Flying Peahen

Honestly, sometimes, don’t you just want to FLY!

Or not. 

Good morning.  Have a lovely, lovely day.


On this day a year ago.  Spinach Soup. 

25 Comments on “Flying Peahen

  1. i can see you flying round, busy-busy. wonderfull photos.
    right must dash, sorry fly !

  2. Sounds like you and Eldest Son are well grounded and working hard. Enjoy 🙂 Laura

  3. Lovely shots! Don’t you just love her wee crest sillouetted against the sky!

  4. Good Husband and I shared your photographs today Celi. We loved them. A delightful way to start this day. Sept. 25th and our daughter would have been 54 today. We are celebrating her birthday. Virginia

  5. I wish there was a way for individuals to just soar for a bit without the use of planes. How fun to just fly along looking out over the horizon?

  6. She looks like she is quite properly attired to travel with a little pillbox hat (feathers on her head). Remember how we used to dress up to fly or to go downtown to shop?

  7. It’s a wonder how some birds can fly, isn’t it? I hope all’s well. It was a beaute of a day today. I hope we’ve more like it in our immediate future. I’m so not ready for cold weather.
    Have a great evening, Celi!

  8. Would the sheep be wondering if she could take off, too?! The post was just what I needed this afternoon, Celia. Thank you. You have a great time today, too!

  9. Flying peas and rambling rams. Looks pretty perfect to me! Just catching up on my commenting as I have taken to my bed for a ‘benylin day’ advert for colds. At least it means I can catch up.

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