The Ride

When riding on the truck BooBoo stands  on the deck, with his feet up on the sides,  hanging his head forward as far as he can so his head is almost parallel with mine as I drive. He keeps one eye on the road and one eye on me.  TonTon always sits down behind the cab out of the wind. He prefers to lounge as he rides. he feels no compulsion to check that I am driving straight.  He is a trusting chap.

dogs on truck

So, yesterday morning, with everyone in their accustomed positions, windows down and  relaxing into the wind we drove around the corner to the West Barn to feed the pigs  and collect some hay for the cows but lo and behold as we puttered across the bridge we met Molly and Tahiti the two young Hereford gilts out by the road attempting to dig up the neighbours letter-box.  They turned and watched the dogs and I drive up with a kind of idle bemusement.  I shook  my head, parked the truck, had a bit of a chat to the pigs about respecting other peoples property and the dangers of playing in the road, then leaving the truck where it was, the dogs and I walked the two tired but talkative  pigs back to the West Barn.barn

They are now in one of the relatively escape proof pens (I hope) and are checked frequently.  They will have to take turns with the big pigs for the outside run. At the very least they are well trained to come to me when I call them. As long as I stay very calm and  they don’t get a fright they will follow me just about anywhere. But I would rather they stayed put.


They are in a holding pattern for another month until Poppy leaves. In a few months they can go in with the boar.   But until that excitement they need to stop amusing the locals by wandering about the countryside.

With all the wind we have been having the gardens are drying out quite fast so today I will plant some more. I will only plant as much as I can cover  with plastic though as it is only March and there is still cold weather on the way. March is Such a LONG month. Also the peafowl is still out and about. And they will eat the garden as fast as I can plant it so this year I am covering everything in cloches until the birds  are safely in the Peacock Palace.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi


25 Comments on “The Ride

  1. I am trying to visualise how one has a calm chat with a couple of rambunctious teenaged pigs. They knew they’d been naughty, and they were doing their best to talk their way out of trouble. Has it got to the point where the neighbours ring up and tell you “those pigs of yours are in the road again”, or do they just laugh and drive past? Perhaps they need a piggy jungle gym to keep them amused….

  2. Those little rascals at least were kind enough to follow you instead of making you chase and corral them. There will never be a treadmill in your future. You have a built in exercise plan. Have a lovely day.

  3. Poppy’s daughters for sure 🙂 I think they believe they have been exiled and are trieing to get back home. Laura

  4. Happy that you caught them in the act rather than have to track them down when you found them missing. My father in law used a pop bottle cut in half length-wise as a mini greenhouse. Worked great. Good luck with the garden.

  5. Hey Celi I wanna ride with Boo!! I like that wind blowing on my face too!! It’s from all those years of farming on an open tractor!! oh those naughty girls!! I think they wanted to sneak out wonder down the road looking for boyfriends!! They don’t have cell fones so they can’t text like the girls do today!!! I love the picture with the barn against the clouds!! Great countryside shot!! have a good one!! hugs to Boo and Ton!!

  6. While I know you aren’t driving at break neck speeds around the farm, I always cringe when I see dogs standing like that in a moving truck. It isn’t uncommon to see this very thing on our highways, even though dogs are supposed to be harnessed and restrained if in the bed of a truck while on the road. I remember as a child seeing a dog fall from a truck because it was watching the world go by like Boo. Not a nice memory. Does Boo whisper in your ear as you drive, giving you advice? Male backseat drivers can be so annoying sometimes 😉

    • I’m with you, Deb. I’ve been called “Worry Wart” (and much worse) but that’s who I am.

  7. It’s so interesting to me that so many farm animals find the need to wander out of fences. I wonder what that’s about? “The grass is always greener” must surely have been penned because of animals and not humans.

  8. LOL – escape proof pens for pigs – ha ha ha, you are sooo funny! Ours would NEVER stay in. Penny (my sisters 700lb pet) knew how to open hook locks on gates so we actually had to wrap chains around them. First time she got out scared me to death! Came home from work, gate was wide open and no Penny. I searched around the building/fields for an hour then finally went to the house to change and look more. Well, I noticed the dog food container (with a snap on lid mind you) was dumped over and 1/2 empty. Hmmm – looked around the house and there she was! When it rains a gulley flows through our front yard. Apparently she had lunch (and a snack and dinner and…) then decided to find a semi-shady cool spot to take her afternoon nap at – the gulley! She dug down about 2 feet the full length of her body – we now have a fish pond in that spot as a fun reminder of her (yes, she has died – but we still love her and miss her!). But, just like you, we tried to pen her it – just was never strong enough I guess. 🙂

  9. I am new to your blog and have to tell you I LOVE IT!
    Smiles from ON, Canada

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