Yesterday Camera House sat on his Camera Table and sulked. He was not brought out to play at all.

At 6am yesterday morning I was over at the big barn to the West and Marcel was on the wrong side of the fence.  It was pouring with rain. So I brought them all back in to their corner of the barn and shut the gate so they could all relax for a bit. Then I felt sorry for the calves and brought them in the other side to dry off for a bit.

Then back home and a quarter of the day was spent packaging books. Then another quarter of the day we took over the Post Office, everyone had a job, each in our corners and without too much hassle an hour or so later all the bags were weighed and many were weighed and sent.

This job certainly fell into the right time of the year, when I have the time and the help. Thank God for the Postmistress. What would I have done if they had taken our Post Office away.

I hope I have got it right. I have to admit to being a little overwhelmed. There is the fear that I have got something wrong in the book even though I KNOW it is wonderful (I hope you can write a review on Amazon after you read it, hearing what you think will be so good) and then the fear that I am messing up the orders. Hopefully all the packages get to their rightful owners. Luckily I still Have Jess, Elise began her travels further South.

Then another quarter of the day was spent driving all the way over to the feed store, then to the supermarket (having no cow to milk means I have to shop every now and then) then back home again. Everything is SO far away.

In the next quarter I get a text from the neighbour .. are the calves and the sheep meant to be out all together. Um, No. So I drove through the rain and there they were all out in the paddock, happily munching.

I went into the barn and discovered that the connecting door between the sheep and cows had been taken off its hinges and, still chained to the hook, it was leaning wonkily on the wall.  It was dinner time and the pots were still cold so I decided to leave well alone. I can sort them out today. I used the time to take Tima for her walk, and deal with the pigs and chickens and so forth.

In the last quarter I did the chores, made the dinner, loaded the washing, then the dishes, then all the orders for today trying not to mix them up and sorted the packages to send.  Then off to bed.

What do you mean that is five quarters. Doesn’t everyone have five quarters in their day?

I hope you have a lovely day.

your friend on the farmy

miss c





36 Comments on “Quarters

  1. I pray for a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g of time… you’ve made it a reality! I’m so looking forward to receiving my copies of the bonza book, but sorry it’s giving you so much extra to squeeze into a day. Did the sheep and the calves collude to remove the door, or was it the work of just one? I wonder who the ringleader was. I’d send you a great big dollop of time if I could (I would use some of it too). Do you get to rest when you go NZ for your weddings, or will it be a whirl of visits? x

    • yes i do rest when i visit with my children, they love to cook! and we have plans for silent beach getaways.. I love packaging the books actually, it is nice restful work. c

  2. No. I have one quarter when I am fit to do anything, and the rest when I am a couch potato! How I wish I had your energy!

    A French friend (a pig vet specialist) called this morning to ask if I could help her with English as she is going to go into developing countries as a consultant. I have shown her your blog and given her the address of the Farmy, so that she can join the Fellowship. Her English is not bad – she just needs practice. We’re going to have two sessions a week to get her up to speed. She loved your picture of Tima!

    • How exciting to have a pig vet specialist in the Fold! She is going to love Sheila and her long tail.. speaking of which I had better get out there, she is right down the back of the field munching!.. c

  3. Oh oh, looks like Poppy has passed on trade secrets to Marcel? Miss C I think you are going to have to add on admin wwoofers next summer to do packaging and postal runs, especially if there is to be another book out 🙂 Many ,many thanks to the Post Mistress too. Laura

  4. Silent beach getaways and being cooked for… what bliss. Glad book packaging a pleasant activity. I’m sure book reading will be too. I echo thanks to your helper and the Post Mistress.

  5. I hope when you get away you will take the time to exhale then breathe in all the goodness your thoughtful project will bring others.

  6. I can’t help feeling I’m going to need an extra quarter or two in the next couple of weeks, as I pack up this house ready for our move. I’d like to know your secret too – even if mine is a different kind of packing! BTW, we’ve loaded some money onto our Paypal account but it won’t show up for 3 days, so as soon as it’s there, we’ll make the transfer.

    • Kate: a midnight post from me – I hope you come back here in the morning! Will you teach me how to use the PayPal a/c to pay Celi and make her life a bit easier [at the moment we have a rather complicated transfer arranged 🙂 ] ! I have used PP for years and years, roughly 3-8 times a week, but I have always needed a printed invoice with the goods chosen and postage printed up front on the firm’s paper with the PP link button attached before I have been able to pay. I did check and doublecheck with PP now. . . what do I not know? Secondly, I never keep any moneys in the a/c unless some firm has returned some for goods they could not supply. The beauty of the service to me is that PP draws moneys out of the debit/credit/bank EFTPOS a/cs I have attached to the service to make an automatic, immediate and direct payment from whichever a/c I choose. Takes ten seconds and is safer than other modes of payment. Would love to learn!! Thanks!!!! And good night . . . I am due for sleep 🙂 !

