A Lot of Things

Yesterday it blew very hard and very  loudly for the whole day, shredding the nerves of people and pigs. I spent a lot time with Molly who was feeling down about being pregnant (I hope) and alone (poor pig). She does have Sheila next door but Sheila does not like pigs very much.

The crashing and banging of wind-made-sound was getting to her I think. There is more stuff that rattles and clangs in the wind over here at the home farm. Junk mostly.

(I would love an enormous bulldozer to push it all away but all this junk is Johns and not my department. So there it sits).

There is a lot going on around and about at the moment that has nothing to do with the farm and the farm blog so please forgive me.  Everyone has troubles. I think one of the arts to a calm life is being able to glide just slightly above other peoples jaggedy thorny problems. Involved but not so caught up that our own self needs extra fortification. But few of us can learn that art. Most of us forget to glide and nod and just be there to listen, but allow others their own lives, and soon we are snarled and caught up and then have to spend time disentangling or taking the blame. Though even identifying the problem seems to be the biggest hurdle. And trouble attracts trouble I find. So I fret. I am a fretter. As you know.

The wind last night blew up into a full scale thunder storm with extreme winds and smashing rain and little sleep in the noise. So I fretted about my animals but I am sure I will soon see that they were fine.

I fly off again on Thursday to California for a long  weekend and the annual  spring visit to one of my little families there. This is my last trip of the winter.  When I come back we will begin the season in earnest.

While I am away there is going to be some pretty awful weather so today I will haul in more bales of straw so everyone can bed down warmly.

There  is a line of black cloud above the South horizon with a sliver of white below it. I wonder if this means that this storm system is receding. We have had a battering in the last 24 hours.

I will check the weather forecast.

Hmm no such luck. More wind by the look of it:

A mix of clouds and sun with gusty winds. High 53F. Winds WSW at 20 to 30 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph. 

Our spring winds seem to have come early too.

I am working on a beautiful collection of guest posts for the period I am in California. You will be well entertained while I am away I think.

The wind is low for the moment so I will get going and get the chores done before it escalates.

I hope you have a lovely day


51 Comments on “A Lot of Things

  1. I didn’t catch the weather yesterday and that storm caught me unawares. We, too, had heavy winds before the actual storm and I wondered how the farmy fared. Hope there are n surprises when you get out there this morning. We may have snow this Saturday so you’ve picked a good time to head to Cali. 🙂

  2. If you ever manage to find a way not to be absorbed into the worries and trials of others, thus decreasing the fretting, please let me know Miss C. I spend way more time than is necessary fretting over others, in addition to my own issues. I need to spend more quality time just being, and being grateful and happy that I am on this earth.

    • I concur with your thoughts, Deb. I am grateful that we did not have awful wind yesterday or today so far & that I am on this earth – still. I hope MissC.’s worries & frets will fly away on a gust or in soft spring breezes when she returns.

  3. Oh dear, hope the high winds blow all troubles away and pull some calmness and hope in its wake. Laura

  4. We finally got rain last night, which we desperately need down here! Preceded for days by the wind! I keep thinking about…was it a poem…saying that March roars in like a lion, and out like a lamb? Seems like it is roaring in alright! xo

  5. I think Sheila has mastered the art of gliding above the problems of others…. I shall take my example from Sheila, she’s an excellent role model.

  6. Always know you are not alone my friend. Have a safe trip and I can’t wait for your return. XOXO – Bacon

  7. Like your weather, ours here in Minnesota was wild and windy. Two tornadoes touched down, causing damage in two small towns. Monday’s tornadoes broke the record from 1968 for the earliest of the season in Minnesota.

    • These storms are early – not the storms really but the fact that they are rain and not snow – I wonder what weather pattern was running in 1968 for the tornadoes to come so early to your area.

  8. I’m not fond of the wind – as I have survived (knock on wood) several tornadoes in my life. The wind makes me edgy – and that makes everyone at home edgy too.

    On another topic – google Frost Bank today – just today – and go to their home page. You will see one of my photographs featured. Cactus with Blue Bonnets. I love my bank as they feature photos taken by their customers.

    Baton down the hatches…..

  9. Thought of my family in Missouri last night as that storm rolled through. Glad that you had all your charges sheltered. I also fret about things, and try to remember to let those thoughts go, Sometimes I am successful. I have been trying to meditate more, make it a habit and learn to breathe more deeply, not the shallow breathes of anxiety and worry. I hope you have safe travels and much fun with your family. Look forward to your return!

