The season begins

And we are off – miss c is back in the saddle… (an English saddle,  those wild wild west cowboy saddles hurt my bony bum.) And me and my saddle (but no horse of course) are moving fast now.

Thank you for your patience with me and my absence.

Spring has hung it’s hat here for a while. No season stays, the season will drop to the earth for a while then move on.  And we follow. Yesterday it was  blowing and cold and raining  hard- spring nevertheless. poppy

Yesterday Hop and Pop Poppy came home from the West barn.  She trotted with much anticipation on and then with much anticipation off the trailer and went straight into her old pen with the big outside run and began to look for food. As you would  – being a pig and all. And pregnant too I hope.

Long leggy Auntie Sheila was out –

pigs and chickens

Due to driving rain I brought Sheila into the barn from her outside house. In error I had left the door open to the sunroom in the barn where Tima has been sleeping and Sheila shambled straight in and claimed the best corner at the door ensuring no intruders.

pigs - hereford

Tane is still in the big inside pen so he cannot get Tima pregnant and deeply unimpressed by this carry on.

tane boar

Alex was brought into a small pen so I could put a halter on her. I want to halter her in case she has any problems with calving – she is a heifer after all. Quite to my surprise she stood beautifully and though nervous she let me attach the halter then detach it again because even this big calf halter was the wrong shape for the miniature cow. I was pleased with her behaviour.  Though still timid she is kind.

alex dexter

Aunty Del loves the camera – she is such a flirt.


Later in the afternoon I discovered that Sheila had pulled down the blanket I use to tuck Tima in at night. This one is the same colour as her old blanket from the bad winter when she slept alone. She had dragged it into the middle of the pen then lay down beside it.


When I came in to see what she was up to, she lifted her head and made her good night noises. When I picked up her blanket she wriggled further into her bed and making these low grunts appeared to invite me to cover her up.

pigs with blankets

So I did. This was early in the evening about 4pm and at her night time check she was still sleeping soundly, still under the blanket. And it was a miserably cold and stormy night last night.  My clever pig.


When Tima came in to go to bed she was aghast. But very quietly agast as one does not want to disturb the biggest pig. So she lay down quietly on the other side and did the best she could.

kunekune and hereford

Good morning. I hope you have a lovely day.

My brain has caught up with its skull and I am ready for action.  My roaming is finished for the year now. Barring any emergencies we are looking towards months of good solid farming with all its attendant ups and downs.

I am looking forward to this season – I have a good feeling.

Love celi



80 Comments on “The season begins

  1. Pleased to have you back in my inbox 🙂 And loving the pics as usual ❤
    Happy Easter from Down Under where Good Friday is just wrapping up … And so am I – wrapping up gifts for my big-10yo-tomorrow-boy 🙂

  2. What a sweet and lovely post. I just adore your farm-ily.

    Update: Mom has pneumonia again and is in the hospital. She got to be at home for 1 day short of two full weeks…. The cancer has grown in her chest and is now pressing her lungs closed. Hospice will be taking over very soon – and we will take her home to wait for her to journey to her eternal home in heaven.

    I regret making the decision of encouraging her to get a feed tube now….. it has just prolonged her suffering for two more months, but we do what we think is best at the time and moment we are in it. It was always 50/50 that she would recover enough for more cancer treatment. And then the cancer treatments were only a 50/50 chance of curing or halting the cancer. But love pushes us to ask for more time…. And more time is what we all want right? Just a little more time to love, a little more time to smile, a little more time to breathe…….

    • Yes and you did not have this information when you made that previous decision. You did what you did at the time with the information you had – no-one really knows what comes next. Good luck to you all. You can send updates to my email account from now on, so we can talk properly. .. c

    • I feel for you and the tough period you are going through. I went through a similar experience with my mom whom I lost in May 2015. Thinking of you.

      • And Nadia, the same offer I make to you, dear one. Much love, Gayle

    • I feel for you and your Mum, Pat, and hope her transition is a peaceful one. May God bless you all.

    • My only sister and true best friend has just lost her epic battle, I am grateful that she was finally granted peace, although there will be a void in the universe where she once stood. I understand the sorrow and frustration you are feeling and offer my heartfelt sympathy. Please don’t regret a decision you have made that allowed you both another moment in time. There are many versions of love, and she knew that you did your best. It’s cancer that sucks!!

      • Dear Aspen hills. I am so sorry to hear of you losing your dear sister to the sickness. My mother was the first of my close relatives to die from cancer – she was 49. So I empathise with you. I hope the pressure on your throat lessens soon. Much love c

      • And dear aspenhills, the same deal is offered to you. Just email me at This offer goes to any other grieving member of the Fellowship. Much love, Gayle

    • You did your best, made the best decision at the time, there can be no regrets when what you’ve done and decided was done for love.

  3. Hate to say it, but I sort of feel like Shiela with her blanket these days. Don’t know why, but I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. The arrival of Spring does this to me. It’s all about awakenings, but I go through a period of pig-in-a-blanket tired. Do you all have this experience too? (Italians all say it is very common.)

  4. Sheila was being very clever. What better way to spend an afternoon and evening when it is cold and stormy? Very cute pics. And so glad to have you back. I missed your emails in my inbox.

  5. Welcome back Ms. C . I’m in Germany for Easter and it’s cold and rainy. My brother ‘s sheep are still in the barn.

  6. Welcome back. Not that the internet shows it, but The Fellowship has another member. My daughter (two next month) asks to see your photos. Mostly she wants “more cows” but she enjoys the “big birds,” “piiigs”, “dog”s, and “chickins” as well as the “bahrn.”

