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Bye Bye

Well, it looks like the actual book list is going to be a work in progress for a few days as yesterday AND the day before became very busy on the farm what with one thing and another and I did not get around… Continue Reading “Bye Bye”

Annual Book List request 2016

Firstly – Thank You  for yesterday- I have many great questions to answer while I am travelling. This will be fun. Most excellent. Now the next thing on our Christmas List is our Christmas Book List! I had not forgotton. This year, because last years… Continue Reading “Annual Book List request 2016”

The List of Books to Read 2015

From the Fellowship of the Farmy.  The readers of the kitchensgarden.com.  This is a long list. A wonderful list. Good books we have read so far this year. Because some of you may want to print it out I have included no photographs.  This will… Continue Reading “The List of Books to Read 2015”

The List

Today I intend to compile your AMAZING list of books. Yesterday evening strong winds and rain from the South were forecast so after the milking Hugo and I closed up the barn, replaced spent light-bulbs, made softer and deeper beds for the pigs and calves,… Continue Reading “The List”

The Winter Book List 2015

I have run out of books to read! I need a winter reading list. Every single night of my reading life  (beginning at age 3) I have read a book in bed before going to sleep. And when the winter comes there may even… Continue Reading “The Winter Book List 2015”

My Little Sister

Yesterday  when we were out driving in the country I ate something that made me ill. Very ill actually.  By lunchtime I was heaving and by the end of it even a small sip of water came straight back up.  But it didn’t last… Continue Reading “My Little Sister”

September in pictures

September heaved with tears.  And change. Good and dreadful. But it is an important month to commemorate.  A vale of tears  – a valley – a journey we took together. So, here are my favourite pictures from September. Somehow these got completely out of order,… Continue Reading “September in pictures”


Yesterday Camera House sat on his Camera Table and sulked. He was not brought out to play at all. At 6am yesterday morning I was over at the big barn to the West and Marcel was on the wrong side of the fence.  It was… Continue Reading “Quarters”

Books and Chicks

The Books are Here! (Well, Half the books are here due to a wee mix up at the printers but I  am sure they will do their best to fix up this error today and hopefully send them asap.  Melissa my copilot is onto… Continue Reading “Books and Chicks”

The Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Book List

Reading List for 2013. Its a big’n. What a magnificent result.  Listed in the order received and copied and pasted over –  straight from the Lounge of Comments. In your own words. I love hearing all your voices one after the other. I am… Continue Reading “The Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Book List”