      • And when you concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply the animals around you usually relax. This is really important when you ride horses and I’ve found that it even works with chicken!

  10. I was just fretting yesterday over my son, who seemed very unhappy and cross with his two teary eyed children in the back seat. Their mama is down sick with a cold. Sometimes it is just…March! Looking forward to Daylight Savings this weekend!! Better days and warmer weather are on their way! Promise!

      • Even though they don’t thank you for NOT giving them a good piece of advice , they never thank us for unsolicited advice either. So I guess a quiet pat on the shoulder works for all of it..How is your planting going? We are still too cold and I am like a horse chewing on the bit.. c

        • The nursery is slowly filling up, although it is snowing like crazy here today. Sigh…. Grafting tomatoes for the hoop houses are all up. I planted all the peppers this week, kale and chard last week, and am almost finished thinning thousands and thousands of onions, red, sweet and storage types. This week it’ll be outdoor tomatoes, beets, head lettuce, etc etc, until there’s not a square inch to fit another tray! I love working in the nursery, and seeing it all come to life.

  11. I fret too, it’s not good for you, but we all know that and it doesn’t stop us fretting. I suppose the only time we wouldn’t fret is if we had no one or thing to fret over, which in itself would not be nice and I’d fret about that! If you get what I mean. Ohh California nice! Try and have a nice day wind and all.

  12. We had a huge storm here last night. I lost power and could do nothing to get it back, so I went to bed and climbed under the duvet where I stayed until morning. It was a gorgeous day today and I got the power back on…all is well.

  13. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference. This comes in useful. Now, I am not saying I always remember to use it, but …. Give the animals and you as well a pet/hug from me.

  14. The wind here has been dreadful and is indeed heading your way. And you may remember that I hate the wind. But I always remember something you told me about letting it take you, about gliding on it, which fits with your statement about flying over troubles. Go with the wind, Miss C.

  15. Judging by the amount of wind turbines off in the distance of your photo, the wind there must be fairly much a constant, Celi? They are truly such ugly, gargantuan things; you have my condolences on their blight on your landscape. ):

    • PLUS – they have destroyed the peaceful night with their endless blinking red lights across the whole North, West and East horizons. scattering our starlights. I really don’t like them. And yes we do have a lot of wind but when it is strong the windmills turn off or they literally catch on fire. c

      • Yes, I truly feel your distress. They are hateful things and have been spreading here as well like some sort of disease… It does seem rather idiotic doesn’t it – that the technology in these things can’t even handle what they are intended to harvest? *sigh* It seems to me just one more instance where greed over-rules the lives of common folk… Take care, Deb

    • Great numbers of birds are being killed by wind turbines, especially my beloved Eagles. The cost out-weighs the benefits.

  16. The weather is reflecting the mood you’re in. It will all survive, fresh and clean when it’s over. Safe travels. I was wondering about cow friends for Molly too.

  17. Don’t have any outdoor animals, but my poor plants take a battering in the wind. It’s changed, here. Over the last 12 years it is October that is the worst for wind. Not much last year at all! But a few random days last month and this one already have given the green babies a battering.

  18. Windy wind, noisy noise and… the stuff of life can shift our focus and make us feel off kilter. The best I’ve ever been able to do is ride it out, heeding what I need and applying the little prayer Kim shared to the rest ♡

  19. Have a wonderfully relaxing time! Doesn’t your family live in Central Valley? If so, partly cloudy with mild temps and moderate breezes until Tuesday by which time you will probably be back! Oh, John’s belongings which rattle and roll – I would cook his favourite meal, disempower him with a plethora of what he likes and say ‘pretty please darling’!! You do want to make my life easier, don’t you ?’ * big smile*

  20. We are having ferocious winds too, I find them unsettling. If you discover a way to get John to clear the junk please let me know. I have threatened to rent a giant dumpster when my John is off on one of his fishing or hunting trips. Sigh, maybe I’ll just put up a fence…

  21. That is quite a photograph. I almost missed the ghostly wind farm . It’s like another layer of being., creatures that we created in order to survive on ours.

  22. Lots of damage here in Northeast Ohio as well, due to high winds. I lost a few pieces of barn siding but no major damage otherwise thankfully. Enjoy your last trip of the winter. : )

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