    • Bless her heart. I am always happy to hear of the little ones reading the blog. Though sometimes there are tough discussions I try to keep it family friendly. I hope that if all goes well there will be calves too which will be fun for her. c

      • I think it’s fantastic for her. Growing up on land with animals and not having the same experience for her, it really helps me feel like she’s more understanding of things that I’d hope she would be. I’m not sure what I’d do with a full blown “city kid” (as we used to call the kids who didn’t know about mucking stalls, etc.)

  7. That Sheila is just too much! And she certainly does have it made there on the farmy! Now I’m feeling a little sorry for Sweet Tima though. No doubt she is tip toeing around Sheila and wondering where her partner, Tane, has gone to! Spring, here we come!!! xo

  8. Oh lord that Sheila! And the photo of Tima, looking “quietly aghast!” Great way to start my day, thanks. Glad you are back.

  9. You put a blankie on your piggy?? LMAO With all that straw they have to snuggle into, why does she get a blankie and nobody else does? Who’s your favorite?? Hee hee hee, like I cant tell!! Just love you and your critters – nice to see that someone else adores them as much as I/we do!! Thank you for sharing and great pics!

  10. Love the look of alarm in Tima’s big dark eyes… That little face peeking nervously round the end of the partition. All today’s photos are wonderful, but that one’s my absolute favourite!

  11. I am comforted by these daily stories from the farm. Each character has a personality and a part in the story… and each day we await the mystery of the weather, some blessing, some catastrophic event, a hilarious moment and whatever else life has to offer. Like any good story, we’re taught and we’re entertained. Thank you for sharing your story of daily life as it unfolds. 🙂

  12. Thank you for all the photos today allowing us to check in on the animals and you as you press forward through those still very ominous skies.

  13. Big Pig in a Blanket. There’s your book title. (What a nice smile Sheila has snug in bed! Pigs are very smart and they do learn. Good memories. Clever is the best word for pigs.)
    The peacock waterfall is quite a beautiful photo. Stay snug yourself and hang on for spring’s bounce and joys

  14. It’s been quite cold here lately, and today it’s raining as well. All the goats have chosen to sleep in, and if I feed them before the Matriarch Doe is up and about, they don’t eat as well. So it will be brunch instead of breakfast today – an unexpected perk of installing barncams!

  15. We’ve also had it cooler and freezing rain the past two days, but today is decidedly milder and appears the rain has lifted. I love the update on all your lovely farmy animals. It sounds like the addition of Alex will turn into a great positive and, of course, Sheila wrapped in a warm blanket is a lovely image. She looks so settled in and happy, I wonder if she prefers that location to her outdoor hut. Well, perhaps in bad weather, anyway. I am looking forward to all the birthings due in the next while. Hope you are well, and wishing you a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  16. its great to have you back….lots of love  

    Sent: Friday, March 25, 2016 at 2:20 PM

  17. Good morning from Parham, Ontario. We had the blast of freezing rain last night but got off fairly well with the temperatures warming up above freezing this morning. Loved the banner picture today. Celi, your shots seem so rich and full of colour. They always do … but today’s are very sharp. Loved Sheila’s antics … and poor Tane and Tima’s faces! Your shots of Auntie Del are magnificent. Thank you for bringing us into your life – it brings happiness into my mornings!

    • Hi Parham! I had to look you up on the map as I’d not heard of your town before… and find you even have your own Wikipedia page. Impressive! Especially since it described the town as having two general stores and three churches! Not bad for a population of just 250! heh heh… But you are in a beautiful part of the country. 🙂

  18. Welcome back! 🙂

    Isn’t Sheila clever? But poor little Tima must have been shocked to have her blanket stolen! The photos made me smile. Your animals are such characters, each with their own personality.

  19. Oh it’s so good to have you back! Sheila is astonishing in so many ways, her great size for one thing. Just spectacularly humongous. And her intelligence to match. She had to lift her head to spot that blanket way above her. And then to pull it down with her teeth and drag it with her. But best of all is her emotional intelligence. Making it clear she wanted to be covered. (We won’t mention a certain sense of entitlement.)

  20. Life on the farmy is good. Here it’s life on the beach. Carnival atmosphere as all the Mexican families come to the beach for Semana Santa, Holy Week. Looking forward to returning to Manitoba spring in late April. Hopefully Spring will be there before I am. Have a lovely day.

  21. sheila looks so cozy and large under her blanket…..welcome back. i think transitions are sticky . ..the spaces in between…..winter into spring…under a blanket is a fine place to be.

  22. Glad your back. I wonder what Sheila is dreaming about? 😀

  23. There’s no staying in bed under the covers here in Central California. Camellias, lilacs, tulips, dogwood….everything is warm and sunny right now. If I wanted to nap, it would be on the lawn, in the middle of it all. For all the rest of you in places where spring is taking its time, you’ll be enjoying all the same wonderfulness soon, when California has turned yellow and dry for the year. Enjoy those naps while you can!

  24. Your departure dove-tailed nicely with my travels. In Longview, WA now and focusing on where I am. Saw the dentist twice so far and am finally adjusted to going about town on foot. Love it that you are back! And love it that I am back as well. Lots and lots of love, Gayle

  25. Will Tima get another little blanket now that her’s has been “borrowed”?

  26. Easter Saturday here: tho’ I personally do not celebrate, what a lovely Easter present for all of us to see you back . . . and hope yours will be a happy one with somewhat less rain and more springlike temperatures . . . . am beginning to look forwards to all those births to be, wondering how many ‘boys’ to eat or sell and ‘girls’ to keep . . . . nice

  27. Ahh Sheila …. what can I say 🙂 So pleased to hear Alex is warming up at last, that is good news. Pleased to be back on the farmy again. Laura

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