Monday Morning. Hog delivery day. 


Yesterday, before I loaded the well-fed hog, I loaded and shifted the Uniball Bobby to join the beefers on the other side (he will be sold when I return from NZ) and loaded and shifted Poppy, who went to join Manu.


The truck and the stock trailer was busy yesterday.  And in a few minutes, I will climb back into the truck with the trailer behind, my two sleepy dogs in the back seat, hot coffee in my thermos and drive off into the dark dawn.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Our last warm day of the year might be a bit soggy.

Monday 12/04 40% / 0.03 in
Windy…scattered thunderstorms in the morning, with cloudy skies late. High 63F/30C. Winds S at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 40%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Monday Night 12/04 100% / 0.26 in
Windy. Showers and thunderstorms during the evening. Then becoming mostly clear overnight. Low around 30F/-1C. Winds WSW at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

7:01 am 4:24 pm

Full, 97% visible 5:53 pm 7:49 am



27 Comments on “MOONING

  1. As luck would have it, we have had 3 nights of heavy cloud cover and rain, sadly didn’t see the supermoon 🤐 hope you are back safely from your travels. Laura

  2. Wow – on the road before dawn!! Great photos, as always. AND – you’re getting closer and closer to heading out to New Zealand!!

  3. The moon is riveting. All the time, but especially now. Can’t take my eyes off that enormous pearl. I think it’s trying to tell us to shape up.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I am always trying to capture the moon in pictures. It’s nice to know the moon and its light is there for all of us to work/sleep/love under. Safe travels.

  5. After the Christmas tree lighting festivities in our little town. we had supper then headed up to Lookout Point to gaze at the moon. Gosh it was gorgeous! Sadly to say, it does not photograph well on cell phone cameras! Wonderful evening!

  6. I’ve scrolled up and down a few times … no one asked what those lights are that you painted with in the first shot? What are those? The shot has captured my imagination … but I’m thinking it likely isn’t alien landings, or fireworks, or well lit frogs on the rainy early morning roadside … ?

      • Nice when those type of intrusions turn into something lovely in a shot. I know that feeling. We border on a fairgrounds. It is only used occasionally during the summers. But all winter I notice the plastic primary coloured playground structure they built right up against our property. They had almost one hundred acres to work with … but there they are … right next door. Oh well. They give the donkeys some entertainment. They are nosey little jennies and love to eavesdrop (from a safe distance in their trees) on those hanging out at the picnic tables. 😉

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