Last night as the wind blew hard and the temperatures dropped so fast my face ached, I got all the chores finished. Finally got in the house. Finally peeled off the layers of messed up miserable ramshackle outdoor homeless person clothing. Finally got my iced up gloves off and started thawing out my hands. Finally found the gorilla tape to fix my torn ski farm trousers. Finally got out my bowl of fruit salad and yoghurts wishing I had a good brandy to drizzle it with. And the neighbor calls – he is in a pickle- his truck is stuck in the snow- can I come and pull him out!

Poor old fellow.

I was happy to help though, like firewood, pulling people out of snow drifts is not my department. However with John still away and grounded in California due to the bad weather here I put all my clothes back on – loaded up the dogs and off we went.

The wind is bad this morning. The temperature is still dropping and will dawdle about in the low minus teens all day. Kicking a ball about with Wind – that treacherous wind. Only a sailor could love this wind but even then she could kill him with an extra gust.

I lost the tread off one of my boots yesterday. This may seem like a small thing but – yeah.

Still, I got submersible heaters in all the new emergency waters yesterday. After all the usual problems with extension cords. I am usually good at keeping my spirits high and if not then pretending to myself that they are high but I did feel a little frustrated when I discovered that my last good outside extension cord had dropped a loop straight down into a frozen puddle at the edge of the Rat-house door. And was not moving soon.

And of course my study continues through all this.

The good news is that today will be the worst day – I think. Tomorrow things will start to improve.


The weather this morning is from Weather Live.

73 Comments on “LAST NIGHT

    • Oh no! Don’t go into the doldrums miss snow-woman. It will get better. Try to get a bit of this sun on your face. Even if it is dreadfully cold. A few minutes sun always helps. All my love !! Hopefully you feel better soon.

  1. I’m not going to complain about the cold here in the south. It’s so rare for us to have this. I can’t imagine how brutal it feels up there. I hope things begin to improve soon for you.

    • It is just windy and cold. Not the end of the world yet. And I have lots of clothes and a warm house- there are plenty much worse off. Remember my blog posts are not complaints – merely documents of the moment on a farm. It is winter after all /

      • I did not mean that you were complaining! I was just noting that I sure better not complain (though I do because cold hurts my feet having neuropathy). I appreciate the warmer climate here, but I never have loved anything about the cold.

  2. I say a headline that said Chicago would be colder than the arctic. Not a goal one aspires too but we are sitting at -1 and will drop to -5. Take care of you and the critters. Morning miss c… t

  3. It’s only -21 with -52 wind chill here at Pontiac. Glad all the Farmy Kids are inside and warm with your care for them. And blessings to you for taking care of your neighbor – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Stay warm Celi.

  4. I don’t envy you the weather. You can tell how cold it is by how puffed up the cat and birds fur and feathers are. I’ve seen video of Chicago this morning. I’m sure you neighbour really appreciated the help last night too!

  5. I smiled at the frozen extension cord loop — not because it’s amusing, but because that’s the sort of detail that can send me over the edge when it happens. Proverbial straw-camel’s-back and all that. It does look like you’ll be improving after today. A friend in Madison, WI will be sunny and above zero tomorrow, and then above freezing on Saturday. You’ll be able to reclaim your cord!

  6. Hang in there.. I hear you. my hubby heads out for a trip next week and I will be on my own for days, I am prepping but we will get it done, even if its a little slower, a little different.. it does make me at least grateful for all they do.. when we do it all ourselves 🙂 Stay warm!

  7. I’m grateful to have a warm house and running water. I feel sorry for the animals that have to endure this and also the poor people running heaters that are sometimes not safe, just to stay warm. My goat is shivering….she is 15…she has water and lots of hay..nothing more I can do. I can’t open the back door because of the wind. It’s brutal and we are much warmer than you at 8 degrees.

  8. Eastern IA was -24˚F and will be again tonight. The miserable confining cold is dangerous on many levels. It plays with your mind.

  9. I sure know the Gorilla tape – trousers trick. This past month even the Gorilla tape would not hold in the cold. Strangest thing to see that happen! Good thing winter is like childbirth. Hard to remember when it’s past … !

  10. My SA heart was strangely happy to see the guinea fowl today. I wonder if they have ‘genetic memory’ of the high 30+C temps and hot dusty roads that their ancestors trotted down? I am also mulling over whether that is Lulu or Egoli. Blowing some sunshine and heat your way today. Laura

  11. Chicago is on our news today in the uk, those temps are awful. We are complaining, and our weather is a lot milder than yours. 😀

  12. I sure hope that neighbor offered you some firewood for your major assistance! And also hope Jake is around for you just in case. And little Jude looks so pensive!!

    • Funny, that was exactly my first reaction, but refrained from commenting 😃 Laura

  13. Thank goodness you and your animals can be inside and safe. I can hardly bear to think of farms with large herds. I do hope John can make it home soon after your weather moderates a bit. Take care.

