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Oh, the life I lead now! Lots of food! I live in a life of frugal plenty. Which reminded me of a story: When I was a young solo mum with too many children and not enough money; I stole toilet paper. TOILET PAPER!!!… Continue Reading “GREEN SOUP AND RED FIFE BAGUETTES”

Long Necks

I was feeling lazy yesterday afternoon as I climbed right to the top of the hay pile in the West Barn, the last stack stands in the corner of the central storage area of the barn. It is stacked against an interior wall with cows behind… Continue Reading “Long Necks”

19,044 Foot Steps

Good morning. I thought I would try a quote to start the day. I like quotes. In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Mahatma Gandhi  This woman walked the gentle footsteps yesterday. Alone. And down empty country roads.But that was OK. John… Continue Reading “19,044 Foot Steps”

A Flying Focus

Thank you for visiting today. Sunday is always a very quiet day in my blog world. What is your best day? I always get the most readers on Monday morning at 7am my time. Most readers are from the United States. Below is Pania… Continue Reading “A Flying Focus”

Annual Book List request 2016

Firstly – Thank You  for yesterday- I have many great questions to answer while I am travelling. This will be fun. Most excellent. Now the next thing on our Christmas List is our Christmas Book List! I had not forgotton. This year, because last years… Continue Reading “Annual Book List request 2016”

A question?

Three sleeps until I climb onto a plane to Canada for the first of my winter Travels. My first trip will be up into the mountains behind Calgary, Canada. Up to Canmore, a small skiing town. My son works on the ski fields up… Continue Reading “A question?”

House – Work in a Windy Barn

The wind is blowing hard and is a Nor/West. In this hemisphere – the Northerly one is the cold one.  It was a Sou-west when I went to bed and it turned in the night and I know I left the big north door open… Continue Reading “House – Work in a Windy Barn”

A Watchful Stillness

There has been a curious watchful stillness about the air these last few days. Waiting. “Captive wild animal watching the open door.” – kind of waiting.  This was our sunrise yesterday. In a moment it will spring forth leaving winter in its wake but for… Continue Reading “A Watchful Stillness”

A Day Off Pigs

Finally, yesterday, the heat broke and we had a lovely ordinary busy day. The pigs and piglets napped in the sun.  We made sweetcorn relish, and bread and croqueta.  And Summer Sauce (basically I chuck everything we picked on that day into the slow cooker… Continue Reading “A Day Off Pigs”

Ugly Bits

I watched myself crop  an image to extract an empty feed bag that had blown into a corner of the barn and felt dishonest. I tidy with the crop tool!.   I just did not have the energy to pick up and dispose of the… Continue Reading “Ugly Bits”