Long Necks

I was feeling lazy yesterday afternoon as I climbed right to the top of the hay pile in the West Barn, the last stack stands in the corner of the central storage area of the barn. It is stacked against an interior wall with cows behind it. The hay stack is still high enough to be able to stand up there and see over the wall to the cows below. They were standing down there sheltering from the wind.

I broke the bales of hay right up there on the top and threw them down to the cows. Throwing down my viewing platform.  It’s raining HAY.  Hallallujah! I sung.

They didn’t listen to the discordant noise from above. Simply accepting mana from heaven and having a munch.

Manu liked the singing though.  He is a singing boar and joined in with his grunting howling dog imitation. Actually he just wanted it to rain hay on him and Poppy as well.

Tane back at the Home Barn.

Sheila also has no interest in singing when it is sleeping time.


There is a wind advisory out for today. Officially the wind is about to get worse. They say to expect winds of up to 55mph/88km. (That is what I call a Wellington wind). Stronger even than the past few days of high winds that have knotted my hair something horrible – I look like a neglected rag doll.

Usually I close and lock down the big doors of the Home Barn with struts running through brackets to keep them from separating and flying up.They  are attached by metal runners on tiny wheels along the top of the doors.  But there is only Sheila in there, and it is not cold, no babies to protect and Sheila has an area that she can get out of the wind,  so I am leaving the doors wide open to protect these very old too large doors and their attachments from being broken by a ferocious wind. They are enormous pocket doors (without the pocket) and so I will slide them back in behind the walls where they will be more protected. This is an old barn, the doors are made of untanilised very worn out, dry timbers,  and the planks that comprise the doors are vertical and very long – yesterday we could see them bowed like sails racing from the wind.

Today the wind can blow right through taking the path of least resistance as wind and water likes to do.

Molly, the little sow, was much happier yesterday, up and down as usual. I think she had been adjusting to the shift by hunkering down and having a think. A good approach.

I am going to try and get everything done this morning before the worst of the winds hit. It is relatively calm now.  No day for clothes on the line though – sigh. And I have not even begun to pack my bag and I leave early tomorrow morning.

Also I need to get extra bales of straw into all the outside pig houses in preparation for the cold coming this weekend.

I hope you have a lovely day.







28 Comments on “Long Necks

  1. Wind and wildfires have been a concern here as well. In winds like this even newer building and barn doors must be secured. Down here they say, “Better put some rocks in yer pockets!!” Some of these wind gusts have thrown me off balance!! 🙂

  2. I hate strong winds and the destruction they can cause. I hope that you get all your chores done before the wind comes and you have safe travels tomorrow. 😀

  3. I do love singing to our animals, especially the dogs, as they seem to appreciate it the most. My John is not nearly as delighted as the dogs are when I break into song, I have to admit. Dolly, of course, gets the “Hello Dolly” song by Louis Armstrong, and Daphne, whose nickname is Doo Daa, gets the “Camp Town Races Sing This Song, Do Da, Do Da” song. I’m not really sure what the title to that one is, maybe Camp Town Races, but me not knowing all the words or the tune doesn’t bother her a bit. Just another wonderful thing about animals, they appreciate ones talents! 🙂

  4. Those winds sound really vicious…I only hope that there will not be a replay of The Wizard of Oz….I dont want to read or see reports of flying sheds and cows and pigs and people in Colorado  

    Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2017 at 2:46 PM

  5. Can’t, for the life of me, figure out why the cows are not impressed with your crooning. I’ve seen a few videos online about how cows come from fields away to view and listen to groups of musicians playing various instruments for them. Perhaps they need what they perceive as a full orchestra, instead of one lone voice trilling above their heads. Hope you have a lovely trip and enjoy the pleasure of family once again. We’ll miss you but, as long as you promise to return again soon, then we will all just wish you the best spring break ever! Safe travels! ~ Mame 🙂

  6. Wishing you safe tail winds back to your family and happy landings both ways. Laura

  7. Oh my- the wind does have a way of disrupting things- good idea to leave those old doors open! Have a lovely time in California! Cheers!

