The wind yesterday was wild. Hair raising actually.

We have a few branches down nothing too dramatic but the clouds were incredible. cloudsThey were moving very fast going from this –clouds

to this.

clouds 3

Within a few hours. This cloud was the pre-curser to a nasty little squall. The whole sky went dark, screaming wind, hard rain and then all gone 10 minutes later.


The wind was so strong all the big birds stayed in the barn. The chickens were out and about but Geraldine and her mob said – No, thank you very much.


When I went over to feed the pigs in the West barn the wind had blown out a door and the twins had made their escape (after eating half a bag of feed). I found them lying in the sun on the lawn outside the barn. They waddled over as I drove in and when I got out of the truck they threw themselves at my feet. Their heads were down, they were so confused and they had sore bellies. I sat down next to them and Molly literally inched over and laid her head on my leg. Bad piggies, I said gently as I rubbed their bellies. They said nothing. After a while I got up and opened the gates and doors and they followed me contritely back to their huge pen.

Home barn

Thank goodness they had not wandered far.

I am thinking that once I have the Home barn  cleaned out I  might get one of those power washer thingies and clean the whole lower level – walls, ceilings,  gates  and everything. It would be a major undertaking though.  And I am afraid if I cleaned it too thoroughly the whole structure might fall over.  And that would be a lot of water to drain out.

But I might work out the logistics of it.  I clean the milking shed like that all the time, surely I could do the whole barn?

Have a lovely day.

love celi

32 Comments on “Inclement

  1. What a gorgeous sunlit piggy photo, with illuminated white eyelashes. A lovely girl, enjoying a spot of sunshine. I know what you mean with your concern over power washing the barn. I’m pretty sure if I did our shed, the cobwebs holding the thing together would give way!

  2. Love the pig, perhaps they could help you clean the barn or are they not like Wilbur of Charlotte’s Web?!

  3. Sensible birds, silly piggies. Hope you are calm now. Is that a twister in there or just heavy rain? Laura

  4. Wind. I hate the wind. All types of wind. Especially wind that blows in my general direction.

  5. Not so sure about the power washing of the barn, as there is probably lovely dirt that is cementing pieces together. You may indeed weaken the structure if you really let loose on it.

  6. That’ll larn you to get/make a metal pigfeed container! When we had animals, the feed was kept in dustbins with rocks holdig the lids down.

    It’s amazing to see the blue in that sky and knowing the power of the wind concealed in those clouds.
    Have a lovely day.
    ViV x

  7. aaww – poor fellow piggies. We can be so pig-headed sometimes to get what we want – consequences be damned. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  8. Hope no ill effects from the overeating. Will pigs eat bicarb when they have an upset stomach or gut? or activated charcoal?

  9. That ‘pre-curser to a nasty little squall’ looks like a twister and that’s how they work — right? — wild and crazy, then gone ten minutes later. Kind of early in the season for them though, isn’t it?
    I can’t offer anything about power washing a barn except to say that the contractor who built a new deck here on the house refused to power wash the deck and, instead, sanded it down to remove the dirt — this all at his expense and it is a deck of considerable size. He said that power washing does far too much damage to the wood.
    That piggie in the photo, is it Molly? She is looking a little forlorn there. Like there is no hope… you eat your weight in goodies and you must suffer the indigestion that follows… lol
    Hope your day is a lovely one too. ~ Mame 🙂

  10. I love that sky! Every time I’m somewhere on flat land I always marvel at the sky and at being able to watch the weather come in like that. I bet I’d love living away form these mountains for a while. 😀

  11. Bet you can see my smile from your house. That pig is hilarious. You are pretty funny yourself. 🙂 Weather does keep life interesting. We will see sun today but it’s freezing temps here. Storms are passed for a while. Not so many here as where you are and I think you might be right about the dirt holding up the structure. Those pressure washers can be hard on wood. I’ve had to buy one for this place and use it frequently.

  12. Maybe try a light dusting rather than a power wash. Glad the squall did no damage. I’ve stood under developing storms like picture number 3 and I’m siding with the big birds. Let it pass. Hope you have a great St. Patrick’s Day.

  13. well now they were just making PIGS of themselves…hahahah I would be careful not to clean that barn too thoroughly- it just might collapse out of shock!
    Your pig story made me laugh out loud and when I read it to my sweetie he laughed also- so once again you have started my day with a smile! Cheers!

  14. Pigs will be pigs I guess. Happy St Patti’s day!!! (I have always spelled it PATTI as that is my legal birth name)

    The weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was frightful this morning. We have PILES and PILES of hail that fell today. Golf ball to baseball size. None at my home or where I was this morning, but the news is horrific to watch.

    Power washing the WHOLE BARN? What an undertaking!

  15. Pigging out remorse… it’s been a while -like the piggies the incident ocurred in my teenage years- but I can still remember how bad it feels. These days I’m more like the big birds, inclined to playing it safe. If you power wash the barn, do a test area, gently, yourself and see how it goes.

  16. Guess we are all different: some looked at and felt sorry for the piggies, others like me indeed saw a possible double tornado forming in that cloud . . . ‘lucky’ it was just a blow-over wind! For some reason I always thought Tornado Alley copped its lot about May . Hmm, that barn washing seems an awfully big job in addition to all else on the list: perhaps the grub on the walls is actually keeping some of the wind out . . .

  17. Those clouds do look menacing. It’s probably a good thing we here in the city do not have an unobstructed view of the horizon. I can only imagine the panic of my fellow city folk if that cloud front was seen coming our way. And as a proud city folk, I’d be panicking, too. 😉

  18. Exciting weather you have there. Maybe the dirt in the barn is keeping your stock healthy in a similar way that children from farms usually suffer less from allergies than children brought up in a house where every surface is cleaned with anti-bacterial produces every five minutes.

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