Wet Farmy with a Flying Peahen…

See what happens when we take the day off.

And no, I did not get a sleep in, instead there was a murder in the bedroom when Our John forgot that I was having a sleep in and WOKE ME UP!@!! at 5am.  I told him that hundreds and hundreds of people in more than fifteen different countries  knew I was having a bloody sleep in!!  How could he have forgotton?  I hid the body, then lay in bed without moving and rested.  I had a rest-in until milking time at 6am.

Ah well. There was plenty to do. Fresh Icecream.  Apple Butter and Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce.  In fact I am making Icecream with Apple Butter today!The Sweet Chilli Sauce had to be labelled ‘for the very brave’.  So I am going to work with it in tiny batches, until I get the recipe  just the way I want it, then I shall share.  I use the chilli sauce in gravies, stews, as a dipping sauce, it has many uses,  it is one of my favourite finishing flavours, so I need to write down what I do. We always have so many peppers.

Some of us are not working as hard as others. 

Summer  Sauce and Apple Sauce (for winter apple pies) are almost always on the stove. Or in the crock pot.  Or cooling waiting to go in the freezer.

Hairy MacLairy has a message for Laura, who reminded me that we cannot put him in with Mama unless he has a harness on with the pink chalk so we can get some idea of Due Dates! Of course I cannot deliver the message. I told Hairy that that kind of language belonged in a paddock. He sighed, looked around at the paddock he was standing in, gazed wistfully at the shut gate, then returned to his corner to practice his sad face. 

Daisy is also having a moan about being left in the concrete yards due to the rain. Lovely lovely rain. No fat cows pogging up my fields Daisy.  Just eat your apple peelings and be a good girl. Tomorrow is a new day. Anything can happen tomorrow.

Good morning. We did get a lovely drop of rain. Almost two inches and it is still so wonderfully hot and humid that everything is growing at the rate of knots. It is wonderful for my fields. The tail end of Isaac flicked past and is gone.  There may be a few more showers today. More is always welcome  but  I am happy with my two inches.

I do hope you all find some loveliness today.


On a yesterday and  on this day a year ago.  Oh you are in for a treat. Perfect Sunday reading. TWO little stories.  The day I almost married the Marlboro Man. and My Mother had a Purple Suit. I must have been on a roll that week. Both of these go into the little book of stories from the beach.   I hope you enjoy them.




61 Comments on “Wet Farmy with a Flying Peahen…

  1. I *do* hope your John was appropriately remorseful for interrupting your sleep… 😉
    I’m hoping to have the tomatoes finished before starting on the apples. I have three weeks, I think.
    The house must smell wonderful!

    • I had probably not been clear enough with him, I usually ask him to wake me at quarter to five before he goes to work so i guess it was habit.. c

  2. Yum…apple butter in icecream. I made some apple butter yesterday and if my jars do not disapear with the visitors luggage, I may try the icecream today.
    I hope you hid John well. I don’t think blogging from jail is allowed and what would we all do?

  3. One of your very best posts, Celie, though I am mildly concerned about the murder rap. I’m counting on there having been a Lazarus moment.

    • Poor old Hairy. they usually don’t get up to much until november or so but he does need the harness this time just to be sure he does not do anything early as i will be away in december . c

  4. The Thai chili sauce has me salivating, even at 6:30 am! Do post the recipe when you get it the way you think is most delicious! di

  5. Noooooo how could Your John do that – oh well, no use crying of spilt milk.
    No guessing that the kitty pic is my favourite!
    Have a super week ahead C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. Morning Miss. John was very norty, but I’m wondering if Miss Daisy let you have a lie in too?!

  7. Oh poor you not getting your much anticipated extra hour in bed. Men do have a tendency to be highly efficient when you can least do without it! Bless ’em all!

    • yes, he knows I hate to lose writing time, I guess he did not actually understand the message, i think he has trouble with my accent sometimes! c

  8. Ha, families don’t properly understand Sunday mornings! Chloe called me at 6am British time/ 10pm Vancouver time and woke me up. (Wretched child! Too far to kill though.) Then she stayed on the phone till 11:30pm Vancouver time, the dirty stop-out.
    Love your sweet chilly sauce for the brave; reminds me of our “Hotter than a trophy wife” peach salsa we make…mmm. 🙂

    • Oh awesome.. hotter than a trophy wife.. and are’;t those daughters funny, if i call mine and she is sleeping she says I will call you back, when she calls me I have to Wake Up Ma! c

  9. 🙂 Oh alright Hairy I’ll ask Miss C to look for blue chalk. Give that sad face a good rub from me Celi 🙂 Laura

  10. No such thing as going to bed early or sleeping late. The Thai sauce sounds yummy–as does everything else. What kind of apples are those?