  14. I get a kick out of Poppy tiptoeing over Sheila going to bed at night and then rising earlier than Sheila in the morning. This would be grist for a hilarious video someday.
    Also I wonder about their pillowtalk—the pros and cons of motherhood as opposed to maidenhood.

    • I read that ducks feet can’t freeze but then on duck forums, they say their ducks feet do freeze. I have seen my goose sitting on her feet to keep them warm. But imagine them being stuck on a frozen pond where they can’t get out.

  15. For example, does Poppy secretly think Sheila “is too selfish to have children “?

  16. I was hoping your neighbour would come up with a slug of brandy for your yoghurt. That would have warmed the prospects of going back out again! Hunker down. Spring will come.

  17. Your arse has plenty to complain about but you do it with such good humor that no one notices. You are a good soul to go help your neighbor but that’s what neighbors do. To bad your John is missing all the fun. 😉 I’ve been watching the weather and praying for everyone and everything affected by this deep freeze. The other extreme can be just as hard. Winter is finally winking at us here in Portland, OR. Won’t last long and NOTHING like what you have there. I’m glad you can protect all in the barn.

  18. Horrible temperatures. Helping out neighbours in time of troubles is another thing farmers are familiar with because it could be you next time and county services/garage etc can’t always be depended to get out there in a timely fashion with other more immediate situations to deal with. (It’s -15 F, feels like -31 F in our area.) Sending warm thoughts your way.

  19. Poor kitty! (Lulu?) Couldn’t find anything bigger to sit on? Looks kind of like a mugwump! Old term in politics for indecisiveness in Presidential elections (sitting on the fence with your ‘mug’ on one side, your ‘wump’ on the other! In this case, kitty is a wire sitter – smile.

    Please stay warm to your comfort zone, stay happy, and know we all wish you the best through this!

  20. Thank goodness today was the worst day. I can’t get my head around the weather, or much else… I’m getting better at just dealing with whatever… but I doubt I’ll ever be in your league of stoic.

  21. The guinea fowl look like they have lost their combs on top due to the frost…or is it my imagination? Goodness, it is cold there…and you’ve lost the tread on one of your boots. It makes our heat feel much more tolerable!

  22. Aw a hard days work for sure. I’m worried about some Ohio friends who are without electricity. Yes, they have gas and oil, but dumb manufacturers have gone to putting electrical switches for the pilot lights for the on/off mechanism. “Advancement and safety” my back end! anyway – that is a soapbox I’ll step down from. Seems I have a few soap boxes hanging around my area these days.

  23. Sorry to hear you lost a YakTrack! In my world, that’s a bigger problem than some! We are also having waterer problems, as the electric cords going out to the animals must be getting water somewhere, so the circuit keeps popping and turning them off. Pain in the neck (and a lot of other places, too!). We are just getting into the cold you just had. Brr, but this too shall pass. I love what meadowmice said: winter is like childbirth, you forget how bad it was afterward! So true. But on some of these bitter cold days I struggle to imagine warm breezes blowing through the leaves on the trees, and have a hard time imagining that as well!

  24. Miss C! Coming in from cold, hard work and all you have is a bowl of cold yoghurt and fruit…? No, no! Surely a big pot of hot soup with barley and chunks of vegie and some good meat stock would be more comforting? No wonder you long for a quick tot of brandy.

      • Oooh, fried potato, that’s OK then. I only thought just cold yoghurty stuff sounded a bit chilly and modest for the amount of cold hard work you’re doing.

  25. Reading all this there s just one prayer in my heart – please do not let there be an outage ! Somehow, just somehow I feel you will be alright until the weather breaks and John gets there to help . . . wish I could send one of my/our Chicago friends down with a case of brandy for the rest of the winter !! Celi – remember how Down Under that was always called ‘hospital brandy’ ??. . . the best medicine in the world . . . bestest . . .

    • Oh yes! I do ! When I was nursing I would push the meds trolley around the old people and say you want your sleeping pill Mrs B or a brandy or a wee port!! I had forgotten all about that ! Also I am sure I must have been about 18!!! Hmm – yes I remember now.

      • Oh hugs, Ceci ! You’ll be alright . . . . still hate the ‘wee port’ but wish you had a large brandy . . . . mostly over in 24/24 I hope . . .

  26. ooof. When you said the neighbor called all I could feel was – now she has to get all dressed again in 80 layers! No choices, of course, but I know that feeling. Happy to help – it’s the getting ready that’s sort of defeating and exhausting.

    I feel like mother nature is taking the winter thing a little bit too far. It’s like she’s gotten on meth or something. Someone should intervene. Because this kind of thing is off the chain. Not acceptable. No one consulted me on the polar vortex apocalyptic winter. I do NOT approve. Where do we write to complain?

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