The wind is howling outside. It howled all yesterday too by the afternoon it was gale force and is holding. twenty-two-005

It looks so serene.


See how the wind has blown up a tuft of Aunty Del’s fringe?

The ground in the field was too wet for the farmer to till it yet. (Which is good as they till this poor overworked soil way too often). So the very strong wind – gusting up to 50mph/80km – has picked up the loose corn husks and blown them across the land. In fact, after yesterday’s afternoon chores, I had grit in my eyes from flying debris hitting my face.


And many of the corn husks have caught in the fences and whisked around into the corners of the fields.  So as soon as the wind drops I am going out to rake up a few of the piles and shove them into the pig’s houses – this stuff is wonderful bedding.  A gift from the wind.

Do you see how they have swirled around into circular piles?  Every single thing affects the patterns left by the wind.  It’s direction. Every weed and wire influences a slice of the wind. Even a bunch of husks blown by the wind into the fence affects the pattern of the wind that follows. Much like every spoken word or silent word, every action or lack of action has a consequence.  Tread carefully. Try to affect our planet positively. Work with the wind.

Some of the farmers bale the corn husks into big round bales. I would Love a couple of those as a Christmas present.  They would be perfect for the winter barn floor.

The cold is coming now. We drop now to freezing and hover above and below those temperatures now – for a while probably.

I hope you have a lovely day


WEATHER: Still very windy.  And tonight will be a cold night for animals, with the cold AND the wind, so I will put out extra straw to go with the corn husks.

Tuesday 12/05 0% / 0 inWindy with a mix of clouds and sun. High near 40F/4C. Winds W at 25 to 35 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Tuesday Night 12/05 0% / 0 inClear to partly cloudy. Low 27F/-3. Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.

7:02 am 4:24 pm
Waning Gibbous, 95% visible 6:55 pm 8:55 am


31 Comments on “BLOWN AWAY

  1. Don’t you just love it when you are given something useful for nothing by nature 🙂 Three straight days of rain here, cold and muddy and needless to say it is not in the catchment areas to refill our dams 😦 Sometimes you can’t win. I don’t like the wind, hope it calms down soon for your sake. Laura

  2. Good morning, c. I love watching cyclonic winds, like dust devils and the sort. Don’t want a full-on twister though; too frightening and dangerous.

  3. We were in the 90’s this weekend and now down to 40 this am. I’m ready for this cold air! Our pollen season has gone too long for my lungs and eyes.

    Boo looks totally flummoxed standing looking at the corn husks. “what are those things doing in there?”

    Flummoxed – another lovely word.

  4. I rather like the new corn husk fencing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just leave the barn doors wide open and that wind would simply blow those husks right into place for you? I suppose that might be asking a bit too much… 😉

  5. Wind can be very unsettling, but at least it’s not a freezing gale, or full of water. Just corn husks. A free gift from the wind.

  6. I can handle pretty much anything other than the wind. It messes with my ions. 🙂 Makes me jittery and unsettled and expect it can do that to animals as well. The cold has reached us here too and the wind is coming in tonight through the week. Brrrr. Glad everyone there is safe and the barn is still standing. Have a terrific Tuesday.

  7. C.? I bet if you put on a little lippy and sauntered over to one of those corn husk baling farmers that he would gladly gift you a few bales of them. Don’t you think that would surely work? :))

  8. Those critters would have the sweetest of dreams in their corn husk beds.. “Ah – desert!!”

    If memory serves me correctly, it wasn’t that many generations back that the settlers in the West stuffed their mattresses with corn husks too. Noisy, as in crunchy and squeaky, but it sufficed very nicely. Straw? Umm – too skritchy and dusty!

    Have a great, blustery day everyone! Wind’s been playing havoc here, as well.

  9. I struggle with windy weather. The winds we get in Spain throughout the year which can last for days stretch nerves and emotions to their limits.

  10. We use the left overs from the sugar cane harvests here for mulch and chook house bedding, there’s even a farmer who has spray free.

  11. We had the warm wind yesterday along with thunder and lightning in the evening. Today is another story, 50 mph gusts with 28* F makes it feel colder than a well diggers bum! Judging from the wheel barrow load of apples in the barn my horses and the donk don’t care to be out in the wind either.

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