  8. I sing to my animals too. The cats perk up and come to see what is going on. Sometimes, they join in. The pigs will help you distribute the straw, I bet.

  9. Very good plan to keep the barn doors open. When a tornado came through our town, my husband told me to open the windows in our home. I thought he was nuts but did it before covering the kids in a corner. My son was in a classroom down the street and I didn’t have time to get to him. They put them all in the hall and all the windows blew out. Ours was one of the few houses not to implode. So I guess he wasn’t so nuts. 🙂 I hope you get all your chores done and have plenty of time to get packed for your trip and all goes well. Safe travels.

    • I’ve heard a handful of them in my husband’s choirs and choral workshops over the decades, but believe me, that’s a different tune altogether! 😉

  10. I sure hope the winds die down especially for your flight tomorrow. Have a wonderful time, Cecilia, and come back rested.

    (My dogs used to respond to the piano and especially the harmonica…maybe from being with cowboys in their ancestry.

  11. Hi, Ceci! Don’t know which part of our long, skinny, crooked state you’ll be visiting, but the whole place is a wind-torn, flooded bloody mess! The weather here today, though, is clear and chilly with a slight breeze which promises to pick up later in the day. Hence, you should feel right at home! Don’t worry about your critters! With all these aunties and uncles looking out for the farmy and its inhabitants, nothing bad will happen…even Sheila won’t let the cows out this time! Have a fun trip!

  12. I hope that where you are going it isn’t so windy and cold. We are getting ready for a replay of last weekend with very high winds and very cold temperatures. Enjoy your time with family!

  13. Wishing you a glad and happy time out – come back safe and sound and try to forget all your sorrows meanwhile!
    With love, Irmi

  14. I have always sung to my animals, and now I sing to the Husband. They have all appeared to enjoy it, and the moderate silliness that goes with it. I see nothing strange whatever in it! And “It’s raining hay” is a perfect choice! Travel in safety, come home in good health.

  15. *fond laughter* I may not have a menagerie nor husband at the moment to whom to sing . . . but am more than happy to sing to myself during ‘chores’ time ! I grew up at the time ‘schlager’ were popular in Europe, especially Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltics – we normally were playing some during the day if ever at home [I still have hundreds of 45s especially of the wonderful Berlin nightclub scene of the 1930s!] and I soon learnt: later realized some had v racy lyrics! My darling Daddy was a most logical guy: let her sing as she does not u’stand the lyrics anyways – if she asks, I’ll tell her in a way suitable. Actually grew up without any hang-ups that way and have always been grateful! Hey: if you want to have fun: look up Zarah Leander and Marlene Dietrich and all the rest on Wikipedia and YouTube . . . .

  16. Have a great time on your spring break. Considering the prevailing wind directions, it’s likely you’ll be heading into the wind on your way to California. You can fly before the wind on your way back home. Windy days leave me feeling very restless like finding a good, strong horse, wide open land and running flat out before the wind till we both take flight.
    Sheila looks so comfortable on her bed.

  17. I have a funny video of my brother singing “I Feel Pretty’ to our pigs… all those years ago. They seemed to love it and were all gathered, on their side of the pen, right in front of him with their heads up! ; o ) (Just remembered that I’d told you that before…)
    I just got back from Florida – did quite a bit of driving… visited a few people and looked at different places where I thought I might want to live. Didn’t fall in love with any of the places… so next time I’m going to ‘check out’ St. Augustine. I think I just might find my little bit of paradise there – lots of cultural things to do, great old architecture, terrific restaurants – and… BIG THING… affordable condos! ; o )

  18. Safe travels, Celi, and enjoy the time with your family. It will be nice to feel a arm breeze again. 🙂

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