Can you sleep in?

Yesterday I took the last of my allotted honey  from the bees.  This year each small  super has yielded just over 2 gallons of lovely clear honey.   I had three honey supers on two hives. So all up we have harvested  a little under 7 gallons (or 26 litres if my calculations are correct) this year!  

When planting your bee garden don’t forget the late summer blooms.  We don’t want the bees to begin eating their winter stores before the winter. I still have piles of white clover in the fields. And some flowers in the garden. At the moment garlic chives are their favourite, see above and anemone is mine, see below. 

In a month or so though, once the clover has finished its last flush, I shall supply sugar water until the freeze.

Next week Mama the old ewe can go back in with Hairy the ram. I think it will be a relief for her as someone is still stealing a sip.  I know it is early but I just cannot deal with Hairy MacLairys sad face anymore. 

I have no ram for the others. They are too young anyway. So they can wander down the back with Queenie.  Have you noticed how Mama always shows her best side when she sees a camera.  She walked all the way down the paddock to me and then stood quite still, in profile, for her portrait to be taken. 

Now just to clarify. I am not renovating an old chook house in which to stow my Mother In Law.  Of course I would not be tempted to do such a thing. (laughter!)I am going to design a tiny house, reminiscent of the old fashioned chicken coops, for her to live in.  It is mainly the chook house roofline I am attracted to. It will be tall and airy with a verandah and it will look like it belongs in the landscape.  

I don’t know how many shots of this rooster’s tail I have subjected you to but he is just so endlessly photogenic.

Good morning.  I hope you all have a lovely day in store. Tomorrow is Saturday here and I am going to have a sleep in until 6am. Usually I hit the keyboard at 5am.  I am not even sure I can sleep in but I will give it a try. So unless something really exciting happens that I just have to tell you about I will spend tomorrows Weblog time visiting with you all instead of writing.


This day a year ago. Longing for Scones. I was making scones.  I love scones that rhyme with longs.  When I was a kid we called our trousers: longs. I just remembered that!

86 Comments on “Can you sleep in?

  1. I got the giggles thinking about putting my “Old Hen” MIL in a chicken coop out in my back yard. 🙂 I’m seriously so excited about watching this project! Check out the shape of the house in the logo of this site:
    There is a ton of info on building and designing great tiny houses in the world of kit-homes.

  2. How is Daisy going to cope with competition for Hairy’s attention, and will Hairy be wearing a pink chalk harness 🙂 ? Enjoy your well deserved lie in tomorrow – Spring is here so up early to start clearing the ravages of winter before it gets too hot out. Laura

  3. Just by for a quick visit! No more pics but I did finally get some new batteries for my camera. I think that’s just fantastic about your honey. Do you use white sugar to make your sugar water? Best wishes on sleeping in. It rarely happens for me. Internal alarm clock. Well, off to start the next load. We’re starting to move firewood today so we don’t freeze this winter! (Even though my furniture isn’t all moved. I can sit on the floor if need be. :)) Have a great day, Celi!

    • yes, just plain white sugar. 1 part sugar 1 part water. but only if i must for winter stores, never when they are making honey for the cupboard.. c

  4. Enjoy the lie in. Even if you wake, you could just lie there and count your blessings – which, I know you do anyway, because that’s what gives this blog it’s wonderful glow.

  5. I can only assume it must be that glorious farm air that gets you out of bed at 5am! So far, despite my best efforts, the ability to do that eludes me. 🙂

    • I did not use the macro though, it is still in the dog box, this was just with the versatile 50mm. I am taking the lens and your suggestions to the old codger today. He used to mend clocks so he will have The Tools! Fingers crossed.. c

  6. 26 litres is a whole lot of honey! Excellent work Celi’s bees! It seems like just yesterday you were putting sugar water out – it can’t possibly be time to be thinking about that again so soon! Time sure if flying by.
    How lovely that you are going to be having a wee bit of a lay in in the morning – maybe a nice cup of tea under the covers with a good book if you can’t sleep in – just being quietly in the early morning is lovely.
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • I will still be up for the milking, just not the writing beforehand and yes a nice cup of coffee in bed would be wonderful! c

  7. It is incredible to learn that your 2 hives gave so much honey! I’d no idea they could produce so much. That anemone is gorgeous. I’ve tried growing them around here but they seemed doomed to fail. After the 4th attempt, I gave up and stuck another rose in that area. That’ll fix ’em!
    There’s a hurricane a-comin’, Celi! Looks like you’ll be getting more rain from it than us. I hope that’s all you get. Have a great day and enjoy the extra snooze tomorrow.

    • Hurricane Shmurricane, I am sure it will have worn itself out smashing those other poor fellas down south. But my animals do need a good wash! But do keep me posted if you think I need to get the animals in. We certainly had a good honey year this year. imagine if my other hive had not flown away! c

  8. Goodness knows I can’t sleep in. I tried today. Mike was giving me the morning to catch up on sleep. I just can’t seem to do it anymore. I used to…and not that long ago. Ah well, better to get the day rolling anyway. Stay cool today and have a wonderful weekend C! Enjoy your sleep in.

