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Last night as the wind blew hard and the temperatures dropped so fast my face ached, I got all the chores finished. Finally got in the house. Finally peeled off the layers of messed up miserable ramshackle outdoor homeless person clothing. Finally got my… Continue Reading “LAST NIGHT”


The wind is howling outside. It howled all yesterday too by the afternoon it was gale force and is holding. 

Long Necks

I was feeling lazy yesterday afternoon as I climbed right to the top of the hay pile in the West Barn, the last stack stands in the corner of the central storage area of the barn. It is stacked against an interior wall with cows behind… Continue Reading “Long Necks”

A Nasty Day Ahead

Wind and Cold. It was windy all night and as I write on my disappearing keyboard (the letters are almost all gone again)  the wind is howling outside and it is 20F/-6C.  This does not include windchill.  The windchill equation brings us down to… Continue Reading “A Nasty Day Ahead”


The wind yesterday was wild. Hair raising actually. We have a few branches down nothing too dramatic but the clouds were incredible. They were moving very fast going from this – to this. Within a few hours. This cloud was the pre-curser to a… Continue Reading “Inclement”

The Boys are Back in Town

Yesterday John and I brought the two steers Daisy’s Bobby and Queenie’s Bobby back from the West barn so they could munch in the Daisy Mistress paddock. It is deep and lush and perfect for fattening these two. The boys are back! The stock… Continue Reading “The Boys are Back in Town”

Screaming Mistress Wind

The day started off so nicely.  It was not warm  but the calm was nice. The animals woke up slowly.  But soon after breakfast Mistress Wind arrived – her black cape flapping – unpacked her bag of demon daughters and they let loose with a… Continue Reading “Screaming Mistress Wind”

What does wind look like?

I can’t show you what the wind looks like. There are no leaves or long grasses bending in supplication to the wind to help me show you. I cannot take one picture that lets you feel the full force of a roaring westerly wind,… Continue Reading “What does wind look like?”

Use the wind

This is why I milk a cow. Ricotta cheese, Butter,  Parmesan cheese, Farmers cheese. Icecream, Cream, milk for my morning coffee straight from the milking – perfectly homogenised, Yoghurt, Sour cream, Cream sauces. Um, what else? Actually I am not going to talk about the milk.… Continue Reading “Use the wind”

Siberian Sun

This is what we had yesterday. A dreadful  siberian cold with sun and a wicked wind.  Ironic considering that yesterday I said to you that I would take wind and sun over calm and cloud.  So it blew a freezing gale! I still appreciated… Continue Reading “Siberian Sun”