  11. My favorite easy dish is salmon, slathered in sweet chili sauce and baked. I love that sauce, I can imagine homemade is so much nicer! Love your apple butter, summer sauce and apple sauce.. are there recipes somewhere for us to try:) xx I hope your feller’s alive…

  12. we have a saying here, no rest for the wicked!! lol, guess there is no rest for you today!! but you are not wicked, u r very nice!

  13. Good to know everything is fine on the farm. Your demands on weather are so different to mine, in that I don’t grow anything and I just want to sit outside with a glass of wine. That’s about to change so I’ll sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine. I feel sorry for Mr Mclary.

  14. Morning and I am chuckling so long and loud the Good Husband came into the room and said “you must be reading Celi’s post”. There is the routine – morning coffee and writing in my journal, then on to the computer and checking on Celi and life on The Farmy. You are a treasure. You bring much joy and much interest into many lives. Hurrah for Cousin Celi!! V.

  15. Hope you get to rest like the cat one day! And a very fine looking cat it is.

  16. So sad to read of the demise of the lie-in (not to mention Our John!), but it doesn’t seemed to have slowed you down any. I am particularly keen to get that chili sauce recipe once you’ve got it down pat. And as always, I love to think of all those pots of fruit and veg bubbling away in your kitchen.

  17. There are many days I think I would love your life… but I think the wisest course for me would be to hang out with the cats in the sun and watch the interesting stuff in between snoozes 🙂

  18. Can’t believe you were woken up on the one day you’d organised your sleep-in. And it wasn’t much of a sleep-in anyway by normal standards. How lovely to have the rain. xx

  19. Sorry you didn’t get your sleep-in. I had to laugh at the “murder in the bedroom” and hiding the body! Rain is good for the fields, but the animals just don’t understand that, do they? Poor Harry. He has a rough life. You do a great job of photographing your wonderful food endeavors. I wish we had a scratch-n-sniff feature.

  20. You should submit that cat pix to a cat magazine – priceless
    Apple butter sounds heavenly – my mom used to make it every year and My husband always requested a jar for Christmas.
    Busy shelling purple hull peas and freezing them here.
    Oh, wondering – did the veggiemite factory get up and running?(Sorry if that isn’t spell right – bit of a hurry – dinner time)

    • Marmite, and i don’t know if it is going again, i heard talk of it being back in business by October.. i should look that up and see.. c

  21. Oh dear, no sleep in…I have anticipated sympathy, as once my semester starts on Tuesday it will be five a.m. for me every day as well. What I most admire is that you were able to hide the body quickly enough to still get a rest in. How’d you do it? (and I mean all of it!)

  22. Oh my! And I did picture you getting that much coveted sleep! I thought of you the other day regarding rain. I was fishing around our XM channels trying to locate a weather channel update on Isaac, and I came upon one for your general area. I listened for a good ten minutes to traffic patterns–figured that had nothing to do with you, but then we moved to weather and rain and I said a little “hallelujah” for you! 🙂 Debra

  23. Oh no! I feel your pain!!! Can’t believe you didn’t get your sleep-in. That seems to always happen around here too. Mike will do his best to keep the kids out of the room, but one of them always manages to slip past him to wake me up. 😉 Love, love, love the picture of the kitty!!!! Also like the summer sauce shot. Good stuff. Glad you got some good rain.

  24. * Pusscats: sheesh, you’re good actors! Brilliant photo!!
    * Hairy: you must have been witty if ‘she’ won’t even tell us! Yep, empathize!!
    * Peahen pics: you timed it to perfection!
    * Celi – Bet you did not sleep 5am – 6am 😀 !!!

  25. I can hear the grass growing from here! Oh you must try again for that sleep-in and first put up a big sign on your pillow saying DO NOT WAKE ON PAIN OF DEATH!
    I had to laugh about Hairy. Mean, I know, but it’s so funny the way you tell it. I loved ‘that language does not belong in a paddock’!!

  26. Glad to hear you at least got 2 inches of rain. We only had a few showers. According to the weather maps, we were supposed to having thunderstorms but nothing like that hit here at all. We thought the Cubs game might be affected but, instead, it was a sunny afternoon at the ball park. I took the Boys Upstairs. It was their first game and they enjoyed themselves.
    I hope you post your recipes for apple butter and the apple butter ice cream. I don’t have an apple ice cream recipe and this sounds like the perfect one to have.

  27. Hi Celi, Where d’ya hide the body!! lol! Fabulous post as always. Lovely photos tfs. Have a wonderful week.
    Regards Florence x

  28. Morning, c. Did you sort out a “tell-tail” for Hairy? I’m having trouble catching up on reading posts since being away, so forgive me if you already posted the answer.

  29. Oh, I somehow knew that this plan to ‘sleep-in’ would be foiled! A good laugh for us though! Sorry!! Hope you do get your much deserved sleep in soon 🙂

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