Off the air …

I will be off the air for a few days. Where I am going tomorrow, you cannot follow. But not to worry. Miss C just  needs some personal days.

I will be unreachable until possibly Thursday morning, maybe Friday. No dramas. No worries. Just no words from me for a while. Until I am back on the farm.calves

My big black sunglasses, a scarf to cover my hair, and you will see my black heeled shoe with magenta arches barely showing pulled up and back – then in behind the closing door of a swiftly moving shiny ebony car. (obviously not mine as the cooking oil car is neither swift nor shiny!)

I will return of course.  But you and I will be doing without each other for a few days. Just a few days off that is all.


The longest break I have taken  from this journal for years and years.


Take a break too, exercise, eat up,  stay strong, because when I return the season will begin in earnest.

Love celi

62 Comments on “Off the air …

      • I am so glad for you that you took the plunge! I am still working on how to re-introduce myself to my blog practice, since now that I took my first break, and it was huge, it felt so good!! May you find joy in all that you do—and that you DON’T do! 🙂 Big hugs from here. K

  1. This feels very mysterious and a trifle scary. Hope all is well and you will be missed. We will keep good thoughts for you and yours during those days.

  2. It’s going to be strange drinking my morning coffee without checking the State Of The Farmy, who said what in the Lounge of Comments, and looking at the world through your eyes (and the eye of Camera House). But if it involves high heels and sunnies, it can’t be all bad? Enjoy (if appropriate), and come back to us happy, healthy and in good spirits. We’ll be here.

  3. Ohh I will miss your posts and the fellowship. Safe travels 😀

  4. Ebony car… Well, I don’t know enough about the U.S. to know whether my associations are even remotely relevant. Ugh. This post should be reported to!! Seriously, though (even if just as a prophylactic measure): Good thoughts galore for you, esteemed high-heeled Lady of the Farmy.

  5. Take care! I hope all is well with you…this post is quite mysterious. Looking forward to your daily posts appearing in my Reader again when you get back.

  6. Everyone has noted my thoughts and sentiments very well so far, and while I never complain about a good mystery, this one has me on edge slightly. Minds begin to assume all sorts of odd or horrid things, but… if we need to be told more I think we all realize you will share when ready so I am going to imagine a story line with MISS C: SPY EXTRAORDINAIRE – ‘By day a mild mannered farmer, by night…saving the heartland from evil doers while ever so stylish…”
    Best Miss C. Hurry back 🙂

    • Yes, if it were a problem I would tell you – it is all very dull – but I am not getting into details here because of a privacy issue. I need some time now. c

      • Honestly…I don’t think you should feel you have to share everything about your life here, including problems. Your blog, your life, just do what you have to do.

  7. In the wise words of Michael Jackson “mama-say-mama-sa-mama-coosa,” we don’t know what he was on about, but we loved him just the same. 😉 don’t forget your lippie …

  8. Take care dearest. I hope everything turns out well and in your favour. Big hugs. ❤ xx

  9. Take care & hope all turns out well. Will miss our daily dose of the garden!

  10. Oooooh, I don’t like the sound of this. Being Irish, of course, I immediately go to a funeral–ebony limo, dark glasses to hide swollen eyes, high heels, etc. I cannot help it. But I can hope I’m 100% wrong which I am 90% of the time. Okay 95%.
    At this very moment I am reading a book entitled, BREAKING THE HABIT OF BEING YOURSELF by Dr. joe Dispenza. The subtitle is : How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.

  11. You may be going to a funeral. Or to have your face lifted. But I’m going to pretend that you are going to negotiate a book deal. Whatever it is, and yes, it is none of our business, be well, travel safe, and know that we will all be here waiting for your return.

  12. Love this…being present…even when you’re not. We all need to take a break from it. I was just discussing this with a dear friend last night. Take the time needed and enjoy every second of your break! Can’t wait to see you back to writing soon!

  13. I feel a sadness in you Celi and respect your privacy in not sharing; we don’t need to tell the world everything, and space is good sometimes. Take care till we see you again dear lady.

  14. My quiet prayers accompany you during what must be sad and difficult days . . . let the tears flow if need be: they will be healing . . . .

  15. Best of the best to you, dearest Celi. I’ll miss the heck out of you…probably not quite as much as Sheila will miss you, but a close second. I’ve learned to love you quite a lot, so much so that I won’t be too sorely damaged by your absence. Much love, your Gayle

  16. Dearest Celi, The best of the best to you always. I have learned to love you quite a lot, so much so that I don’t think I’ll be too damaged by your absence. Lots of love, Your Gayle

    This is the changeless faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future. ~~Baha’u’llah


  17. I am sending love and thoughts of well-being on the spring breezes. May the southern skies bring warmth and comfort – and positive earth energy keep you well-grounded.

  18. Will be here when you get back! May all the “sorting” go smoothly.

  19. Enjoy your time off ! Is John joining you on your secret escapade? Can’t wait to hear what has transpired, red bottom shoes and all.
    Robin 🐥

  20. Sometimes we need space and we understand completely here at the Hotel Thompson. You go and rock your world but remember to come back to us our little bird. XOXO – Bacon

  21. Hope your time off is fruitful. I know it is well deserved. I have a hard time posting even once a week, so posting every day is a heroic allotment of time, self and energy that I can and do appreciate, but could never manage. Take care!

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