Continue Reading “Arrivals”

Fog Daze

The fog is so thick in the early mornings that  the grass is heavy with wet. When I breathe in the nefarious dripping air it leaves a strange burnt sensation in my throat, a thickening, like I want to cough but can’t.  It lingers.  However it warmed up in the… Continue Reading “Fog Daze”


The old people (and my neighbours who are not old at all) say that for “For every fog in August, there will be a snowfall in the winter.” Though this saying does not rhyme so I am not sure I trust it. and “If a… Continue Reading “Misty”

I had so much to say

But now that I sit down to write, I find nothing but air in my head. And very little of any value in my camera either. Isn’t that funny. I was so sure I took more shots but I must have been framing them in… Continue Reading “I had so much to say”


Yesterday, Mama our old sheep, stood three times,  for an hour each time, inside her sling. I am getting good at getting her in and up all by myself. She is standing bearing weight on her front legs now, and moves her back legs about.… Continue Reading “Yesterday”