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Annual Book List request 2016

Firstly – Thank You  for yesterday- I have many great questions to answer while I am travelling. This will be fun. Most excellent. Now the next thing on our Christmas List is our Christmas Book List! I had not forgotton. This year, because last years… Continue Reading “Annual Book List request 2016”

The List of Books to Read 2015

From the Fellowship of the Farmy.  The readers of the kitchensgarden.com.  This is a long list. A wonderful list. Good books we have read so far this year. Because some of you may want to print it out I have included no photographs.  This will… Continue Reading “The List of Books to Read 2015”

The Winter Book List 2015

I have run out of books to read! I need a winter reading list. Every single night of my reading life  (beginning at age 3) I have read a book in bed before going to sleep. And when the winter comes there may even… Continue Reading “The Winter Book List 2015”

So: What are you reading?

I have no photographs from yesterday. How did this happen? Yesterday morning I drove out to visit my people  and half way down the road, I discovered that my body is not ready for the driver’s seat yet. But I had promised so I… Continue Reading “So: What are you reading?”

Trashy novels and the Big Fat Chickens Plan

In between the weeding and feeding and lifting and pulling. And cooing and catching and patting. And watering and weeding and pruning and picking and shucking and bagging. I read a trashy novel. The whole thing. It is true I am a fast reader.… Continue Reading “Trashy novels and the Big Fat Chickens Plan”

The Well Worn Path …

… from the house to the barn. White cat prefers the concrete footpath. Can you see how he has actual cat fur on his paws, in the winter he walks about on four thick little cushions of fur.  He is an Himalayan cat. He… Continue Reading “The Well Worn Path …”

Either stalactites or stalagmites – one or the other

I know one goes up and one goes down but whichever ones these are, they are an excellent visual example of it being too bloody cold – I will tell you that.  Ghastly, darlinks! The swimming pool has ice swimming in it.  These shots… Continue Reading “Either stalactites or stalagmites – one or the other”

I wagged yesterday

No not my tail. I wagged work. I played hookey. I was a truant. Look at that calm shot. The wind was so terrible I had to rest the camera on a fence post to keep it still but you cannot see that wind!… Continue Reading “I wagged yesterday”