    • Well we can only imagine that lolling about in the bed works the same.. are we getting rain this weekend? i do hope so.. c

  9. Seven gallons sounds like a great deal of honey. Do you consume all of it yourselves (that would be a lot) or sell it or give away? Always curious about the details, you know

    • I give away a lot. Sell some and keep enough for the three families for a year. It is my major sweetener as i dislike sugar, so we use a lot of it.. c

  10. I hope your plans to sleep in work, your body could use a bit of pampering and rest 🙂 Tho I know, I’m always up early regardless! Not as early as you however. The anemone is stunning, you took a perfect shot. Have a wonderful weekend Celi!

  11. I am in the enviable position of being able to sleep the clock round. I don’t, of course, but if it came to it I’m pretty sure I could have a good stab at hibernating… Hope you manage at least until 6am 🙂

  12. Good Morning Cecilia. I always think when I have the chance I will – but my internal clock gets me up at 5 every day! Hope you are able to make it to 6!!!

  13. Celi! I’m back. It’s been a crazy summer. Just have to say that I LOVE that you pronounce “scone” the proper way. Americans pronounce it the wrong way but my Scottish grandparents taught me the proper way! Yes. It matters.

  14. Best of luck with your sleep-in, c. I sometimes find myself willfully lying awake in bed on sleeping-in mornings because it’s my bloody sleeping-in morning and I am NOT getting out of bed *grumble grumble*. It might be a good idea to have a good book and a glass of water on hand, for just in case 🙂

  15. I wonder if Mama’s left eye is better than her right eye, and perhaps that is why she always presents her left side to you at close range.

    I have a book you might be interested in, “Barns and Outbuildings (and How to Construct Them)”. It was edited by Byron Halstead, and orginally published in 1881. My copy was printed in 2011. It is full of chicken coops and piggeries.

      • I guess I thought of the eye thing because I got new glasses about a week ago. These have graduated lenses so that they are essentially bifocals at the bottom. I’m still trying to reprogram my brain to use them. I have the most difficulty with the computer screen, and I think it’s because at that distance, focus is through two different spots on the lenses – in other words, if the left eye is in focus, the right eye is not and vice versa. But I’m not sure.

        • Could it possibly be that the glasses are not fitted properly level – most people have one ear higher than the other. If the problem persists, maybe you could get that checked out?

    • we will see how i do! it has been a long time waking about 4 and getting up at 5.. i do a lot of planning in that last bit of rest.. c

  16. “Rooster’s tail”….”endlessly photogenic”….I see what you did there! Though I don’t think you meant to!

  17. I hope that lie in works out. I usually can’t manage to sleep in when I want to (although with an early rising little one, it’s out of the question anyway) but I can sleep anywhere and on command. It is my great talent, sleep. My favorite thing these days is to get to sleep early, but I don’t often manage — it’s too seductive having time to myself!

    • i remember those years of NEVER sleeping in without at least one wriggler creeping into the bed.. your package came today.. i will email!! c

  18. Just when you WANT to sleep in, you end up tossing and turning then finally getting up! lol
    I hope you can at least get up slowly without rushing out to the barn right away ……

  19. there are a few sheep in a post I put up a few days ago, taken in the Lake District. It’s amazing how different they can be!

  20. Such a marvellous honey harvest, and the anenome is beautiful. Good luck with your lie-in – it is much deserved!

  21. Those busy little bees have spun gold for you. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  22. Two sets of soft laughter: I love my garlic chive blossoms so much on my late summer salads, no way can the bees have a go; and, oops, was having a very contented breakfast in bed at about 8am this morning [It IS Saturday here 🙂 !], well, after about five hours sleep 🙂 !

  23. Jock has finished his ram embroidery – picture in “Jock’s Embroideries”, title Belier (French for Ram ) on my blog header bar.

  24. I have a plant in my garden that is adorned by beautiful honey bees. They have an orange stripe across their back. I’ve seen a huge plump one.. would that be the queen? I didn’t think queens were allowed out? Shows you what I know. If I get a chance, I’ll take a photo of it and them. It’s prickly and purple.. I thought it was a weed the first year so whacked the heck out of it. Thank goodness it came back and now it’s one of my favorite plants! Btw.. I have some bee pollen and just planning what to do with it:D xx Luv Smidge

    • I do not know about bee pollen, i never take it but in a domestic hive the queen only ever comes out once in her life.. she must like the dark! c

  25. Nothing useful to say – but just a hi from me and peeking at your farmy life once more – I found a big white tailed bee forlornly drinking from the very last of the flowers on the spike on the lambs ears plants yesterday evening. They have been working those plants really hard this summer, such a poor year for flowers and everything here 😦

    Completely off topic, is there some secret to getting the community widget not to show blank squares, or does it just depend on who comments etc? I have left a message at WordPress forum but so far no one has replied. Hugs, Joanna

    • I really have no idea, other than maybe those visitors have no image? I just pushed Play on mine and hoped for the best. I don’t think you have to even be a current visitor to be on there, some of my most frequent visitors don’t even show up so who knows how it works, but it is nice to be able to click on someone new and go visiting!. c

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