      • Eha, hope you come to check again in the morning. I think I have solved my problem by buying miss C a gift card on Amazon and emailing it directly to her. No invoices required, and you don’t go through the book site on Amazon. Just email miss c and she will pick it up. Laura

      • Hi Eha, I knew the price of the book, Celi told me the price of postage, and we just transferred in the amount that would cover that in US$. Once that was done, we clicked the Send Money tab, specified the amount using US$ in the drop down menu in Currency, and put in Celi’s PayPal account details (celima.g.7@gmail.com). Specify it’s for goods or services rather than transfer to a friend or family. There’s also a box you can put in some details of what the payment’s for and who it’s from. We don’t use PP much so we don’t leave money in there, hence the need to make the transfer. Hope this helps! Kate x

        • Thanks to both of you! I have two days of absolute madness ahead here: literally 16 hour + work days with not a second to spare! Shall contact Miss C in the new week and I am certain we shall work something out – our present status quo may be the best or the gift card idea also sounds good – I am a little afraid of the postage to Australia as friends sending me books as gifts from the US this year have been horrified the postage has cost more than the book 🙂 !!! Personally I could not live rurally without PayPal as I have up to a dozen deliveries a week but we all are in different circumstances. Also the $A has varied so greatly in parity over the last few days . . . But you have taught me and given ideas: thanks heaps!!!!!

            • Cecilia you can send an invoice to Eha and then payment will be easier. Be sure to include cost of the book and postage on the invoice. PayPal will allow payment with a credit card if you do that or use their service. It will leave less confusion and you can add tracking if you wish after payment is received. Hope this helps. All the best.

              • Thanks Aquila . . . . OMG, I have stirred up a hornets’ nest I did not mean to:) !!! It seems I was given some quite incorrect information by ‘those in the know’, including people who deal with PayPal. Celi & I actually had this worked out – I was just trying to make matters simpler and have managed the exact opposite !!!! Am too busy the next few days but have looked at what Kate has said and had a quick look at the PayPal headings and I can probably work things out during the weekend! You would not believe I have used PP literally thousands of times: three times today 😉 ! But always for commercial purposes. Thank you to all and big hugs left and right . . . Eha

  7. The old saying of “there’s never enough hours in the day” rings true.
    I’m am so happy you are taking us on your vacation to New Zealand! I can’t wait!
    PS>>>just ordered my copy of the book via Amazon.

  8. Whew—I am exhausted . 🙂 THANK YOU for all of your hard work in getting this book out to all of the Fellowship. Thanks to the Postmistress and Jess who are helping in this massive endeavor. I can hardly wait for my package to arrive. Take it easy today—-even though I know that would never happen I had to at least say it. 🙂

  9. Oh, I understand that so well…lol. I usually have at least 5 quarters to a day. 😀

  10. Hey everyone, just popping in to say ‘hello’ again from Kathmandu. Just back here late today after 3 weeks in Tibet and walking around Mt Kailish…..had a wonderful time, but i missed all on the Farmy and in the lounge. Don’t know if you’ve heard about the landslides in Nepal, but the main road has been cut for ages and two more landslides right before we were due to come through, so a long long walk today to climb above it and walk back down, and very hot……I’d like another quarter in my day for sure! Off to bed now, then to India in a couple of days, so I’ll probably have to wait till I’m back in Oz to catch up with all the Farmy news…xxxx

  11. I wish I had the energy for five quarters in one day, for me, it only happens once in a blue moon!

    Congrats to you and all your contributors, the editor, the helpers and the Post mistress for bringing Letters to my little sister, to the stage of winging it way around the world! Elly my daughter has paid my contribution plus postage via her PayPal account for you. At this stage you should have an email confirmation.

  12. We finally have a breathing spot here. Which I am very grateful for…I hope to be able to go see my Grandchildren!!! Other than a slow down on the farm we have a hedge we are removing, a screen door we are removing, Terry is remodeling a wall in our other house, I am painting at that house, fences, the outside of the house and trying to keep up with both yards. Having the farm in a slow spot really does ease things up. 🙂


  13. Bumper harvest this year. Canning and more canning. Frankly, I am glad there are not more hours in the day .

  14. What a lot of work to send off Letters For My Little Sister out in the world but I’m so looking forward to receiving my copy and reading everyone’s contributions. I think there are days like that, with 5 quarters, where you think whaaaaat, how did I manage all that. Maybe Day’s Bobby inherited some of her escape talents.

  15. There’s never a dull day for you! I know what it’s like posting off lots and lots of books. I used to wrap them all by hand, not something I have any aptitude for. Then I gave in and used postal bags; a good move. How exciting to think of the books flying off in all directions. I’m looking forward to getting my copy.

  16. So that’s how you get so much done in a day’s time–you have more hours on Farmy Time than we get on Daylight Savings Time.

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