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A Flying Focus

Thank you for visiting today. Sunday is always a very quiet day in my blog world. What is your best day? I always get the most readers on Monday morning at 7am my time. Most readers are from the United States. Below is Pania… Continue Reading “A Flying Focus”

Flying Peahen

Honestly, sometimes, don’t you just want to FLY! Or not.  Good morning.  Have a lovely, lovely day. celi On this day a year ago.  Spinach Soup. 

Wet Farmy with a Flying Peahen…

See what happens when we take the day off. And no, I did not get a sleep in, instead there was a murder in the bedroom when Our John forgot that I was having a sleep in and WOKE ME UP!@!! at 5am.  I… Continue Reading “Wet Farmy with a Flying Peahen…”